01 November, 2011

Early War Beckons!

So I finally had a 180 moment, where I wanted to start early war...I think it was a combination of playing World of Tanks, and seeing some Early War germans painted up on the Flames of War website.

So here is my first attempt at an early war colour scheme. The tank isn't done but the colours are where I want them.


  1. Man oh Man, that looks really good JO.. I think since right now we are doing LW for Battle Cry up in Petawawa, then LW again (probably) for Game Summit in February, that we should get something going for EW in the spring. I have my Desert Rats in the dazzle colors to paint, I know TwinLinked has his Italians, and Adam has Desert Rats also, and I could do my DAK to get another german player in.

    THe WWPD guys seem to love the new EW book, so I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. Early War = AWESOME!
    Seriously....it is a lot of fun. The tanks can get really oddball as well. But you also can end up with a good number of them as well. Cheers


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