28 August, 2016

Flags, Trenches, Italians and the French

So what have I been up to?   After multiple test games for Cdn Nationals, including one where I played 'As Japanese' to test their rules, I decided to finish off those trenches I was working on.   I did three sections, so that they fit nice and snug on my display board:

24 August, 2016

Tuesday Night at The Box

Another Tuesday night and another night of some Warmachine games for the journeyman league that Tristan is running for the next few weeks. It's a nice break from getting ready for the Flames of War Nationals that are happening here in Ottawa in a few weeks time. A few weeks.....just enough time for painting touch-ups and maybe a few more test games. I know I have some German artillery to paint and also put together a few other things for my list.

21 August, 2016

More Early War: Fighting Withdrawal, Schutzen Coy vs Italian Tanks 1500pts

'Was ist los?" German soldier trying to read Italian, near Tobruk

Alright, 2 weeks to go until Canadian Nationals. Early War, 1500 points.
Matt and I roll up Fighting Withdrawal.

Matt's Basement of Doom, table set-up, Italians will attack from foreground to back, objectives already deployed with all three on his side of the table.

14 August, 2016

Trip Down Memory Lane PLUS Some WIP Shots of Cottage and Trenches

40k Squats, aka Space Dwarves

So, someone was using old pictures I had posted on DakkaDakka way back in 2007 to promote his commission painting website.  So I had to make my own site and put my own pics up.  What was interesting was how I had not looked at my old 40k stuff in a dogs age.  So, in all its splendor, here is my old converted Squat 40k army, that won a variety of 'Best Painted's along the way, and caused a lot of my bosses (GW) at the time some consternation, especially at Staff GT :)

40k Squats

Now for some WIP shots..

10 August, 2016

War of The Machines!

Warmachine is sweeping through the Dice Devils crew like wild fire! Most of us are either buying a complete Battlebox army, or using existing models that we have. Warmachine is essentially a skirmish based miniatures game that is both easy to learn and fun to play. Adding in the fact that the games do not take a long time to complete, you can play multiple games in an evening. We've also found several new places to buy and play this game with new players getting into it!