25 May, 2012

A few pics of Cangames

 So there was over the past weekend a local Con, called Cangames.  Back in the day, it was literally the only event in town.  I recall playing my very first 40k tourney here.  Many things have changed over the years, with quality all over the place.  This year, I stopped by to see the small F0W and 40k tourney, but decided to take shots of 2 other games running.  
 The first game is a 28mm WW I game, as you can see, Germans vs British.

 And below, is some shots of a 20mm WW2 game revolving around parachuting in to France during D-Day.  Check the cool Parachute markers, Wirbelwind, completely oversized Horsa glider, and a 1/72 C-47

 Lastly, a shot of my first completed DAK vehicle, a PzII with the black pen lining and sponge/spackled grey weathering.  I think it looks great, but looking at a calender, I realize Summer Siege is in just a few weeks, so I need to finish off some French DB stuff for it (Especially since Mike Haught has updated the points cost of the LW PDF for Version III!)

18 May, 2012


Here is the link to an article I wrote for What Would Patton Do concerning those erroneously ubiquitous red and white posts on guns and tanks.

12 May, 2012

AAR 70 Early War Action

Back at it, Did a few Early War games at Rob Kelly's place.. we are doing an escalation league for Early War, so 600, 900, 1200 then 1500 point increments, hence the unpainted stuff!   Above is a pic of Rob's Aiming posts, otherwise known as the red and white sticks you see on every single gun or AFV it seems.   The box thing is the 'Director', a device used to make sure each gun is aimed correctly.  He was 18 years in the Royal Canadian Artillery so.. he would know!  Below is his blister of Kilt-Wearing desert brits.  my 51st Highlanders are totally jealous.

Below is the only decent still of this game, his British infantry victorious after I assault him with a Panzer III.

As usual, the good info is in the video below, expect another post on game 2 tomorrow, where I used 9 MK-VI-Bs, and 4 A9s vs his army.. it was nice to have more than 4 models!  Enjoy

10 May, 2012

AAR 69: World of Tanks Tier VIII style!

Can't believe its been 69 Flames of War battle reports already, I wonder if I can get the other 21 in by the end of 2012.. Anyways, this game was fought at Brent's wicked man-cave, which I give a brief tour of in the video below. 
We decided to play some Late War, and I took my 21 Panzers out for a spin, having not touched them since Game Summit. I decided the odds were high of Brent taking his Guards Tankovy list, so I took the 3 King TIger list that did so well for me at the OMG tournament last year. 
He instead brought an assault gun company led by Rat, so there were guns that could pierce the front armor 14 I had!! He also took 7-dice of Shturmovik. I reckoned in the first 2 turns I would lose a lot of points to air attacks, but the pilots would first have to learn how to read a map!
 My list: King Tiger, Bergpanther, 
 King Tiger
 King Tiger
 3 panzerwerfers with extra crew
 small unit of Pio's

 He had: RATT 
 3 ISU 152
 5 ISU 122 
a small unit of infantry, I think dismounted Tankodesantniki's 
BA-64 scout cars 
Priority IL-2M Shturmoviks

01 May, 2012

Want Videos? got 3

Terrible close-up of the Fokker C-X conversion I made for Lothlann, using a Fiat CR2 as a base. I covered the cockpit, added a rear MG and bombs, and cut the front spinner off, as the Fokker had a blunt nose.
Some shots of a battle I had vs Rob's Canadians, using my Desert Rats. The Bocage was just hedges for this game.
Its been quite a while, and with the big Petawawa tournament gone, I can get back into something that isn't painting French! Last time for Skirmish, I posted pics of my finished army with a week to go, my buddy Serge B saw my post, and "redoubled his efforts" on his FeldHerrenHalle and got best painted! This time I posted almost nothing, hence why I wanted to keep some of these older vids until afterwards. Since I have the memory of a goldfish I then forgot to upload them at all! Of course, sadly, Serge couldnt make the tournament, and instead my RobK ended up sharing best presentation with Drew's DAK 15th Panzers. Anyhow, here are three battle reports from last month. I'll take some pics of my French this week. Scratch that, Drew has pics with his way better camera: http://covering-fire.blogspot.ca/2012/04/paths-of-glory-12.html#more Enjoy. Hedge row mania France vs Finland. How many C-X biplanes can I shoot down? Lots! My Armored Company vs Ca$h's Panzers. After this game I switch over to Armored Rifles and their Bazooka madness!!

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...