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Kings of War test game, plus some painting (Bishops)

Quick update, I was pretty sick as a dog the past few days, Wife is out of town, so I got some painting done.. Bishop 4 gun battery.. I put stowage and lazy crew on the rear decks of the Bishops too. (see below)

Modelling Monday

So real quick, this is what I need to paint in one month.  Totally doable.  The Bishops are 75% done already, same with the Crusaders.

While I paint these tonite, I should probably listen to something old, and something British....    Not bad for 1979...

I'll update later in the week my progress...

Battle of Two Armies (Dwarves)

Real Quick, I have been AFK with some real life stuff (Which caused me to miss Historicon 2015), but am back in action, and have even started my EW ? MW British for Flames of War.    But this has NOTHING to do with that, no with Games Workshop on the way back burner, I was able to pick up a Dwarf army for extremely cheap.   SO with some talk about how boned the new edition of WHFB might become and to maybe run Kings of War, I decided to bust out the Dwarves and see what I have.  I have enough for two armies.   Which means I will give one to someone has always disdained everything GW.   Here you go Matt:

20 GreatAxe guys, 20 HW & Shield guys, 2 cannons (there is a third if he wants), a catapult, named character Thorek Ironbrow, 2 units of Riflemen, unit of 20 Miners with 2H Pickaxes.