18 October, 2011

Quick Update & OMG tournament primer

So we just had the OMG tournament, I will be posting interview-style vids later, I also have a backlog of AAR's, and I'm sure the lads will post their post-tournament thoughts at some point. And Drew from CoveringFire is sure to post pics and AAR of our nailbiter.

A bit of history.. back in AUgust, right after Skirmish, I decided to take my King Tigers in a tournament, but also paint up a regular force, and so it would be a massive surprise. I even went so far as to email back and forth to a few folks who weren't attending.. and came up with the following list

LW 1500 pts, Earth & Steel, 503rd Schwere PanzerAbteilung

HQ Tiger II with Bergepanther 365
Tiger II 340
Tiger II 340
Panzerwerfer battery x 3, extra crew 180
Pioneers, full unit, Faust upgrade, 270
1495 total.

Now, prior to the tournament, some folks, whether by choice or couldnt get stuff painted, where switching lists to heavy tanks/lots of tanks, so I spilled the beans Friday, so people didn't think I was a D-Bag and tailored my list to a meta or something.. that I had been planning this all along. Then we get to the tournament, and I see a TONNE of killer lists that could easily take mine down.

So thats why I didn;t take the list I've been playing non stop with for 2 months!

Anyways, expect some more posts now that the busy, pre-tournament period is done.

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  1. Some of our armies have pics up on http://covering-fire.blogspot.com/


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