24 June, 2015

Our House (....in the middle of our street)

Table layout plays an important part of any game. Whether you are playing an old school game of Monopoly where the bank has to be laid out just right, or Flames of War, it all comes down to planning. Preparing a table layout with very little terrain isn't much fun and the same goes for having too much. How can you move around the board and find the enemy or have any fun? The answer is simple, balance. It's a fine line you need to learn, whether you are having friends over for a weekend gaming session, or you are setting up tournament tables, balancing terrain over a 6'x4' surface takes time.

Open sides with a little bit of everything in the center makes for a balanced table where there is something in every table quarter for either player. It also helps focus the action, as both commanders will be vying for territory. The biggest issue with setting up a gaming table is terrain, the simple fact is whether or not you have enough to make up a full table or even two without spending a lot of money. You may have a ton of buildings, but no roads, mountains/hills or any type of trees. What then? Being creative in your setup with a few buildings can make for an excellent table.

16 June, 2015

Daa daa daa da da daa da da daa

Imperials take turn one with 3 wins, Rebels get 1 win and Scum get 0

Turn one of the campaign has come to a close thought i'd post up here for anyone who comes to this page and not the forums and are interested to follow the campaign, we'll be posting here pics of our games as well. Full details can be found here each turn http://dicedevils.canadian-forum.com/t943-x-wing-campaign-map

The teams are
Imperials: Lothlann, Wildcard, Pripyat, SirRandMcNally
Rebels: Diragi, Joyous Oblivion, Twinlinked, PhantomRescue
Scum and Villainy: Ca$h, Matt Varnish

14 June, 2015

Mid-War Tourney @ Perkins (1710)

It's been awhile all, but the Dice Devils are back in action! 4 of the Dice Devils made the trek north to attend a 1710 point mid war tourney hosted by Gary Perkins of Perkins Hobby in Petawawa Ontario. 

It was a great tourney and a bunch of wonderful looking armies on display. 


06 June, 2015

Same Time, Same...Space?

With so much going on the last few months, it's been near impossible to get any gaming done and the other major contributor to the DD blog has been busy getting ready to move house! Needless to say, sometimes life really does make it tough to play some games. In my case, I've been busy with a new boat, a new tree fort and generally being busy at work!

It's the 6th of June today, so with this update. We remember D-Day, the day in history where those brave men hit various beaches in France to put an end to the madness that enveloped the world.

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...