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One thing to say...

After seeing new Eldar tanks, a new Eldar titan, new Eldar Aspect Unit, Dark Eldar Warriors, Dark Eldar Skiffs, Dark Eldar Archons, Dark Eldar Wyches, I have only one response:


Because Matt Varnish is a Whiny Bitch

Storm Guardians. 20 of 'em.

They're not even completely done. A few extra little touches, but this is basically how they look.

Matt V loves to needle me about posting pics, so... here ya go MV. In all their Scaly Green glory.

Dark Eldar Reaver = Crone World Eldar jetbike!

Since this isn't a news site, I won't bother posting the rest of the pics, unless you live under a rock, you've probably all seen the AMAZING new pics out of Gamesday UK. One thing that pisses me off about GW: So much awesome stuff never before seen is at the UK Gamesday, and in North America we got what? A few marine things. Apart from the DE unveil, there are also some very juicy tidbits for my Crone World Eldar:

The Hornets I don't know what I can make them into, but I tell you what: that Lynx, if it isn't too gigantic, will sure make for a BADASS fire prism.


So, having started to paint a few orks, and ordering a ton of bits, I find my self at a stalemate. Reading through the Ork Codex, all I can say is that I am less than thrilled at what appears to be my options for an "effective" list. So many of the newer books allow troops to do so much more. I know Orks are really the "comic relief" of 40k, but I would also like to play something that gives me many tactical options on top of the modeling ones.

This brought my thoughts to the soon to be released Dark Eldar codex. This army has always intrigued me, as I tend to have a fondness for playing "bad guys" . Reading up on some of the rumors, it's looking like the DE will excel at fast, guerrilla style attacks (duh!) but also may shine in a heavy melee approach, with poison and such. It is making me really question the logic behind investing heavily into an army with an old codex (Orks) that have no rewrite in the near future(read 1-2yrs). Keep in mind I alread…

school is cool

not really,
So I've been pretty busy the last few days with the start of school and I don't foresee myself able to devote more than maybe 2 hours at a time to painthammering in the near future.
Trying not to lose motivation though, and trying to think of a good, realistic goal to set to make some more progress on my deathwing.
I was thinking of something along the lines of priming my AOBR squad and doing the first wash of graveyard earth or something along those lines.
I will try to do the above in the next few days. I probably won't bother posting pics though as once-washed terminators aren't anything special.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to convert a Belial model?

To5G: Changing it Up!!

If everyone around you is making 40k their priority, and 40k is your favourite system, its hard to begin work on a brand new army for another system.

Thus I am changing my To5G army to be Imperial Guard. Specifically my Elysian 77th.

The army was mostly purchased second hand from a friend, but I have to assemble and paint all the air cavalry transports (8 Valkyries, 4 Vendettas and 1 Vulture), so there is a lot of work to be done.

Oh yeah...I am repainting all the infantry too...

Here is the first project...

A Heavy Bolter Section...

Quick Update

Hey everyone, here's a quick update with some pictures I took a few weeks ago while i assembled and then later painted some of my Deathwing.

The army currently consists of 16 terminators and 2 dreadnoughts.
I actually have the armour done on all 5 terminators, will post pics soon, and hopefully get the rest of the doodads done on them (crests, metal etc.)
I'm undecided as to whether I should try NMM since there are so few models.

First Update :)

Hi everyone,
Being friends with the owner of the blog has its perks. Talking to Matt a few weeks ago, I had decided to blog the progress of my latest warhammer effort.
The latest army I'm working on is a Deathwing army. I was going through my stuff at school a while ago, and i found that i had 5 AOBR terminators, as well as at least 11 terminators assembled and primed white. Along with a FW dread and an AOBR dread, I decided to make a Deathwing army.
I started work on the army a few weeks ago and have pictures (not on the computer yet).
Will update again soon,

Pre-Heresy Night Lords??

What happened to my Eldar? I ran out of greenstuff is what happened, plus, I was doing what Ca$h was doing and that was finishing off an army that was close to being done. This is an army that I played the shit out of the past bunch of years, basically retiring it after wining my second Staff GT. It even used to be Crimson Fists, but asurmen blue plus badass black wash after covering up the red fists... pretty easy. After chatting with VT2 over on the 3++ site, he had a pretty neat idea for an army, that relies on 3 units of Sternguard to do a lot of the heavy lifting, with only 2 units of Tacticals. I'm intrigued, and so will try out the list, with a few modifications to fit my model collection of course. Pics are below

Above are my 2 heavily converted old school "egg" lead dreads. Plasticard for the collar and shoulder plates, plus a plastic terminator head, make them look a LOT like the pre-heresy artwork for dreads. I'm really happy how they turned out. …

Tourney List Tune-Ups

Well, with the Los Deimos Campaign Tourney just 6 weeks off, Ca$h, Lothlann and I decided to get a few games in today. Tourney is 1500 points, no allies , no special characters. Video Bat Reps below as well.

Farseer, Doom, Guide, Runes of Warding, Spirit Stones 135

5 Dire Avengers 60
Wave Serpent w/ Shuriken Cannon, Twin Bright Lances 145
5 Dire Avengers 60
Wave Serpent w/ Shuriken Cannon, Twin Bright Lances 145
10 Guardians w/ Scatter Laser 95
Wave Serpent w/ Shuriken Cannon, Twin Scatter Lasers 125

5 Fire Dragons 80
Wave Serpent w/ Shuriken Cannon, Twin Scatter Lasers 125
5 Fire Dragons 80
Wave Serpent w/ Shuriken Cannon, Twin Scatter Lasers 125

Vyper Shuriken Cannon, Scatter Laser 70
Vyper Shuriken Cannon, Scatter Laser 70

Warwalker, Scatter Laser, Scatter Laser 60
Warwalker, Scatter Laser, Scatter Laser 60
Warwalker, Scatter Laser, Scatter Laser 60

As you can see, it has a tonne of str 6 shooting and no assault capabilities. I am wholly reliant on eldar Me…