18 April, 2010

Family Comes First...

Just a heads up that I have been dealing with a rather unexpected and very sudden loss in our family, and I have been busy for the past few days and see this continuing for a few more...

All that said I am itching to get some 40k in with my Blood Angels, or to do some practice games with my Guard for the tourney in May.

Back in a few days, promise :)

13 April, 2010

Space Wolves - 1500 points

So after about 20 games, and about that many lists, I think I have hit upon a 1500 point list that gives me tons of tactical flexibility while maintaining the close combat "feel" I was/am after with the Space Wolves. Here it is:


Wolf Priest 1: 125pts
runic armor, melta bombs

Rune Priest: 125 points
Runic Armor, Melta Bombs, Chooser of the slain


Wolf Guard Pack 1: 152 points
Combi-melta x4, Power Fist x2, Power Weapon x2


Grey Hunter Pack 1: 185 points
8 Grey Hunters, melta gun, mark of the wulfen, wolf standard
Rhino Transport

Grey Hunter Pack 2: 190 points
8 Grey Hunters, melta gun, mark of the wulfen
Rhino Transport, extra armor

Grey Hunter Pack 3: 175 points
8 Grey Hunters, melta gun, mark of the wulfen
Rhino Transport

Grey Hunter Pack 4: 135 points
5 Grey Hunters, melta gun, mark of wulfen
Razorback Transport armed with twin linked heavy bolters


Land Speeder 1: 70 points
Multi-melta, Heavy Flamer

Land Speeder 1: 70 points
Multi-melta, Heavy Flamer


Long Fangs Pack 1: 190 points
1 Squad Leader, 5 Long Fangs with Missile Launchers
Razorback with Twin-linked Las cannon

Predator 1: 85 points
Autocannon, Heavy Bolter sponsons

1499 points

Obviously the wolf guard each join a unit as needed. The wolf priest joins the unit with the drop pod- giving them preferred enemy, fearless, and with the wolf standard, one nasty assault. They are also fearsome to assault into. I'm open to people's thoughts and comments on the list.


12 April, 2010

New List

Alrighty, so this is a list I've been messing with, and more importantly, trying to build some models for:


Tyranid Prime with twin boneswords, Devourer and Adrenal Glands: 105pts
Tyranid Prime with twin boneswords, Deathspitter, Adrenal Glands: 100 pts


Zoanthropes x 2 120 pts
Zoanthropes x 2 120 pts
Hive Guard x 3 150 pts


6 Warriors, 5 devourers, 1 barbie strangler, scything talons: 190 pts
6 Warriors, 5 deathspitters, 1 venom cannon, scything talons: 225 pts
Termagaunts x 10 50pts
Termagaunts x 10 50pts
Tervigon, Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Cluster Spines: 195
Tervigon, Catalyst, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Cluster Spines: 195 pts

1500 points exactly.

What I need to do to play all-painted, I'd have to paint 2 zoanthropes, 2 primes. Obviously the like-armed Primes go with their respective warrior units, giving them ws5, bs4, and on the charge, each prime dishes out five str 6, ini 6, power sword, instant death attacks....

09 April, 2010

Thursday Night Fights Apr 8

Well, I finally finished painting my 1500 pt tournament list, and took it for a test drive vs Lothlann's progressively khornate Traitor Guard, SM Mohawk's Ultras 1st Co, and then Diragi's Ultras-soon-to-be-Space Wolves. Duane, aka Diragi is the guy I got into the hobby with back in '97, and he was playing his first game of 5th ed.

FYI, Sorry about the store music being way too goddamned loud in some parts, no control over that.


07 April, 2010

My new list

So i'm trying out a new guard list, this is what im going to take to the store tomarrow to have a game with Matt Varnish.

175 company command, astropath, 4 melta guns, chimera

115 veterans, 3 plasma guns
115 veterans, 3 plasma guns
125 platoon command, 4 melta guns, chimera
95 squad A, flamer, autocannon, commissar
60 squad B, flamer, autocannon
105 heavy weapon squad, 3 lascannon

fast attack
130 vendetta
130 vendetta

heavy support
150 hydra squad x2
135 medusa
165 demolisher

thats a flat 1500 pts. Its my basic list with a bit of a mix with the hydras which are new (pics to come) and with a small platoon insted of 2 more veterans squads, which allows me access to heavy weapons teams.

06 April, 2010

Changing Gears a bit...

Ok so I got work done on my guard the last couple months, but the release of my original 40k army has my mind thinking Blood Angels these days...

I picked up the Death Company boxed set and I was floored by the stuff in it!!!

GW has once again, got its claws into me. There are so many options in this box for weapons and wargear I plan to buy a half dozen boxes to outfit my entire army with new goodies :)

The plastics are of incredible detail as well...

I'll throw up pics of my Blood Guard (Angels) captain I painted this week. He will be leading my Sternguard and acting as a Sergeant for now, just a heroic sergeant :)

I am out for now!

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