11 April, 2019

Motivational Reading for Team Yankee's Oil Wars

“The Iranian company commander had ordered his tanks not to fire until instructed to do so. The forty-odd M-60A1 and Centurion tanks that made up the composite battalion was the last major force that stood between godless Communists and the holy city of Qom…Once the Iranian tanks of the battalion were gone, there would be no more. Winning or losing, however, did not matter to the company commander… His only regret was that they were fighting the Lesser Satan. How much better it would have been were it Americans who were about to die….” Sword Point by Harold Coyle.

Sword Point, Harold Coyle's second future war book.

04 April, 2019

Kingston Spring Offensive 2019

On 31 March, Kampfgruppe Kingston hosted what we hope will become our annual Spring Offensive Tournament at Kingston Game Nexus. We started out looking to host 14 players, but in the end, expanded to 16 in order to get everyone who wanted to play into the tournament. We were fortunate enough to draw players from Ottawa, Laval and St Hubert with an even split of eight local players and eight from out of town.

The Generals of Spring Offensive 2019

27 March, 2019

Dollar Store Terrain - It Doesn't have to Suck!

Good day everyone, I know it's been a long time since I've put anything up on the Dice Devils blog, but I have been chugging away at my own hobby projects none the less!

Over the past year or so I decided I needed terrain to play games of 40k or whatever at my place. I also decided to paint an ork army...that was a lesson in patience!

So with terrain on my mind, I aimed to do it as cheaply as possible, but I didn't want it to look like cheap terrain. I headed to Dollarama and Dollar Tree to see what I could scrounge and then dress up with a few random bitz from my altogether too large bitz box, haha.

I started really simple, just using some cork sheets and a few bits and tried to make some pretty simple scatter terrain.

Nothing crazy, but with some paint (again from Dollarama) I gave them a bit of life...and then they started multiplying!

08 December, 2018

Where have we been?

It's been a crazy fall, and the group has diversified interests.... I'm now playing mainly Star Wars Legion and Infinity. I am in love with Infinity especially - the smaller scale games, depth of player interaction regardless of whos turn it is, the setting, the models, the background and "fluff", and the rules!

I plan to start recording my games (both systems) and starting to post more content. I will also do army reviews of what I have and whats painted as I progress.

Here is my first offering of a game Chris (Lothlann) and I played recently - Enjoy!

My next game, against Brett (Pripyat) and his Haqqislam Hassassin sectoral:

26 August, 2018

The Canadians are Coming

It's been very quiet on this blog this summer, but things are happening behind the scenes. I'm not a big fan of "look what I bought posts" but I'm showing my new Canadian Team Yankee purchases just to tell everyone that I'll doing up more Canadian painting and model articles for this site and for No Dice No Glory.

For those who have not been following my work, here are the links to my previous Canadian articles.



02 June, 2018

You've Got a Lot of Guts Coming Here! Star Wars Legion (Rebel)

He's BACK!! Han Solo has been announced as a Commander for Fantasy Flight's game Star Wars Legion. This game is growing as fast as X-Wing and is every bit as much fun. The rules are getting a lot of attention as of late. There is an online PDF I recommend you download from Fantasy Flight, it will serve you better as a reference to go along with your rulebook.

Getting back into something dice related has been on the radar for me for some time. Team Yankee and Flames of War have taken a bit of a back seat with our gaming group for the past year or so. Other than major tournaments and the odd game with Dennis, I haven't had modern or WW2 armor on the table for a while. It's time, so let's punch it!!

29 May, 2018

AROSCON - Aarhus Denmark May 2018

I go to Aarhus, Denmark every year.  My wife goes to visit her family. So, obviously I have to find more interesting things to do.

Obligatory Danish Flag.

I usually try to meet up with fellow gamers such as Tinsoldaten in Aalborg or the local group in Aarhus called Einherjerne's Tabletop .  This year I was fortunate enough to time my trip with the annual tournament in Aarhus known as Aroscon. I didn't have enough time for a full day, but I did drop by to say hello and take some photos.

Here are some photos from the event.

It took place at a local sports club.
I checked out the Flames of War Late War Tournament.  The gentlemen in the green shirt is Benny from No Dice No Glory.  I made a point of saying hello to him on behalf of Matt Varnish.
These houses were 3D printed.

They had some sort of cowboy tournament which looked interesting.

They also had a 40K tournament going on.

The obligatory food and beverage area.
The painting clinics.
The World Famous Morten Peter Schmidt showing off his Team Denmark shirt.
Some of the guys had biker style vests made up.  They looked kind of neat, but I hope they don't mistaken for someone else.

The next event takes place in November. http://aroscon.dk/   If you are in the neighbourhood and want to play they are very welcoming of guests and they all speak English.  In fact one of the Einherjerne's Tabletop guys is a Brit who lives in Denmark.

Maybe next year I'll be able to bring an army with me.

Motivational Reading for Team Yankee's Oil Wars

“The Iranian company commander had ordered his tanks not to fire until instructed to do so. The forty-odd M-60A1 and Centurion tanks tha...