23 November, 2011

BattleCry Tournament coverage

(above) The Cityfight board. The roads would prove pivotal for me, allowing my Recce Patrol UC's to flank assault his 10.5s

For more pics, visit http://covering-fire.blogspot.com/ , Drew's awesome FoW site. However, only the video below shows the 'Narnia' room, for the Magic players!!! Must See.

Hey guys, just got back from BattleCry, and while I thought maybe there was SOME hyperbole when told that this store has EVERYTHING Flames of War, I can tell you.. if its available, they have it. Sadly for my buddy Diragi, they didnt have the dice tin he was looking for, since they arent making a bunch of them as it turns out.. I was hoping for some 21 Panzer tokens... but to put it in perspective.. if someone were to buy, lets say 5 blisters of Panzer IIIGs, he would have 2 left on the peg!! He not only had my french bathtub halftracks, he had the Pio versions (Somua Halftracks, so less bathtub) and the AA versions, and the PAK40 versions.... yeah. Twin finally was able to score his deuce-and-a-half trucks. If I wanted DD Shermans, I'd have to decide between screen up or screen down versions.. they had pretty much everything. It was cool to see folks like Manidow and Ukmog, a few OMG guys, and the Petawawa guys filled out the rest.

(above) Serge's awesome Panzer IV/70s, Old Glory models he said, though he added the stowage and camo netting

(above) Tristan Ca$h plays against Dan's LuftwaffeFeldKomanie. Dan says that he spent more than twice on Defences than models, in MW he uses a lot more apparently.

Bob put on an awesome tournament, well organized, Gary (owner) pulled out the stops with letting folks use models and objectives (his regulars) and he had army trays for everyone. He put up a hefty prize pool also, with 75$ (store cred) for Overall, 50$ for General, 40$ for paint, and 25$ for Sports. In the end I believe we had 16 guys total, and the missions pulled out of a hat were: Free For All, Encounter, Breakthrough (in that order played also)

Ill put in my tourney report here, the others can post below with their experiences.

I did shockingly well, first game I faced a Panther/Stug?Marder tank list, and couldnt hit anything at all. I eventually killed the 4 Marders, and while I nearly had the game in the bag thanks to trickery by my Recce Patrols, Alex knew his stuff and played well, and got the 5-2 againts me.

Game 2 faced the all Stug list. Encounter. He had Stugs, Stugs, HQ Stug + Berge, 10.5s, Stukas, a KGrupped other unit of stugs I think, or he ran 3 units, not sure.. but we were on the city fight board, with 5 story row houses everywhere. I was able to use the roads to get my Recce Patrols in a position to assault his 10.5s from the flank, so no Defensive Fire. After wiping them out, I moved onto his objective, and his 2 live stug platoons were too far to get there in time. He rolls for his reserves, gets his last StuG unit, but sadly, with scattered reserves, they came in on a far flank. So it was up to his HQ StuG, but he only bailed out my Recce, and thus I won, 6-1. Crazy part is, if they had come in the middle, he would have crushed that platoon, he had me down to 1 stand in one platoons, so I would have had to Man Alone test him, and 1 of my gun troops was down to one gun, but they passed motivation. So, really, but for scattered reserves, one more turn would have lickley been a 4-3 loss for me!

Game 3 was vs Serge's Feldherrenhalle SS tanks. He had: Panther HQ, possibly character, not sure, 4 Panthers, 3 IV/70s, and 1 King Tiger. However, it was breakthrough, with him attacking, and he has 3 platoons and cannot KGruppe due to no 2IC. The way the terrain was, and that I had both Shermans and M10s in reserve, he elected to keep just the HQ and IV/70s on the board, the rest to come up on my side onto the corner objectives. My 25pdrs finally kill a model this tourney, and pop a IV/70. he is barreling to my objective, my measly 6 guys is somehow to hold a KTiger and 4 Panthers.. but his turn 3 he gets no reserves, tries to hide his IV/70s in case I get lucky and get my M10s. I get lucky. Get my M10s. Kill another IV/70, he fails platoon;s test on a 2. Turn 4, Fails Company Morale on a 1. He has no platoons on the board, and one destroyed, so I win the game 6-1 despite only killing 2 tanks. Crappy way to win a game, but I'll take it. Serge and I shot the breeze, and it turns out he used to work with my dad when he was a weapons engineer for the interceptors my dad used to fly in Quebec. Small world.

Turns out the guy who had tournament lead going into round 3 lost massively (thats why you dont run all Staghounds Tripple!) and thus I was able to win overall!!

So, despite killing a grand total of 11 models all tournament (4 marders game one, 4 guns +staff table game 2, and 2 IV/70s game 3) I was able to pull it off with massive luck!

The example above of Panzer III's was what I got as my loot... so I now offically have the models to run Brits EW-MW-LW and Germans EW-MW-LW. Im pretty stoked. Clockwerks picked up best sports, not sure if Dion from OMG got General, he might have, so all-in-all a good day for the Ottawa boys!

The bad part is, I think my card is screwed because I lost about 5 minutes of footage. I have about 5 minutes left, which will upload tonite, and I will post tomorrow morning.

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  1. That looked really cool, i will definetly have to make it to the next tournament. By the way who was it that shouted they where from montreal ?


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