30 March, 2018

Cold wars 2018 Extravaganza

Caunter-scheme british Cruisers in Fireball Forward

Hey gang, I've been trying to figure out how best to show all the cool stuff I saw, and decided to just wall-of-pics it with video at the end.   Brief summary:  40k tournament, Ancients tournament, assorted hosted games and tables, Force on Force 28mm

Cold Wars 2018 was a blast, enjoy the pics and TWO videos.

German Panzers have to breakthrough the British tanks while minimising casualties in order to win.

28 March, 2018

Royal Canadian Regiment Museum Visit

I found myself in London, Ontario on business recently and had an afternoon off, so I checked out the Royal Canadian Regiment (RCR) Museum. The museum covered the history of the regiment form the late 1800s to the present day, but for this article I'll just cover WW2 and the Cold War as that is what Flames of War is all about.

18 March, 2018

Go Paint Yourself!

Just got back from Cold Wars 2018, and while I will do a full write up, my new Roman and Napoleonic commanders are pretty sweet:

Denicus Maximus       aka my abs have never looked as good!

Minuteman Miniatures had a 3D printer and head scanner.. so ofc I had to make myself as a Roman commander.  I was hoping the base figure was pudgier...

Profile shot

The little nubs are where I still need to clean up the flash from the supports

A bit of marring from the 3d printing process, but still.  Looks good!  Also, got the Warlord Games roman slave girls to round out the commander base ;)  Gotta keep in the shade and have my wine and women right?  When in Rome......

Me as a Napoleonic Colonel (french ofc)   They added a mustache for me.

Can't wait for this commander to roll Blunders :)

Again, a few mars on the face, but that mustache is top notch.  I think for ACW they could digitally add in mutton chops and I know for Vikings they had a scan of a guys beard (real customer) that they could add in!!   

03 March, 2018

Operation Bagration Firestorm event, Carleton U

Over the weekend, I was able to participate in a local club event, the Carleton U Firestorm Bagration event.   As I have no Russians, I would represent the Germans with my Grenadiers backed up by Marders and King Tigers.     I thought I would face lots of heavy Red armour, so wanted the capacity to punch through it.    Here are some of the tables, before the games got underway:

Snowy garden setting

Outskirts of Bobrusk

11 February, 2018

Feb 2018 Hobby Update: Italian guns and infantry, 30$ worth of terrain!!

 4x 75mm guns (I'll play them as the 100mms) and 3 x 88 ground mount turntables (magnetized) so I can rock either Lancia gun-trucks or these.

3x Breda HMGs.   Bargain at 3 points for 18 dice!

"Eight is Enough"  Not just a TV show from the 70s, I think 2 full units of 4 Elefantino guns is sufficient!

2 full Bersaglieri platoons plus Bersag Rifle Coy HQ at the back.  Was running out of figures, so used the 'Unknown Hero' model  doing the Karate Kid pose for my 2IC :)

Three Weapons platoons and their HQ. 

Took a while, but finally grouped up and assembled all the loose terrain pieces into 2x refinery pieces, 1 factory, and 4 office buildings.

I had to scratchbuild the roof on the last office building, as there were MANY missing parts.  I bought a pipe kit as well, which will connect all my Battlefront oil tanks on these overhead trestles.  Reminds me of Battlefield 3:

Ofc there is a video:

09 February, 2018

The Defence of the Church of Our Lady of Saving Throws MidWar DAK scout cars and Italians

 The humble 2cm scout car.. on parade for the Kriegsmarine?!?

Hey gang, another battle report at Chris', this time I will let the pics and video at the end do most of the talking.    There was some chatter about a tournament list that used 2x DAK Aufklarungs command card (scout car formation), 2 Tigers, 2 88s.   While I doubt I would ever go 'that far' I liked the concept of using the Aufklarungs card, and adding more cheap hulls to the mix:  M14/41 allied formation!    Chris has been tweaking his DAK list over the past few videos, and this time wanted to try Lorraine Schleppers.  We rolled up CounterAttack.

27 January, 2018

Hobby Update: Crusader Squadron complete!

Covenanters in action
Hey gang, what's going on?   I've been ultra busy since early December, but FINALLY got some paint onto brush, and more specifically, some Decals to models.    I finally managed to finish ultra-highlighting my last unit of Crusaders, and have put on my decals.

Two units of 3, HQ unit of 4 Crusaders

2 x CS Crusaders, 2 x Crusader IIs.  My HQ is a converted 'Covenanter' tank.

2 x Crusader II, 1 x Crusader III.   I need spare plastic turrets in case I want to run all-Crusader IIs (and in Early War, I will need the older turret model)

Same thing.  I have 1 extra Crusader III turret if I want to make these guys my armour-hunters.  Spearhead them into a forest closer to the enemy and plink away at 28 inch range, AT-9.

Lots of stowage.

Covenanter hull is an A13 MKIII Cruiser tank, with an old resin Crusader turret w/ 2pdr gun.  I've added fuel tanks from the T-34 kit, and lots of stowage.

Found my Desert Rats decal sheets that I bought like 5 years ago!!

Whats kinda sad is that these Crusaders were the first Flames of War models I ever painted.   You can see the old paint jobs from 2011 over here:   its only fitting that I finish these models, almost exactly 7 years to the day :)

Anyways, nothing too exciting, but my new place is coming along,  Coming Soon:   A Friday Night Fights at my place!!! I know you guys just can't wait to see my lousy terrain placement :)

Cold wars 2018 Extravaganza

Caunter-scheme british Cruisers in Fireball Forward Hey gang, I've been trying to figure out how best to show all the cool stuff I ...