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Road to Paris, Part 3: Vehicle Paint scheme

Well, I got a BIT of work done, took a bit of artisitic license and made the division symbol a bit bigger than they were, just so I could paint the crosses right. Also, the French Flags are a tad bigger, again for ease of painting and such. I added the Resistance guys and some explosives. Colors were green spray, Brown Violet, Ogryn Flash wash, Brown Violet again, then highlighted with Ghoul Skin Green. Makes for a good objective I think.

The list I have settled on for now, is from Fortress Europe, LW 1500 pts, C/T

HQ: Armored Rifle HQ, no bazooka 25 pts
Armored Rifles full platoon: 240 pts
Armored Rifles full platoon: 240 pts
Shermans x5: 345 points
Stuarts x5: 235 points
HMG platoon, 2 sections, bazookas: 150 pts
M7 Priest, 1 Gun Troop, OP Sherman, 185 points
Cavalry Recon Patrol, 1 M8, 2 jeeps, 70 points.

This gives me 1490. I can add 2x .50 cal's to the halftracks to reach 1500. Its 7 platoons, but I can split the HMG platoon amongst the ARs and stay at 6

Only thing I see tha…

AAR 62, US Para's vs Beute StuG Abteilung

(above) Table set up at the CLGS. The terrain is my new desert scenery, so its out of place for LW but what can you do!

Mike_A and I scheduled up a game at the store, given that we both work nearby, but we had to get in before it filled up with the Malifaux/Infinity guys apparently. The Magic guys were in the other room. They need a Narnia room like up in Petawawa! Mike is running gorgeous US Para's on KK bases, and I am running my all light armor Beute StuG Abteilung, 1500 points practice for Game Summit which is in 3 weeks. We played Free For All.

(above) good thing I brought terrain, because NO JOKE this is what the Infinity ( I think it was that game) was using.. If youre going to use dollar store models, at least paint them!

Next 3 pics of Mike's awesome Para's

My setup on the left flank meant I was going to initially rush forwards, but all game I was trying to take out the 6 x 105mms, and to the end I couldnt get them below 3 guns.

Meanwhile, the real action occure…

Road to Paris Part 2

Super quick update, today I spray primed one infantry unit, that unit's halftracks, and the M7 Priest objective. But more importantly, I figured out my scheme, which is US uniforms with the khaki shirts and brown pants rather than all green (I saw pics of the French guys in these colors) and figured the Croix de Lorraine on their helmets, and they had French flags sewn on the upper sleeves.

This is more for my future reference, but I used a black spray coat. Basing is Charadon Granite (GW), then Khemri Brown (GW), then German Camo Beige (VMC) and any blocks are Astronicon grey (GW)

Guys are Uniform Brown (Reaper) for pants, Kommando Khaki(GW) for shirts, Brown Violet (VMC) for helmets. Ghoul Green (Reaper) (its my go-to highlight for Feldgrau) for webbing and gaitors, Chocolate Brown (VMC) for boots, Tallarn Flesh (GW) for skin tones, Beige Brown (VMC for gun butts and barrels. Hit it with a Ogryn Flesh (GW) wash, the rehighlight the helemts in Violet Brown, and hit the metal g…

'Road to Paris' Part 1

So I am an idiot. Why am I an idiot? Because I am going to undo about 2 months hard work painting my Late War Brits. When I decided to do my LW Brits in the Italy scheme, It was simply so that I could use already painted models (25 pdrs, 17pdrs, infantry, UC's etc) and simply add a few models, like an AOP, 4 M10s and halftracks to make Motor Platoons.

For some reason though I just cant get into it. I won some Grants a while back at a tourney, and was thinking to myself.. do I really need MORE Brit tanks? I already had 9 shermans, 9 Crusaders, 3 Churchills, 4 M10s, plus an entire EW BAR army. Also, I never seemed to use my Priests. Plus I wanted to run a "minor power" also, like Romanians, or Hungarians or some such. What I realized though, with chatting with Scary Biscuits and others over on the WWPD Forums (he works at BF) is that I could run basically a US force, but not have to paint the stupid allied star (AKA the USA star) if I just limited myself a bit..…

Hobby Review: Tufts, by GW and Army Painter

(above)The GW tufts on the left, the ArmyPainter ones on the right, on top of a GF9 Large Desert Hill

So a bit of change of pace.. I am finishing off my terrain for the upcoming GameSummit 24 man Flames of War tournament, it might even by 26, so we need terrain. For Christmas you may recall I got a metric tonne of Desert stuff, and the final touches tonite are Tufts. My buddy Rob got me 3 packs of ArmyPainter stuff straight from the factory in Denmark, but while he was there, Games Workshop came out with some, the 'Mordheim' color being the best fit for desert.

I figure why not do a quick side-by-side review.

(above) GW on the left, 16 bucks for the sheet, ArmyPainter on the right, 8 bucks for the sheet. As you can see, you get more than 2x the ArmyPainter stuff, so money wise, it is no contest. Army Painter 6mm tufts are thicker, coarser, and come off the sheet way easier than the GW stuff. However they also have a better color selection as of now. The GW stuff is tou…

Rise of the Tyranids

(above) 1500 points, Spearhead, vs my buddy Alex who is soon leaving to join the Army.

Shocking that this isn't Flames of War I know! My buddy Alex (In flames of war locally, he was the first to run SS Tigers.. in Mid War!!) is leaving town, going to Basic, etc, so I figure who else to shake the 40k rust loose against than him. It has been 15 months since I last played any 40k, since I even opened up my case! However, I had a good tournament list in my case, all printed out, so I used that.

HQ Tyranid Prime, twin Bone Swords, Regenerate
Tervigon with Catalyst
Tervigon with Catalyst
20 Termagaunts
20 termagaunts
3 units of 2 Hive Guard
2 Tyrannofexes with the only good gun

Alex had

Dire Avengers, exarch, wave serpent (Farseer goes here)
Dire Avengers, exarch, wave serpent
3 vypers with bright lances
2 fire prisms
1 night spinner

I forgot quite a lot about 40k, especially that he would be going first, and what a Night Spinner does to Tyrannids. My deployment is below.

(above) Tur…

Canadian C15TA Armoured Trucks

Matt Varnish likes my Canadian C15TA armoured trucks so much that he asked me to post photos of them. They were issued to Canadian units later in the war and they were all left behind in Europe to equip rebuilding armies like the Dutch and the Danes.

I've posted the four that I use for my Motor platoon that accompanies my armoured squadron. I also have one open topped version and once I get that one painted I'll post a photo.

They were all bought from a guy in Minnesota.

I hope to buy some Ford Artillery Tractors from him as my guns are still without transport.

Canadian Ram OP Tanks

I don't like to have the same army as everyone else. And I like to use Canadian vehicles and troops. So, instead of using Sherman OP tanks, I wanted some Ram OP tanks, which is historically accurate as they were used by the Canadians from D-Day on. BF doesn't make a Ram kangaroo anymore, so I found some on eBay made by Axis and Allies and I was surprised to find out that they were the same size as FOW. Now Ram kangaroos had their turret removed to make room for infantry, so I had to scratchbuild the turrets. I used pink styrofoam insulation, some plastic card and some extra parts from my BF M10's (hatches and gun barrel/mantlet). I thought of doing the real Ram mantlet, but I'm not that skilled, and I figure the Sherman one will do. I will then paint in all the Ram bolts found on the mantlet. If it still looks bad, I'll just add some camouflage netting.

Here are the completed Ram kangaroos with the scratchbuilt turrets. The only glue that seem to be able to glue pla…

FOW in Aalborg Denmark

Everytime I go to Denmark I drop by the Tinsoldaten club in Aalborg. Well, this is my second visit. This visit they decided to play a multi player 3000pt FOWbattle. The photo above shows the town square across from the train station at 0900hrs (thats in the morning, not at night) on December 28, which shows you how little daylight there is in northern Europe in the winter.

This isn't the battlefield, its one of the train layouts that they have in every major train station in Denmark.

Here is the battlefield. Germans on the left, Allies on the right.

WW2 Bunkers from the west coast of Denmark.

They didn't tell us the order of battle before the game and I think its more realistic that way. I'm going by memory here:

Brit para company
mg platoon
mortar platoon
6 pdr platoon
2 17 pdrs
US para company
57mm platoon
mortar platoon
engineer platoon
75mm battery

Pz Gren company
150mm battery
8 gun Neb battery
Recce platoon
Stug platoon
Panther platoon

It might ha…

'Weighing' my options: PzIV D/E/F1

Well, despite the Late War 1500 pt tourney being one month away roughly, I am looking ahead to April's 1500 pt Mid War tourney up at the army base. Even though it would appear like Infantry got a boost from v3, I think I'm going to run a DAK panzer list. I have model-wise, 6 PzIVs, 5 PzIIIs, 5 PzIIs, then halftracks and a small Kfz222 Recon unit. My aim is two-fold: get them painted so I don;t have to run my Brits, but more-so to have them be compatible with Early War as well, hence the short-gun version of the PzIV. As you can see from the above pic, I have 1 BF PzIV and 5 PSC plastics. One thing I hate about all-plastic models is their weight.. they just feel so chintzy. Besides that, on a slope, if they are light they will just slide down, where a bit of weight will make the treads dig in a bit more, so I had to come up with a way to weigh them down, and I am sharing this with you now.

I went as cheap as possible, and the only monetary outlay here was a 2 dollar …

FSSF vs Schwere Panzerjagerkompanie; 1500pts LW, No Retreat

Infantry heavy FSSF vs big boy heavy Jagdpanther list.

HQ w/ Bazooka
3 Full Strength FSSF w/ Bazooka and Mortar
4 x 105s
4 x 155s
Tiny Pio/HMG platoon
FSSF mortars form an 8th platoon with 2iC

HQ Jagd
2 Jagds
Noak Higher Command Panther
3 CT StuGs
3x Nebs
small Gren platoon
Mobile AA Quad

1500pts No Retreat with Germans Attacking with first turn.

Part 1

Part 2...

AAR 60, FSJ v Italy LW Brits, Dust Up

First AAR of the new year, at Brett's and I have some of my painted desert stuff so we could make an Italy table.. which would go well with his Casssino FSJs v my Italy campaign Brits. Normally I do just Video Reports, but I'm going to add more pictures for folks who (like me) have youtube blocked at work!

I ran the following:
Motor Company HQ in White cars
Motor Platoon in halftracks x2, PIAT, L Mortar
full 25 pdr battery, 2 OP shermans, AOP
Sherman platoon
M10 Platoon
2 x Recce patrols, 1 with PIAT

FSJ from Cassino
HQ with 2 Knacker, 2 Shreck, 2 Mortars
2 x Full Strength FSJ w/ Knacker
4 StuGs
3 Marder II
2 x LG40
3 Nebs

Deployment below
(above) Brett deploys his infantry in the town near the tracks by the 2 objectives, and I deploy cross-corner by the ruined fort on the hill.