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Emperor's Children under way

So, in the past little bit I have painted up a 8 man Noise Marine unit (with Rhino) and a 5 man with blastmaster to hold local objectives. Here is what they look like so far:
I have added static grass since the pic was taken.
Continuing work on the force, pressing towards 1250pts for the upcoming local Return to Locara: Tournament & Campaign.

What a concept - lower tournament points limits

Just read this comment on BoLS site (see link on right) about the creep of game size and its impact on tournaments and list creativity. I find it really interesting that in the UK all GTs are 1500pts -to encourage creative thinking and compromise, as opposed to the Us where 200pts it common and people just max certain selection. I may as well just post the whole comment here - this is a quote:

Conrad_Dakarn21 hours ago

"I've noted one thing when speaking to people in America about their games and tournaments and that's to do with the points costs. Almost every game you have is 2000pt or over. Even the tournaments seem to be centred around over 2000pts.

The 40k rulebook recommends that you play 1500-2000pts on a 6 by 4 board.

The MAJOR GW throne of skulls tournament is set at 1500pt, thus showing that GW believe 1500 is the ideal size for a tournament setting on a 6 by 4 board.

Most US games take place using over 2000pt in their tournaments.

Why am I bringing up points cost as a…

Chaos has taken hold....

So, the dark powers have taken my soul, and I have started into the army of the Emperor's Children with a fever. Here is a WIP (work in progress) Rhino that I just built.

More to come!

Hmm, tempting

So, I have to come clean on something. I do not own a gaming table anymore. I used to have a primo one, back in the day at the RattHaus (that's another whole story) but it has long since gone the way of the buffalo. I was thinking of making a new one, to allow me to host games and such again, but with a 15 month old and limited space, I was not sure I could pull it off. I have since discovered this:

I wonder how well a 4x6 of those would sit on a folding table from Cosco. This would allow for quick tear down and storage, and would fit in the basement play room easily. It may even work on the dining room table in a pinch. I'm leaning towards this one in particular, done in a mix of green/brown : . Come to think of it, my wife was asking what I might want for Christmas, and this may fit the bill. We will have to wait and see.

They are done!

Wow, I painted 9 Eldar Jet bikes. It may not seem like a mighty feat, but with my head swirling with Chaos, and reading "Storm of Iron", it's all I can do to keep myself from jumping in to Chaos with both feet and never looking back.

Now that the bikes are completed, I need to actually play with them. So, tonight, I am meeting up with Matt Varnish and Lothlann for some battling. As usual, I will document the fight, and may try out "Battle Cartographer", at least I think that's what it's called. Once I locate the website for this cool little app, I will post it. I will also take pics of the game(s) tonight, and post them up.

Now that the bikes are done, I am going to start painting a single noise marine to test some paint schemes, and post them here for reference. Stay tuned to the site for updates!

*** UPDATE***

The program is
It's free, and should allow me to visualize the battle and key tactics. I think it's w…