26 July, 2015

Kings of War test game, plus some painting (Bishops)

Full Bishop platoon with all the fixings, incl command vehicles.
 Quick update, I was pretty sick as a dog the past few days, Wife is out of town, so I got some painting done.. Bishop 4 gun battery.. I put stowage and lazy crew on the rear decks of the Bishops too. (see below)
I love the guy sitting down watching a guy do all the work.. "Good show, old boy!"

Lastly, we were talking about what to do with all our WHFB stuff from back in the day.  I had been waiting for GW to make a decent edition, and Age of Sigmar is skirmish.  So we tried Kings of War, written by some old ex GW guys.  See video below

20 July, 2015

Modelling Monday

I'll take "What are the three most useless Mid-War platoons" for 600, Alex

So real quick, this is what I need to paint in one month.  Totally doable.  The Bishops are 75% done already, same with the Crusaders.

While I paint these tonite, I should probably listen to something old, and something British....

https://youtu.be/9TtuOoPutCg    Not bad for 1979...

I'll update later in the week my progress...

19 July, 2015

Battle of Two Armies (Dwarves)

AH Hahaha, He has to paint all of us!

Real Quick, I have been AFK with some real life stuff (Which caused me to miss Historicon 2015), but am back in action, and have even started my EW ? MW British for Flames of War.    But this has NOTHING to do with that, no with Games Workshop on the way back burner, I was able to pick up a Dwarf army for extremely cheap.   SO with some talk about how boned the new edition of WHFB might become and to maybe run Kings of War, I decided to bust out the Dwarves and see what I have.  I have enough for two armies.   Which means I will give one to someone has always disdained everything GW.   Here you go Matt:

20 GreatAxe guys, 20 HW & Shield guys, 2 cannons (there is a third if he wants), a catapult, named character Thorek Ironbrow, 2 units of Riflemen, unit of 20 Miners with 2H Pickaxes.

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...