31 March, 2014

French Fries and Pizza (France/Italy)

Tirailleurs: Pronounced TEER-AYE-UHRS, rhymes with 'suppliers'

Well, with the Italy books hitting the shelves recently, we are doing a build-up campaign to coincide.   Joyous Oblivion had a good idea that I am blatantly copying, and that is to use this as an opportunity to paint some units that have been sitting in boxes for some time now.   For me, this means more Free French! 

2 years ago, when I started my Free French, I went with the only list available at the time:  The Leclerc 2nd Division Blindee (Armoured Rifle Company) but now the infantry and recce companies are in an actual book, I should build a few more things.   See pic below:

So in my painting queue:  1 command halftrack, since I used my last White Scout car in the Cav Recon platoon..  4 x recce jeeps, 3 x M1 57mm AT guns (aka 6lbers) and a battery of 4 x 105's.  2 command infantry stands, using french officer models (Thanks ThunderST!!)

Campaign:  It starts at 750 points and builds every 2 weeks or something, so my initial list will be from the Tirailleurs list in Road to Rome:

HQ 2 stands plus bazooka
2 platoons of 2 Rifle sections, Bazooka
1 Heavy Weapons platoon, combat attached out usually
105 battery
57mm AT guns
Tirailleurs Recce jeeps.  

Will this list do anything vs the douchebags who are going to be buying 3 Elefants?  Nope, but I'll get these guys done this month though!

Will I go Goums?  Probably not.. here is why.. not a huge fan of rapists and murderers, and also, in-game they are pretty strong, and thus folks will think "Oh he went free french, he must be gaming it up to use Goumiers" when the real reason is because I'm crazy and hate painting the stupid allied star on armies that aren't America.  This is one of the few of those that lets me use US stuff and not be American :)

I will probably eventually get some Foreign Legionnaires though.

Catch you guys next week with a painting update.. cheers!

10 March, 2014

FnF and Tournament Preparations

Dusting off some more Mid-War for this installment of Friday Night Fights. We're back at Brett's place after some lengthy renovations to his home. Moving around keeps from the same person hosting over and over every week. Dennis(MattVarnish) has once again brought his DAK over and we decided to play a game of Dust-Up. It's going to be one of the missions at our tanks only event, 'May Madness' we will be having May 3rd at FdB in Gatineau. The idea was to have an all armored event where there are minimal support platoons containing anything other than tanks. Should be fun and hope you can make it out, or at least read about it once the AAR is done!

04 March, 2014

"I will read 500 posts, and I will read 500 more.."

500 posts man.  Wow.   What have I been up to?   I did a painting blitz (pun intended) on my DAK, now that we have a MW tournament coming up in Petawawa in April.  5 weeks away <gulp>

Here is some pics of what I am working on:

01 March, 2014

Duelling In The Desert and The Russian Gambit

Well it has been some time since I have been able to form a sentence and put a piece together for Dice Devils. The past few months have been busy and there has not been very many hobby related items for me to post about. I've been lucky enough however, to have played a few games at my place and MattVarnish has been my opponent on both occasions in the two games thus far in the new year. We're both going through the task of tweaking our lists and getting ready for a Mid-War tournament that's coming up in April.

Australian Div Cav, my first army in what seems like an eternity ago!
 I have yet to decide what I will be bringing up to Petawawa, as the North Africa book has gone through some drastic changes and I can no longer field the first Flames of War army that I ever put together. My Australian Divisional Cavalry can no longer take 8th Armored Shermans for support options. This leaves a HUGE hole in my list, as it is no longer viable without some heavy hitting support platoons to help with the lack of offensive abilities of the Crusader. I like the Aussies because not a lot of people play them and initially when I wrote one of my first pieces for this blog, I explained I wanted to do something different from everyone else. Oh, and the Fearless Veteran rating is a big plus!

Crusader tanks, not much armor, or HE. It has speed though!

While I try and ponder what to put together, I have been testing a Panzergrendier list from Eastern Front. It has 7 platoons and some serious punch when dealing with opposing armored threats. I tend to use Infantry based lists as ways to get a favorable deployment coverage on objectives. I find it easier to dig in the grunts and have them deal with threats to victory conditions. In the meantime, use my AT guns as a way to divert enemy tanks into areas where I can chase them down with my own tank platoons or simply blow them to bits with my PAK-40's, 88's and of course the best 'bang for the buck' 7.5cm leIG18 guns. For 70 points, you get a Rate Of Fire 2 - AT 9 - with the ability to smoke, bombard and a gun shield. At the very least, it's a cheap platoon with great ambush upside and goes through most armored vehicles in the Mid-War era. Can even bail a Tiger I if you happen to get one in the side.
Anyone who thinks there is a better option for any AT gun for the cost, I have yet to find one that comes close.

  Confident    Veteran   Grenadierkompanie
Infantry Company
German Mid-War
Infantry Company

Grenadierkompanie HQ(Heer)  p.61
Cmd Panzerknacker SMG team
8.8cm RW43 (PĆ¼ppchen) launcher
Combat Platoons
Grenadier Platoon  p.61
Cmd Panzerknacker SMG team
Rifle/MG team
Grenadier Platoon  p.61
Cmd Panzerknacker SMG team
Rifle/MG team
Regimental Support Platoons
Grenadier Infantry Gun Platoon(Heer)  p.63
Cmd SMG team
Observer Rifle team
7.5cm leIG18 gun
Grenadier Anti-tank Gun Platoon(Heer)  p.65
Cmd SMG team
7.5cm PaK40 gun
Divisional Support
Mittlere Panzer Platoon(Heer)  p.34
4Panzer IV E or F1400
Tank-hunter Platoon(Heer)  p.86
3Marder II270
Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon(Heer)  p.89
Cmd SMG team
8.8cm FlaK36 gun
Company Points:1485

'Maybe even some Russians', countless times you have likely heard that as part of the introduction of the WWPD FoW podcast. Yeah, sometimes the crew talks about other games and their adventures on the road, Knob Creek whiskey and whatever debauchery they get up to during their tournament circuit interactions with the rest of the WWPD supporters. After Steve packed up his family and moved off to New Zealand, the podcast itself has gone through some changes, but still manages to keep my interest for the full episode. I am sure there were others that were not sure how the transition would go, including Luke and Jon. With Eric coming into the studio for a full-time spot, he fills the void left by Steve in a different way. Eric is knowledgeable in many areas and seems up on his history and not just the game itself. I'm happy they are still able to squeeze Steve back from Mordor onto the podcast and have also had Sean "Throckmorton" stop in to bring some more hobbying and gaming experience into the fray! In the past few months, they have been talking a lot about Russians and the resurgence of viable options for Soviet lists. The new Desperate Measures and the Red Bear changes will lend itself to some very good Soviet lists in the coming year. I'm exploring the possibility of jumping into The Red Army and working on a tank list that will feauture some of WW II's most impressive pieces of Soviet armor.

Don't give up yet Ivan! Help has finally arrived!

Not quite +1 for concealment, but still deadly.

A "small" diversion...

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