21 October, 2011

Friday Night Fights 50.. FIFTY!

(above) The hedges is a little shout out to the folks who flagged my videos to go down on Youtube!!

So we have just hit 50 After Action Report Videos.. and we did it in under a year. Which reminds me I need to catch up on our AAR page, but I digress..

The last FNF was 2 days before the second big Flames of War tournament we've ever had in our fair city, the OMG (Ottawa Miniature Gaming) Tournament. It is 1500 pts, LW, 3 missions, 3 hours per, 16 players and we had a waiting list.. 2 of our guys didnt get in sadly, Marty and Duane.

Brett decides to switch gears and go with a fast Soviet Tanko list, with some Tank riders (which look amazing btw), some IS-2s, a metric tonne of T34s, and some sappers and Katyushkas. I was using the exact same list Ive been running for months, its finally all painted!

Nice pics here of Adam's finished Lehr force. I like the Mortar painted up like we saw it at the museum the other night!

Video below:

(currently uploading should be done 9 am , Oct 21)

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