26 April, 2014

Painting.....Circus Style (*update*)

With the 'All-Tank' tournament at a local store next weekend, my paintbrushes have been hard at work getting my Elefants ready for the table in case we have an odd number of players. I love to play in tournament events, but I don't mind sitting on the sideline to run an event either. I have no issues walking around tables, taking in games, having a look at army lists or taking pictures for DiceDevils.com. I'd rather have all my attention on the games at hand and be there for rules questions, which most would admit I know NOTHING about.....but as the tournament organizer, at least having a rulebook in hand will help, should a question or dispute arise.
Fits like a thong on a fat stripper.....

21 April, 2014

Tank Overhaul

I'm a huge fan of TV. More importantly, the American Heroes Channel, formerly the Military Channel. They have an abundance of quality shows and movies that outline moments in history, that may otherwise be forgotten. It's a little like the Panzerjäger Tiger 'P' (Ferdinand), just a blip on the windscreen amongst the tons of armor available to you on the German side of Flames of War. Now with the Italian compilation being released, there are new and shiny lists available, the Elefant as it is now referred, is making a comeback on the table in our Italian escalation campaign. With each Devil making a list to play throughout the next few weeks, I've decided to go with this new beast in my attempts to thwart any Allied attempts at scoring any major victories for their side.

18 April, 2014

Italian Campaign Round 1 AAR - FSSF v. Germans

Hello all, thought I'd drop in a quick AAR I had with fellow Dice Devil Diragi today as part of our day long Good Friday Hobby/painting/gaming/bad movie day at CA$H's place.

Since this is the first tier of our campaign we had 750 points to play with and we only had to have 1 of the 'mandatory' combat platoons in our armies. The next tier is when normal lists are required. I'm running my FSSF as I managed to make a list that will help me clear a tonne off my painting queue as this campaign draws on. Note, I am running these out of Dogs and Devils due to not having the new books yet!

13 April, 2014

Petawawa Tourney - MW 1500 pts

First of all thank you to Bob Mcbride for organizing and running this tourney and for Gary Perkins for providing the venue (Perkins Hobby in Petawawa, Ontario, Canada).

I have a few pics of armies I got to see and play. The tables were awesome and some of the armies were amazing. 

Brief Rundown of how the results turned out:

Best Sport: Louis Santarre (sp?)
Best Painted: Dennis (Dice Devils own Matt Varnish) - 21 Panzerkompanie

1st Overall: Andrew Tripple - Italian Somethingorotheravante
2nd Overall: Marty (me, lol) - US Medium Tank company
3rd Overall: Bob - Gurkas

(Apologies we didn't have power until 11am so a couple dark pics of Matt Varnishes awesome army)

06 April, 2014

In The Pipeline...or...Joyous' WIP

Alright, so of the Dice Devils, I have been without home Internet for awhile and thought posting was a lost cause until I found the blogger app!

So without further adieu, I give you guys a sneak of some upcoming articles ill roll out this week and a preview of my forces in the upcoming Italy Campaign we are running. 

First Up is my new objectives I'm working on. Mostly done but need decals and weathering to finish them off. 

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...