31 October, 2014

'When in Rome...' FOW Italians for EW and MW Part I

"You lookin' at me??" <DeNiro voice>

So from my good friend Andrew/Twinlinked from the podcast, I have finally convinced him to let go of his Italians.  I am a sucker for those weird wacky armies (Free French, 21 Pzr Bathtubs, etc) so why not trade my unbuilt Canadians for these guys.  Most of the were built, but in varying states of disrepair.   I also bought a few more tanks and things, and am still awaiting a Falco biplane.

Here is most of them built.. the used stuff was in a tan glossy undercoat which I will have to cover to match the rest.

27 October, 2014

Weekend Gaming and Painting

Saturday saw a few of the guys get together at my place for a little bit of gaming and a quiet refuge for Dennis to paint his Italians. With lots of food, beer and some video games to pass the time. Weather up here is starting to get colder and the leaves are off the trees, so no more gaming in the workshop until 2015!
Painting?? Nope. I ended up playing a game of 'Fighting Withdrawal' against Andrew instead.

13 October, 2014

More Than Just Tanks

This weekend saw Brett and myself take on Sauron's evil minions in an attempt to learn how to play Lord of the Rings LCG. I'm a little late once again to the party of what's good and what isn't in the realm of newer games. It normally takes a lot of research and a little bit of risk when it comes to buying board games or card games these days. A lot of what's out there is very expensive and a lot of the time, not very good.

07 October, 2014

Episode Two!

We've been busy as of late and managed to sit down to discuss Game Summit and Geek Market here in Ottawa. We also dive into Flames of War lists, upcoming tournaments and the future of printed books vs. the new digital age being entered by Battlefront. Our own resident expert talks about some of the changes to World of Tanks!! As usual, drop us an email or comment on our newest podcast. We really do appreciate you listening and wanting more!

Listen to Episode 2 here or download it from the Podcast page.


06 October, 2014

There is NO Escape!

In this weeks installment of Friday Night Fights, a small group of us played Escape From Colditz. It's a board game that came out in the mid 1970's, it's creator was a prisoner at Colditz Castle during WW2. Colditz Castle is located in Eastern Germany, and has existed for a thousand years! It became a prisoner of war camp at the beginning of the war in 1939 and was in use right up until April 1945. The board game is loosely based on the layout of Colditz and the premise of the game is to escape to Allied territory using any means necessary.

The cover art has changed over the years, a Swastika appears on the first run of the game, but was later replaced by an Imperial Eagle.

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...