29 September, 2009

Oh here we go.........

It's been a while. I know, I know, I have been busy - not with anything in particular, just life in general. As the season changes, so do we all, and I have now seemed to stall out on Eldar to some extent. I am not sure why - and let me clarify. I have stalled out on the painting side specifically, not the playing side. I still very much enjoy playing Eldar, the speed and versatility is astounding. But the jet bikes........

So, Eldar jet bikes.

I built 9 (3 with cannons) over the last week or so, and have primed and based them (with Regal blue). I used the "new" guardians as riders, which required some torso and arm modification on each rider. This led to the bikes taking far longer to build and delaying their use. I am itching to try them out, but have to paint them first. This is something that is getting harder and harder to start/finish because of the draw of Chaos I feel on my soul.

I own a lot of noise marines. I mean a lot. All told, I am talking about 60 marines with sonic blasters and 15-20 with blast masters. They have largely remained assembled but unpainted for years now (due to my lapse in the hobby) and I can't help but feel this needs rectifying. I also could not get over Anoobis's Chaos Terminators when I played him. They were beautifully painted, and really showcased the new models. I have since picked up a unit, and must say, they are stunning. I also traded in some un-opened stuff I had kicking around and now own a Chaos vindicator, 10-man tactical squad and 2 new chaos rhinos. Its starting to look like a chaos army is taking shape, and needless to say, Emperor's Children are calling out to me.

I think, before I get totally swept up in the pleasure of Slaanesh, I should finish those jet bikes. Perhaps tonight I will get back to it and post some work-in-progress pics.

Till then........................................Chaos calls.

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