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Germans vs Soviets: 1000pt MW Tag Team (Demo)

Soviets -Moto HQ w/ 1 company with 3 platoons, 1 company with 1 SMG platoon, sappers, 4 AT guns, 5 T-70s.
Germans - GepanzertepanzerGrens HQ, 2 platoons, 4 panzers, 2 pak 38s.

Deployment: Soviet horde company on the right soviet objective. AT guns on the left Soviet objective. Soviets deployed first and get first turn. German AT guns on their left objective. One platoon of GepanzertepanzerGrens in the middle. Scattered Reserves for both sides.

Turn 1: Soviets fail to dig in. German Pak38s move to the rock wall.

Turn 2: Soviets bring on 5 T-70s on the far right flank with Scattered Reserves and they come down off the escarpment and line up with the infantry. Sappers come on at the farm house by the left Soviet objective. Germans get Panzers right in front of the Soviet light tanks an bail 2 T-70s and kill one.

Bottom of 3: T-70s have just doubled it away from the Panzers. Panzers move to the creek and kill a Soviet infantry base. Reserve german HTs race down the dirt road on the…

FoW, Battle for the Ukraine, 7500 points total... GameSummit 2011

Ok so this one is a doozy. 28 pics plus video, but then again we ended up getting 7500 pts for the Battle in the Ukraine. Sit back, grab a brew, and enjoy the fruits of months of painting in this huge battle.

Pregame shot, Russian players await the german push.. BTW, click pic for close up of Brett's 'Bitch please' face. Perhaps he just found out the official soap of the GameSummit WFB tourny is... NONE!!

Dug in Russians in the farmlands above and below..

.. while more Dug In infantry surround the urban objective. BA-10s can be seen as well.

Better pic of the BA-10s near the fountain in the town square

Sideboard... 8 T-34s and 5 KV-1s

More Red Army vehicles (SU-85 and SU-122 assault guns).. are there just too many targets for the '88s and Tigers?

Truck Motor guys (they have a real funny russian name) EDIT: Razvedki is what they are called.. I love that they hang off the fenders with their PPsh's, 1920's gangland style!

Chris' Maksim settles near the potted plants…

GameSummit 2011, Friday Feb 18th "UKRAINE NOT WEAK!"

Communist Party Official building!

Well, another GameSummit is upon us, all the hard work of painting 2 FoW armies and terrain and so on has paid off.. Here are some shots of the FoW demo table that I'll be running with my 8th army Brits vs 21.Panzers, and the HUGE Ukraine table for tomorrow's massive 3000 pt per side Soviets v Germans. Not pictured: Beer... Beer is available at the Steve Yzerman Sportsplex.. HUZZAH!

Video below has all sorts of other shots of the event on the quiet night before the main days (Sat and Sunday) and of my terrible selection of beer..

Game Summit Prep Work

I offered to help Corey out again with some prep work he needed done. Last event I helped with painting some boards. This time he asked me to paint up a Fortress of Redemption. Its a decent chunk of plastic. Lots of nice details. I had to cut a few corners as I only got the piece a week ago and had FoW models to paint up as well...I think it turned out OK.

USSR Heavy KV-1S

Here are some newly finished KV-1S tanks supporting some infantry in there advance off my painting area.