30 November, 2020

Blood Angels Arrive

 This post is basically a photo dump of the Space Marine half of the Indomitus boxed set. I finished them all with a Blood Angels successor chapter idea in mind. one that is currently on campaign and the wear on their armor is showing. I used a lot of metallics and chipping effects. I think it turned out well enough for how quickly I can turn them out!

The recipe is as follows:

  1. Metallic zenithal highlight (airbrush) over black primer (rattle can) 
  2. Fleshtearers Red Contrast paint over the armor
  3. Weapons and other dark areas are Black Templar Contrast over silver
  4. Eyes: White with Escorpena Green (Game Air) over top
  5. Dab silver with foam over red for damaged look
  6. Other colors used for non red/black parts are :
    • P3 : Jack Bone, Khador Red base, Ironhull Grey, Quick Silver
    • GW: Fleshtearers Red Contrast, Black Templar Contrast, Iyanden yellow Contrast (for gold)
  7. BASES : Cork, GW Astrogranite Debris, Grey (P3 Greatcoat Grey w/ matt medium), Drybrush w/ White - Wasteland Tufts.
Click on after the break for pictures of all the characters, bikes and other units!

Primaris Captain

Primaris Judiciar

Primaris Chaplain

Primaris Lieutenant

Primaris Outriders

Bladeguard Veterans

Bladeguard Veterans


Primaris Assault Intercessors

Primaris Assault Intercessors

Primaris Assault Intercessors

I am now trying to knock out some other project over the holiday season as we (both my son and I) are still deciding what to add to our forces next. The idea is we will buy comparable units and slowly build out each force one unit at a time so we always have matching sized armies.

The first project slated for December is the Battletech/Clan Invasion kickstarter models I have. I will write up post once a have some painted but suffice to say Battletech holds a VERY dear place in my heart as it was the first books/miniatures I ever bought myself so stay tuned for some stompy robots and nostalgia in the coming weeks! 

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