30 December, 2011

FSSF vs Red Bear Tankovy: 1500pts LW Breakout

T-34/85 HQ w/ Cupola and Escorts
5x T-34/85 w/ Cupola
10x T-34 w/ Cupola
3 IS-2 w/ Escorts
6 Sappers

3 Full FSSF platoons W/ Bazooka
4x 105s
4x 155s
Small Pioneer/HMG platoon

Breakout Scenario with Tanks attacking.

28 December, 2011

AAR 58, US Vet's vs Duane's Germans

Quick post, I have to go work today unlike almost everyone else.. Above we have Andrew's US Veterans v Duane's Germans. Duane is using a tonne of stuff he never used before, like '88s, Goliath, trucked Pios.

Below, I show off my Christmas loot. I got a Flames of War case plus 1 each of all the desert terrain from GF9

13 December, 2011

AAR 56, 21 Panzer Beutes v FSJ

No pics, just awesome: Brett and I played a ways back, and I had to attack dug in FV infantry in Counter Attack. I figured I had a trick up my sleeve, lets see if it worked out.

11 December, 2011

FSJ vs 3rd ID - 1500pt LW Free For All

Twinlinked vs Pripyat on a Saturday Night Fights.  The videos are a little shaky.  All apologies (I'll try the YouTube stabilize feature and see how that looks). This is the first one I have done, I'll try to do better next time.

06 December, 2011

Blame Canada: Vs USA, AAR 55

(above) Rob's usual flair for the historically accurate means he is using this Ram Kangaroo Sherman as his OP Shermans, It had a MG turret as you can see here for the troop transport version, or a smaller gun turret for the tank version. The transport version was an improvised transport much like the De-Frocked Priest.

Friday Night Fights from last week, we saw Rob's amazing Canadian army vs Andrew's US Veterans (Dogs & Devils list) The irony is that both players are/were real Cdn Soldiers. Mision is Counter Atack, same as previous AAR, with Rob's Armoured force attacking. Video AAR after pics.

(above) Royal Canadian Artillery. Most of the crew are still being painted, but will look great when finished. Its worth clicking the thumbnail to see the details he has put in to this force.

(above) as Rob's Shermans sweep towards the US defensive position under smoke, you can see the C15-TAs (Cdn Scout cars) being used as gunless halftracks for his Motor Platoon. Excellent find Rob, and very historical.

(above) Shermans within assault range of a tonne of Bazookas...

(above) close-up of Rob's Cdn Armoured Corps.. note the accurate barrel colouration.. black on top, so it looks like a regular 75mm to hide the 17pdr, with white underpaint, to limit the shadow of the barrel on the ground. The zoom-in shot reveals its working, as you can't see the shadows from the desklight! Great Stuff!

Scroll Down to find out how the game ends, as I had to start my game at the top of their last turn..

Rob, facing down a 4-3 loss, decides to pack it in, as he was in no position to keep going, facing Coy Motivation tests. Victory for the US troops, including a posthumously awarded Medal of Honor.

03 December, 2011

AAR 54, Cromwells v Das Reich

(above) 7th AD Cromwells in the Counter Attack mission vs Das Reich Inf.

So its been a while, but we had a tournament 2 weeks ago, then Adam (Clockwerks) send-off to Calgary last week, so we have 3 games for this Friday Night Fights
The next tournament for us is Game Summit in February 2012, it is LW 1500 points, and folks are running new lists.

Tristan is running 7th AD, Reluctant Vets, roughly:

2 HQ Cromwells, 2 AA Crusaders
Cromwells plus Firefly (Challenger model = Firefly)
Cromwells plus Firefly
4 x Achilles (M10s with 17pdrs)(proxied by Panzer IV-70s)
3 Recce Stuarts
2 Recce Damilers, 1 Dingo (proxied by UCs)
2 Sextons for smoke, AOP

Chris is running Das Reich:

HQ Shreck guys
Full unit of SS plus Shrecks
Full unit of SS plus Shrecks
small scout squad
2 x Grilles
10.5 Arty x 3
2 x Flak guns

Video below the next pic.

In Counter Attack, the attacker rolls randomly for where their stuff deploys, somehow Tris gets all his tanks in the same spot!!

24 November, 2011

Prairie Bound

Well folks. It's been brief but awesome. The Tabletop Tacticians boys have been awesome hosts and have definitely infected me with the Flames of War bug which I'll now take back with me to Calgary where I hope to find like minded dudes to play games against.

In the meantime, and an effort of some shameless self-promotion, I'll be posting my Calgary-based adventures in toys soldiers over at my new blog Clockwerk Warriors. I'm hoping that with the blog I'll be able to help support the existing FoW community out Calgary way and maybe create a bit of a dialogue between the Calgary and Ottawa crowds. The FoW community in Canada is small, after all! Feel free to check me out.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to make it back to February's Game Summit and participate in the Flames of War tournament there!

Thanks folks, it's been awesome!

23 November, 2011

BattleCry 2011 Honour Parade

I snapped some pics of everyone's army at BattleCry 2011 - Here are the 16 that turned out - ENJOY!

(Click to enlarge)

 Loius' Brits

 Drew aka "Big Willie"s Tyne and Tees

 Andrew Tripple's 2nd Household Cavalry (very brave bringing a Recce force)
 Serge's Feldherrnhalle - took home best painted!
 Andrew "Twinlinked" Americans
 Adam "Clockwerks" Panzer Lehr

 Denis "Matt Varnish" Italy Brits
 BJ "Manidow" US Para
 Marty "Joyous Oblivion" US 3rd Armored

I forgot to get a shot of my own, and I can't for the life of me remember who else I missed - apologies!

BattleCry Tournament coverage

(above) The Cityfight board. The roads would prove pivotal for me, allowing my Recce Patrol UC's to flank assault his 10.5s

For more pics, visit http://covering-fire.blogspot.com/ , Drew's awesome FoW site. However, only the video below shows the 'Narnia' room, for the Magic players!!! Must See.

Hey guys, just got back from BattleCry, and while I thought maybe there was SOME hyperbole when told that this store has EVERYTHING Flames of War, I can tell you.. if its available, they have it. Sadly for my buddy Diragi, they didnt have the dice tin he was looking for, since they arent making a bunch of them as it turns out.. I was hoping for some 21 Panzer tokens... but to put it in perspective.. if someone were to buy, lets say 5 blisters of Panzer IIIGs, he would have 2 left on the peg!! He not only had my french bathtub halftracks, he had the Pio versions (Somua Halftracks, so less bathtub) and the AA versions, and the PAK40 versions.... yeah. Twin finally was able to score his deuce-and-a-half trucks. If I wanted DD Shermans, I'd have to decide between screen up or screen down versions.. they had pretty much everything. It was cool to see folks like Manidow and Ukmog, a few OMG guys, and the Petawawa guys filled out the rest.

(above) Serge's awesome Panzer IV/70s, Old Glory models he said, though he added the stowage and camo netting

(above) Tristan Ca$h plays against Dan's LuftwaffeFeldKomanie. Dan says that he spent more than twice on Defences than models, in MW he uses a lot more apparently.

Bob put on an awesome tournament, well organized, Gary (owner) pulled out the stops with letting folks use models and objectives (his regulars) and he had army trays for everyone. He put up a hefty prize pool also, with 75$ (store cred) for Overall, 50$ for General, 40$ for paint, and 25$ for Sports. In the end I believe we had 16 guys total, and the missions pulled out of a hat were: Free For All, Encounter, Breakthrough (in that order played also)

Ill put in my tourney report here, the others can post below with their experiences.

I did shockingly well, first game I faced a Panther/Stug?Marder tank list, and couldnt hit anything at all. I eventually killed the 4 Marders, and while I nearly had the game in the bag thanks to trickery by my Recce Patrols, Alex knew his stuff and played well, and got the 5-2 againts me.

Game 2 faced the all Stug list. Encounter. He had Stugs, Stugs, HQ Stug + Berge, 10.5s, Stukas, a KGrupped other unit of stugs I think, or he ran 3 units, not sure.. but we were on the city fight board, with 5 story row houses everywhere. I was able to use the roads to get my Recce Patrols in a position to assault his 10.5s from the flank, so no Defensive Fire. After wiping them out, I moved onto his objective, and his 2 live stug platoons were too far to get there in time. He rolls for his reserves, gets his last StuG unit, but sadly, with scattered reserves, they came in on a far flank. So it was up to his HQ StuG, but he only bailed out my Recce, and thus I won, 6-1. Crazy part is, if they had come in the middle, he would have crushed that platoon, he had me down to 1 stand in one platoons, so I would have had to Man Alone test him, and 1 of my gun troops was down to one gun, but they passed motivation. So, really, but for scattered reserves, one more turn would have lickley been a 4-3 loss for me!

Game 3 was vs Serge's Feldherrenhalle SS tanks. He had: Panther HQ, possibly character, not sure, 4 Panthers, 3 IV/70s, and 1 King Tiger. However, it was breakthrough, with him attacking, and he has 3 platoons and cannot KGruppe due to no 2IC. The way the terrain was, and that I had both Shermans and M10s in reserve, he elected to keep just the HQ and IV/70s on the board, the rest to come up on my side onto the corner objectives. My 25pdrs finally kill a model this tourney, and pop a IV/70. he is barreling to my objective, my measly 6 guys is somehow to hold a KTiger and 4 Panthers.. but his turn 3 he gets no reserves, tries to hide his IV/70s in case I get lucky and get my M10s. I get lucky. Get my M10s. Kill another IV/70, he fails platoon;s test on a 2. Turn 4, Fails Company Morale on a 1. He has no platoons on the board, and one destroyed, so I win the game 6-1 despite only killing 2 tanks. Crappy way to win a game, but I'll take it. Serge and I shot the breeze, and it turns out he used to work with my dad when he was a weapons engineer for the interceptors my dad used to fly in Quebec. Small world.

Turns out the guy who had tournament lead going into round 3 lost massively (thats why you dont run all Staghounds Tripple!) and thus I was able to win overall!!

So, despite killing a grand total of 11 models all tournament (4 marders game one, 4 guns +staff table game 2, and 2 IV/70s game 3) I was able to pull it off with massive luck!

The example above of Panzer III's was what I got as my loot... so I now offically have the models to run Brits EW-MW-LW and Germans EW-MW-LW. Im pretty stoked. Clockwerks picked up best sports, not sure if Dion from OMG got General, he might have, so all-in-all a good day for the Ottawa boys!

The bad part is, I think my card is screwed because I lost about 5 minutes of footage. I have about 5 minutes left, which will upload tonite, and I will post tomorrow morning.

19 November, 2011


So Lothlann, Clockwerks and myself got together for some Warmachine, and we played a 3 way "Mosh Pit". Please bear with the video and our play, as we are still learning the rules. It really is a nice change, and we enjoyed it immensely.

"Don't Blame the Dice" AAR 53

The WWPD guys always say, "Don't blame the dice" but in this case, I had to seriously consider buying a new tin of dice, this being 2 days before the BattleCry Flames of War tournament. However I opted to stick it out and see if I could salvage a point or 2 by killing platoons.

I ran my LW "Road to Rome" British list from Fortress Europe. There is a reason you never see anyone run this list. Its probably a bad sign when you search on Google, and your request on DakkaDakka on this very subject is number 5! You get none of the cool toys a Normandy list gets, but everything is Veteran costed. Nonetheless, its what I'm running, to be 'historical'

Tristan ran a Bake list with Tigers, Panthers that could Recon, Nebs and a small unit of Gebirgsjagers. No Retreat, with me defending. Enjoy the video. Turn 4 file was corrupt, scroll way down past video for spoiler / turn 4.

Spoiler, Thoughts, and Turn 4 below

As you can see, I seemingly shafted myself with my objective plascement, but I knew that as defender, I get to Ambush, and I have M10s. When he decided to recce move the Panthers and not the Tigers, I was super happy, since I knew flanking shots would murder Panthers and bounce off/bail Tigers. I had placed my objective in the open, but close enough to the tank factory that a dug in squad of Motor Platoon could defend until more reserves arrived. I double timed Shermans up the opposite flank turn 3 when they came in from reserves, knowing they couldnt touch the tigers, but my goal was the Gebirgsjagers and the Nebs. Turn 4 which isnt on the vid, I got unlucky, failed to kill the Faus guy, and figured I'd defensive fire if he assaulted me, which is exactly what he did. I killed them that assault phase.3 Shermans plus 2 OP Shermans with their hull MGs I thought would decimate them, which they did it just took longer than I thought, while I was hoping to keep feeding units to contest that objective, even with recce if I had to. So that was the game plan.

17 November, 2011

Painting Blitz + AAR 52

(click for zoomed in)
Well, this is my painting blitz completed, with a mighty 2 days to spare.. 1500 points, Late War 1st Bn, Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. This is what I am taking to BattleCry, assuming nothing breaks on the drive up! Since I am trying to pack into a smaller case, I have everything else that is painted but not using on my table.. and it is below. Staggering amount of Brits.. plus I have a BAR army box and 6 Grants to do to finish out.

Bonus, AAR 52 from last Friday night Fights is at the bottom, I square off vs US CV Infantry on Hasty Assault vs Andrew 'Twinlinked'

15 November, 2011

Flames of War, AAR number 51

Duane and I couldnt make Friday Night Fights, so we decided to hit up the OMG bi-weekly gaming session. We played some Flames of War, but here are some pics of other games going on. Above is a 15mm Samurai game, played on a 4 foot table. Below are some shots of a 10mm (maybe 6mm) WWI game called Bloody Picnic. Call me crazy but I expected trenches, machine gun nests, and artillery. Duane and I played No Retreat, since it is in the mission pool for BattleCry. Video of that game is at the bottom. Enjoy.

05 November, 2011

Soviet Infantry vs 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision - 1500pts LW No Retreat

Lothlann's Soviet Horde vs Prip's 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision from Cassino

Newly painted FSJ arriving from reserves.

Prip's List
HQ w/ Knackers, Panzershrecks and 2 Mortars
10 Team FSJ w/ Knacker
7 Team FSJ w/ Knacker
10 Team FSPionier with Truck
4 Heer Marder III Ms
2 Pak 40s
3 Nebs

Lothlann's List
Co. with 2 platoons, Kom
Co. with 2 Platoons
4 Flamethrowers
6 45mm AT
3 Su-152
4 Su-85s
Arty with 4 Zis-3 and 4 122 w/ observer

No Retreat with Soviets on the attack.

01 November, 2011

Prip's OMG AAR - Finally

So its been two weeks since the 1500pt OMG LW tournament but not only are we having a hard time stopping talking about it but we are also way behind on the relevant posts!
Incoming!  BOOM!  Boom!  Where did the supporting sappers go?

I took a mixed Tankovy Battalion from Hammer and Sickle,

HQ T-34 85 w/ Cupola
5 T-34 85s with Cupola
9 T-34 76s
3 IS-2 w/ Tanko
6 Sappers

Early War Beckons!

So I finally had a 180 moment, where I wanted to start early war...I think it was a combination of playing World of Tanks, and seeing some Early War germans painted up on the Flames of War website.

So here is my first attempt at an early war colour scheme. The tank isn't done but the colours are where I want them.

31 October, 2011

OMG Tournament video

We had the pleasure to attend the Ottawa Miniature Gamer's Flames of War tournament, or OMG TOurny for short. When we had Skirmish a few months back, 4 or 5 guys from OMG came out, and now we return the favor. It was Late War, 1500 pts, not theatre-specific. I decided to not take the German list I have been playing for 3 months, and bring the King Tiger list instead. In fact, I had this planned for many months, and to "spring" it on folks. However, when I got there and saw that there was a strong contingent of players from CFB Petawawa (Army base 2 hours out). This meant a LOT of AOP's and Commonwealth artillery, which naturally crush top armor. There was also an army with 11 Churchills, which I would face game 1!
Here are some more shots of the tables.
The venue was awesome, the OMG guys play at this location twice a month, and play not just FoW, but Napoleonics, etc. Price couldn't be beat: 10 bucks, which covered the room, 2 slices of Pizzas, a drink, plus there was prize support. Man, THATS bang for your buck. Many thanks go out to Jeff, Todd and the OMG guys for putting on such a great event, we will be back for sure!

I took some shots of armies and so on, but the lighting was pretty bad, and my Flash is super harsh. However I HAD to get a shot of this army from a Petawawa guy, I think Bob's (who is running the Petawawa tourney in November) Check out that sweet sherman bridge layer objective, and the field hospital!

***EDIT I'll add more text here from workEDIT ***
Here is my video from the event. I wanted to do Interview-style like the WWPD boys did, but should have done it outside like they did, so it isn't as loud! I elected to take a bit of film from the game between Chris and I, but it was so one sided.. we skipped to the end.

29 October, 2011

D-Day to Victory: WWII Website

My friend Stef has been working on a new site.  Thought you might be interested...


He says TTT may have provided some of the inspiration to the 3D graphic designers for the 'miniature' images on the site (not in the show)...

from Stef
The intro was inspired by the opening credits to Game of Thrones, and they wanted a real miniature look. So I directed them to my blog and Flickr set for FoW... and more importantly - the Tabletop Tacticians! So let the guys know that they provided some inspiration for our work :)

Take a look around the site, and if you could, please add a few quick words to the Remembering the Heroes section. Thanks!

Pionier vs Strelkovy - LW Hasty Assault at 1500pts

Friday Night Fights is over again for another week and I got enough photos for an actual report!

Diragi's German Pioniers
HQ w/ 2 Fausts / Schreck / 2 HMGs (attached to Pios)
2 Platoons of Pios (Full) w/ goliath, maultier, cmd Faust
King Tiger w/ ROF 3
3 Brummbars
3 N41 Nebs
3 Recce Light Tank (Panzer II L Luchs)
German Deployment.  Nebs, Light Tanks and one pio platoon in Reserves.

Prip's Soviets
HQ w/ sappers
3 platoons of infantry, (2 R/MG, 1 SMG) Kom
2 platoons of infantry, Kom
3 Is-2
3 su-57s
2 45mm AT
4 45 mm AT
2 Flamethrower teams

28 October, 2011

Desktop Tactician: Battlefield 3

So I picked up this game Wednesday night, PC version, and have been loving it thus far. its all the little things that they got right that clinches this game as one of the best FPS games I have ever played.

I won;t do a full on review, or any of that, as there are millions of them on the 'Net already, instead Im simply going to list a few gems that really makes this game for me.

Scope Glint: I was playing the shipyard dock map, forget name, and was trying to figure out what the keys for Prone, and Toss Ammo crates was, when I hear the Whizz/Crack of a bullet flying right near my head. I back up behind cover of a shipping container, and then peek out and scan a rubble heap. At the last second, I catch a white flash, like a far away camera flash, and Boom Headshot Im down. The guy that got me had a SVD sniper rifle, and what I had seen was the sunlight off his scope. Total Saving Private Ryan moment for me there.

Sound: I'm not a big audio guy, in that i don;t have several hundred bucks in a suround sound thing going on, just my PC speakers and bassbox, but I am talking about quality. I am a huge plane nerd, and to see and hear proper Doppler effect on aircraft was really cool. For those not in the know, an aircraft coming in hot, in this case, an F-18 diving down, you could barely hear it, since it is approaching the speed of sound. As it goes by, you hear what is dubbed "the ripping' sound, as all the sound waves hit you all together, then as the aircraft climbs out, the sound goes down to a very low, dull roar, as the sound waves are far apart, as he is climbing up at speed. This is all in the game. Also, the first game I have seen that has the proper sound of an A-10. One of the few combat aircraft with Turbofan engines, it has a distinct sound, and for once, a game got it right.

Speed of Sound: As alluded above, this game even takes into account the speed of sound of a projectile travelling faster than the speed of sound. Therefore, if you see a T-90 wreck blowing up in the distance, there is slight delay in the sound reaching you. Bullets whizz by first, THEN you hear the crack of the shot. There are no ambient gunfire sounds I have heard so far.. every far-off gunshot, which is muffled to simulate distance, is someone firing a gun in the game.

Balance. It isn;t perfect, but my biggest gripe with BF2 in particular was base-bombing with planes. In BC2 it was with choppers. Vehicles now seem a bit rarer to me, they are reclassified, and are limitted to certain maps. For example, some maps will only allow Scout helicopters, or Light Vehicles, while others will have full on AFV's, attack helicopters, Ground Attack jets, and some have fighters. They seem to have made it harder to survive hits in a plane, and there are more options for shooting stuff down. An early unlock for AFVs is a one-shot AA missile, while an unlock for the Engineer has a shoulder mounted SAM.. I had a teamate use one to shoot down an AH-64. So all in all, seems steps have been taken to curb aircraft. Best option seems to fly a scout chopper behind enemy lines (Like Damarvand map) and have squad mates spawn on your chopper and para off.

I might put up more after I play some when I get home from a movie tonite, but that would cut into my BF3 time!

24 October, 2011

More AAR's up on the AAR page


So now we are up to 30 Vid's linked. only 21 more to go!

21 October, 2011

Friday Night Fights 50.. FIFTY!

(above) The hedges is a little shout out to the folks who flagged my videos to go down on Youtube!!

So we have just hit 50 After Action Report Videos.. and we did it in under a year. Which reminds me I need to catch up on our AAR page, but I digress..

The last FNF was 2 days before the second big Flames of War tournament we've ever had in our fair city, the OMG (Ottawa Miniature Gaming) Tournament. It is 1500 pts, LW, 3 missions, 3 hours per, 16 players and we had a waiting list.. 2 of our guys didnt get in sadly, Marty and Duane.

Brett decides to switch gears and go with a fast Soviet Tanko list, with some Tank riders (which look amazing btw), some IS-2s, a metric tonne of T34s, and some sappers and Katyushkas. I was using the exact same list Ive been running for months, its finally all painted!

Nice pics here of Adam's finished Lehr force. I like the Mortar painted up like we saw it at the museum the other night!

Video below:

(currently uploading should be done 9 am , Oct 21)

19 October, 2011

Backlog of AAR's! 4 new vids

AAR 46, Tris' Panzer Gren's vs Chris' 2nd SS Das Reich..

Adam's PanzerGren's vs Andrew's US

Historical Refight: US 2nd AD (Marty) vs my 21.Panzers, Operation Cobra. Oh, and he had some Stuarts!!

Brett vs Andrew, short vid because of AAR 46 being so short a table opened up allowing Marty and I to play AAR 48, so I let Brett record some salient points as I was busy facing Monster M5s

AAR 50, I cant believe its 50 already! will be posted tomorrow night hopefully, then the tournament video, and we should be all caught up.

18 October, 2011

Quick Update & OMG tournament primer

So we just had the OMG tournament, I will be posting interview-style vids later, I also have a backlog of AAR's, and I'm sure the lads will post their post-tournament thoughts at some point. And Drew from CoveringFire is sure to post pics and AAR of our nailbiter.

A bit of history.. back in AUgust, right after Skirmish, I decided to take my King Tigers in a tournament, but also paint up a regular force, and so it would be a massive surprise. I even went so far as to email back and forth to a few folks who weren't attending.. and came up with the following list

LW 1500 pts, Earth & Steel, 503rd Schwere PanzerAbteilung

HQ Tiger II with Bergepanther 365
Tiger II 340
Tiger II 340
Panzerwerfer battery x 3, extra crew 180
Pioneers, full unit, Faust upgrade, 270
1495 total.

Now, prior to the tournament, some folks, whether by choice or couldnt get stuff painted, where switching lists to heavy tanks/lots of tanks, so I spilled the beans Friday, so people didn't think I was a D-Bag and tailored my list to a meta or something.. that I had been planning this all along. Then we get to the tournament, and I see a TONNE of killer lists that could easily take mine down.

So thats why I didn;t take the list I've been playing non stop with for 2 months!

Anyways, expect some more posts now that the busy, pre-tournament period is done.

12 October, 2011

Night at the Museum Part 2

(above) A hint as to one of the things we find in the next part of the museum.. Think I can paint these on 15mm sleeves???

Adam and I went hunting for the elusive Panzer Faust.. and we see a tonne of other cool stuff.. we were like kids in a candy store! CHeck the close-ups of damage on the Stug III though, that was pretty intense!

Stuart and Universal Carrier. We found a more deadly UC inside teh display area though.. Video at the bottom, Enjoy!

09 October, 2011

Blue on Blue 1500pts

My second game from last weeks FNF (Friday Night Fights) turned out to be a blue on blue match between my PanzerGrenadiers and Clockwerks PanzerLehr at 1500pts.
The forces :

Germans (Ca$h) PanzerGrenadiers 

Command w/ Fausts
1. PzrGren w/ Faust
2. PzrGren w/ Faust
3. PzrPioneer with 2 Flamethrowers
Jadgpanzer x3
Tiger x2
Nebelwerfers x3

Germans (Clockwerks) Panzer Lehr
Command w/ Schreks
1. PzrGren (full in 251/1C)
2. PzrGren (full in 251/1C)
Puma x3
Panzer IV H x 4
PaK40 x3
80mm Mortars x4

The mission was Breakthrough, and here is the board we played on:

 I am deployed at the bottom of the screen (south) in the Top Left and Bottom Right quadrants. My Jagdpanzers in reserve. Clockwerks Deployed 1.PzrGren, Pak40s (looking down the road) and 80mm Mortars with 2. PzrGren, Pumas, and Pzr IV H platoons in reserve.

Skip on after the break to read the full report

08 October, 2011

PanzerGrenadiers vs Soviet Tankovy AAR

So last night saw another FNF hosted at yours truly and everyone managed to get in a pair of games. The pairing started with "Twinlinked" and his American infantry facing off in Encounter vs "Clockwerks" PanzerLehr
Here are a few pics of the action, I don't know the whole story as I was upstairs facing a horde of Soviet armor, but more on that to follow:

 Twinlinked and Clockwerks battlefield

Clockwerks Germans advancing towards the American lines...check out the SP 155mm in the American rear 

 Americans dig in on the high ground across from the Lehr PanzerGrens...

 Lehr holding their ground in the central woods

The glorious Pumas

Skip on after the break to see my AARs against "Tickron"!

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...