30 November, 2010


This is for Joyous Oblivion, who is working on his Mid War America force for Flames of War.

Check out the gorgeous models being turned out by this South African on his blog

Crac des Chevaliers

Awesome stuff.

Ca$h out.

29 November, 2010

Shoot, forgot to post 2 Bat Reps

Here we go, these were from last week. Enjoy

Apparently Ive been using the Narthecium wrong, I can't use it if the model with it is in combat. However, he can be in any squad, so I might put the Narth in a squad that would hang back behind my command squad.

Also, no video for it, but I played Deathwing again vs Dark Eldar Wrack, Wych Raider Ravager spam. And won somehow. Wyches have been massively toned down since previous book.. I got triple charged and lived.

26 November, 2010

Flames of War!

Hey all,

Just dropping a quick note to let you all know that we are starting into Flames of War and coverage will begin on the site in the next week or two. So stay tuned for battle reports, modeling, lists etc.

We are also ramping up for the 40k Tournament at Game Summit 2011. As a feeder tournament for Las Vegas, a lot is one the line and our armies are going to be built up to 1850pts. More info about Game Summit can be found here:

Game Summit 2011 
* For clarification, I do not represent Game Summit, this is just a link to the event.

13 November, 2010

200th Post, 2 VIDEOS!!!!

Well I had a truly EPIC game of 40k over at Orbital's on Thursday. Tried out my Deathwing at 1850 for February's Game Summit Tournament, and he was using his tried and true dual foot council list (Video Battle Report 10 I think vs my Nids)

Enough Jibber Jabber, watch it.. Its in two parts because this game was so Epic.

10 November, 2010

Lurking Sucks...

Ok so I am about to stop lurking on my own blog and begin posting. I've very recently purchased a new home with my fiance and we move in this week!

Yes I have my own hobby room, it will be soon upgraded with a couple desks and a lot of shelves :)

Pics of the new fangled hobby room will come next week, and some pics of my recently completed valkyries!

For now though I'll sit back and see what new goodies my compatriots mare working on...


09 November, 2010

Night Lords 1st Company

So, for Game Summit 2011 I am planning on taking Deathwing.. Pre Heresy Night Lords Deathwing.. with my all RTB01 termies no less. But the biggest thing stopping me was figuring out how to make Pre heresy shoulder pads. Ive seen plenty of tutorials on how to make them.. for the new plastic termies, loyal and chaos.. but nothing for models that have their shoulder pads already on... So today I hit up Hobby House and found some tubing and thin plastic stripping. Here is how they look.. keep in mind, the models are getting repainted, most of them are second hand, but the company standard is staying, its from my old command squad. Still need to rivet the shoulders, but Ill do them in batches of 10 models using the white glue drop method.

06 November, 2010

Video Battle Report: Eldar vs Black Templars

So, a bit of info here.. Last week saw Lothlann try out Necrons, but in true fashion, has already switched armies, and decided on Black Templars. Not only that, he ACTUALLY GOT A CODEX and some BT models.. so maybe we will see this army come to life for real!?! I am using my old 1500 pt str 6 heavy list from way back. I need to find room for more long range anti tank, 2 twin bright lances just isn't cutting it.

About the Video, yes there are some turns missing, some files were corrupted. The only thing of note was at the end, in Turn 6, he tank shocked my Fire Dragons who promptly rolled a Box Cars for ldr test, and fled off the board. Loth pointed out that they could reroll that test, but it turns out I need an Exarch with TankHunters skill for that. Its ok, because reviewing the video, the rhino had been blown up by those same Fire Dragons in turn 3!! Revenge of the Ghost Rhino!

He forgot to even deploy 2 speeders, which evens out the above.

Lastly, we had an interesting rules question come up, and I'd like anyone reading this to chime in: When you see the video, you will see the situation: THere are Dire Avengers bravely cowering behind the burning wreckage of a Wave Serpent. Loth wishes to charge the one guy possible without rolling the difficult /dangerous terrain, so that he doesn't roll a 5 or less to not be able to assault nor take unnecessary wounds.. fine. Problem was, with Defenders React, we weren't sure if my guys HAD to move through the wreckage. Turns out on Pg 34, they DO, but do are not slowed down NOR do they suffer the effects. So that is solved, yet, in the subsequent combat, since my lone DA made his ldr test to stay, with Pile In moves, would his Crusader squad take dangerous terrain tests piling into my one guy? I'd say no, because the Defenders React part states the move is done exactly like Pile in, so reverse engineering of the rules seems reasonable to me.. your thoughts?

05 November, 2010

Tentacles, Eyeballs, Wave Serpent!

With all this "new army" work going on, I decided to take a break from my Nids and Night Lords, and work on my Crone World Eldar.

I finally have a vehicle done, the Farseer will probably ride on this, keeping an "Eye" on things from inside :)

02 November, 2010

Orks in Progress

So, Orks it is. I have officially started an Ork army! So far I have assembled 40 boyz, 3 Deff Copters, a unit of Nobz and a Warboss. I have also started building some custom vehicles for the lads to tour around in. First up is a rokkit buggy I made as a prototype out of a deff copter and some bits - I plan to make a full unit of 3 all similar. Take a look:

click to enlarge
I have also built a trukk, and what may become my first battle wagon.....

The first trukk was built from scraps. I had to build the frame, mounts and all, from plasticard and whatever I can find :

click to enlarge

Last up the the 2nd trukk, which may or may not become a battlewagon, depending on how my attempts to build one using a Bane Blade hull turns out. Stay tuned for the work with the Bane Blade hull!

click to enlarge

PS. I welcome all comments and suggestions for improvement to my creations, I am open to any/all crazy ideas!

CA$H out.

01 November, 2010

Splinters of Locara Tournament

I know its a bit late but here is my tournament review from the splinters of locara tournament. I went 1-1-2 each game could have went either way. The tournament was well run and everything went very smoothly, All my games went very well and I had a blast.

My list was:

Company Command - bolt pistol, 4 melta gun, astropath

8 storm troopers -power weapon, 2 melta gun

70 Veterans - 3 plasma guns

platoon command - 4 melta guns

platoon squad A
platoon squad B



Vanquisher - lascannon

Vanquisher - lascannon


Game one: was against Just Dave as he became called (he doesn't have a game summit forum name). He played Tyranids his list had a hive tyrant, 2 zoanthropes, 2 large units of genestealers, a unit of hormagaunts, 2 units of termagaunts, 2 tervigons, 2 carnifex. I managed to pull down all his monstrous creatures and synapse creature but it was already to late, his genestealers were in my lines ripping apart the chimeras and I didn't have enough anti infantry guns to kill him as fast as he was killing me once he was in my line. It was a close battle the score was 9 - 6 so lots of bloodshed.

Game two: was against mysideofthemirror. He was playing space marines, with a very Dark Angels theme (obviously waiting for the new book to come out) It was nice to see an army that was shooting heavy, like dark angels should be. He had a librarian in terminator armour with a unit of 10 terminators, two 10 man tactical squads in rhinos, 2 devastator squads in razorbacks, 2 predators. There were 4 objectives and dawn of war deployment. By turn 5 it was a draw 1-1, turn 6 I was winning 2-1. But alas it went to turn 7 and i lost 1-0, my last infantry unit was wiped out by his terminators and i failed to kill his last infantry unit with my demolisher and 2 vanquishers. It was a close and well fought battle and it could have went either way with some luckier dice rolls.

Game three: I played against Missinglink, every time we play our games are close and there is always a pile of corpses and wrecked vehicles everywhere and this game was no different. He was playing blood ravens, I can't remember his list exactly, a couple of predators, a couple of land speeders, 2 tactical squads in rhinos, 2 dreadnoughts. By the end of the game there were corpses and vehicle wrecks scattered everywhere. I had left my demolisher, 2 vanquisher, my hq, a chimera with stormtroopers in it (which landed on a unit when they came in and he put them at the back corner of my deployment, though they managed to make make it half way across the table and blow up a dreadnought last turn) and a squad of 10 men that were sitting on my objective. He had left a 10 man squad sitting on his objective a few immobilized rhinos, a predator which he managed to flank my objective but wasn't able to make my 10 man unit run or get close enough to contest, he may have had one dreadnought left as well. Over all it was a great game and a blood bath as usual. The game ended in a draw.

Game four: I played Omega who played Blood Angels. He had a chaplain in a unit of assault marines with a sang priest, a librarian dreadnought, a unit of stern guard in rhino, a tactical squad in rhino, baal predator, and probably some more. The mission was victory points and pitched battle. I managed to pull off some lucky shots early on and the game ended at turn 5 which gave me a victory by about 160 points, he was unlucky that his main unit only came down on turn 3 so didn't get as many turns to crush my stuff as he had liked. We went on to play the last two turns as a what if game since we had the time. His assault unit went on to crush my army, turn 6 it was a marginal win for me only about 40 pts, and if it would have went to turn 7 he was winning by about 130-200 points. luckily it ended at turn 5.

Overall impressions of my army: Its a similar list to what I usually play, i wanted to go with russes instead of chimera chassis equivalent and IMO it paid off. Over the 4 games i lost 2 russes one in the first game vs nids and one in the last game from a librarian with blood lance. If they were Medusas I'm sure I would have lost them every game. The additions of the Valkyries helped a bit but looking back I should have taken Valkyries with rocket pods, I was very light on anti infantry and it hurt a lot. The stormtroopers were hit or miss, vs tyranids they managed to wound a tervigon a few times before being eaten. They killed a bunch of marines games two, they forced him to have to shoot at them for a turn. Game three they landed on a unit and ended up at the back corner of my table edge (his choice). Game four they managed to wipe out a 10 man tactical squad over a couple turns of shooting, I'm enjoying there ap3 weapons, i thought the str 3 would really hinder them but i managed to get some lucky rolls. Not sure if I would take them to another tournament but I definitely will use them in friendly games, I'm glad there finally painted. Other then that I was quite happy in how my army performed, the Vanquishers opened up many tanks and rhinos, much more then I thought they would only hitting 50% of the time on average. I definitely will stick to the vanquishers for a while.

Well that is it for my tournament review

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