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1500pt Slaanesh Tourney List

Here is a list I am thinking of testing out this week, and possibly taking to the Locara Tourney in February.

HQDaemon Prince - 155 pts
Mark of Slaanesh
Lash of Submission
Noise Marines x5 – 140ptsBlastmaster x 1
Noise Marines x8 – 250pts Sonic Blasters x 7Noise Champion w/ Power Weapon and Doom Siren, Personal Icon, Melta bombs
Chaos Space Marines (10) - 255 pts
Aspiring Champ
Power Fist
Meltagun (2)
Lesser Deamons x10 - 130pts

Vindicator – 125ptsObliterator x3 – 225ptsLand Raider - 220pts
The idea is the large noise marine unit gets the land raider as their ride, and both it, the CSM in rhino, and vindicator all go 12" up the board at the start - or toward objectives. That leave the 5 man with blastmaster hanging back as fire support, and possible the Oblits as well. I think it's essential to up the Oblit unit to 3 to allow for reliable ranged anti-tank/anti-infantry. They could also deep strike off the personal i…

The future........

Not sure if everyone is aware of this or not, but if you haven't see "augmented reality" yet, check out this video

Basically, it overlays digital content on live items. Think of the possibilities with GW, and table top gaming over-all. Is it a good thing or bad thing? Will it catch on or is it just a gimmick? Only time will tell, but I suppose it was inevitable. Please post your comments and thoughts below, as this seems to be a concept that may be creeping into our hobby world sooner than we think.


CA$H Out.

Tyranid Glamour shots

Here are a few shots of the whole army done. closeups of Zoat-anthropes, tervigon and mystery large base (Tyrannofex)

Spent some time with the New Codex roday..

So, I was down at bayshore running errands, and then to paint my tervigons for a bit, when lo and behold: the new Tyranids Codex shows up. Few things that are different from my summary list, apart from name changes.. Tyrant Pyschic powers are shooting powers, so cannot be used if you run. So cannot move, cast, then run forward. Dont know if this will influence my weapon choice for y Tyrant.. which so far has been scything talons, since Inever DID get around to putting the heavy VC back on... Another change/clarification is that Paroxysm cannot lower WS and BS to 1 on vehicles. So what I pulled on Lothlann's Vendetta crew, I can no longer do. Thirdly, troop mycetic landing spores do not score.

Revised list then:

Tyrant, scything talons, lashwhip bonesword, Tactical Insight, or w/e the power that gives +1 to reserve rolls. 195 points.

Zoanthropes x2, mycetic spore: 160

Hive Guard x2: 100

Tervigon with Catalyst :175

20 Termagants: 100

10 x Scything talon Genestealers: 160

New Tyranids (Summary) vs Emperors Children

Well, third bat rep here.. My second time using the new Tyranids (again, the codex isnt out yet, so Im using the leaked summary) and same list vs Ca$h's Emperors Children. I filmed this on my new camera, but it turns out that the battery was low, and also each pre turn snippet was 160 megs, so I need to plan out the video taking a bit better for next game.

Mission was Secure Ground, with Spearhead deployment, using ripper swarm bases as the 4 objectives. I put my Tervigon up in the building, holding that objective, with the tyrant and termagants moved forward.. Missing are my Hive Guard which I simply forgotten to deploy.. I rolled to reserve them turn 2

Cash Deploys obliterators across from my Tyrant, and then moves up, lashing my termagants back in turn one.

Turn 2, he backs up the rhino with lash sorceror, while disembarking the noise marines to try and kill the Tyrant. He thought that they were t5, but with t6, his str 4 guns did only 2 wounds

After the shooting he had to assault,…

New Tyranids (Summary) vs Traitor Guard

Here is a quick rep of a battle at bayshore Jan 4th vs Lothlann's Guard. Dawn of War, Capture and Control. I used the list from previous posts, adding in 30 points of spore mines, leaving off Venom Cannon on the Tyrant.

Initial deployment, I had Tyrant, Tervigon and large unit of Termagants, he had a command squad on the hill to push me back.. I went to a flank instead:

His turn one, I was facing this: 2x Medusa squadron, Squadron of 1x Medusa, 1x Griffon, Chimera, Manticore, 2 Hellhounds AND 2 Vendettas. Thank god first turn was night fight.. though he used on vendetta to searchlight my Tervigon and did 3 wounds to it, 2 wounds to the tyrant. Note to self: vs pie plates, spread them out a bit, otherwise he gets wounds on both with each hit or lucky scatter!

Turn 2/3 the Hive Guard (Warriors in foreground) walk on and destroy a Vendetta, and a lucky unit of Genestealers fleets, then charges the griff-medusa squadron AND the chimera in a nice multicharge, blowing all 3 up! I move spaw…

Pre Heresy Night Lords Battle Report, Dec 31, 2009

Hey gang, here's a quick battle report of my Pre Hersy Night lords vs Hamilton Ian's Guard army, at Black Knight games in Hammertown. Speahead deployment, Annihilation. After winning the die roll, for whatever reason, I decided that since my guys are 'baddies' I'd give him the tablequarter with a giant green pool, figuring he would deploy his tanks tightly packed in the one area left to him, and I could fire away at them with my 2 freshly painted Devastator squads in the giant church. He opted instead to simply reserve everything. Here is my deployment:

Since I had first turn, and he had everything in reserves, in by my end of turn 2, I had advanced way up, and awaited his arrival:
He fires his basilisks into the church area, hoping to kill many, but he got very unlucky with scatters, and his Russ was the only thing that caused any wounds.

I charged his Basilisks with a tactical squad, only took the battle cannon off the russ, despite 90% of my army shooting into it, …

Tervigons ahoy!

Wow, so finally finished one Tervigon, while the second one awaits my Trygon kit for arms.

I used some Trygon parts, thanks to Kairos and Jay MG for their spares. Note that you can still make full functioning Mawlocs AND tervigons by going this route.

I'll let the pics do the talking

1500 tentative list

Ok, this list assumes I can get the models in time, paint them, and find a suitable model to make a landing spore.


Hive Tyrant, Bone sword, Whip, Heavy Venom Cannon, 190 Yeah expensive for a gun platform, but I need an HQ unit, and my Tervigon is going to be troops. Tyrant will sit in cover and fire range 48 lascannon small blasts all day long, possibly on my backfield objectives, these are still going to be a bitch for a fast troops choice to kill to claim my obj.. more likely, we will contest. 190


2 zoanthropes in a landing spore. These deep strike down and hopefully kill off that big mean land raider type vehicle. 160 points

3 Hive Guard. hmm bs 4, high toughness, and a range 24 str 8 2 shot gun that doesnt need LOS? yes pls. Goodbye Vehicle squadrons 150 points


Tervigon with Adrenal Glands, Thorn Blast. So checking my rulebook, these things ARE scoring units. wtf. monstrous creature that spawns 3d6 termagants per turn, 'spent' on any double thou…

Tyranid Ramblings

Ok, so I have a pretty good idea of what is coming down the pike for the Tyranids now, time to look at a few lists.

In general, some troops have gone down in cost, while the larger stuff has definitely increased in cost.

My old Genestealer list.. lets see how it fares with new costs (this is what I took to the Locara Tourney, 1250 pts)

Hive Tyrant with scything talons, bonesword, whip. he is base 170 now, but this includes things you had to pay for before, namely ws and str, but to give him 2+ save is another 40.
I had just finished converting him to be all CCW, but now that venom cannons for hive tyrants are actually useful, and are just 20 points, I might put his gun back on. For now, lets just say he is stock at 170 adding 2+ save is 210

2 CCW carnifexes. These are now 160 base, including bs skill upgrade, but still no way to make it 2+ save. 2 make it into one of the old gun fexes, is another 45 points. Dont know what ill do with my gunfex model, but for now, lets just keep …

Elysian Fleet Takes Shape!

Well this is what sits on front of me. My newly acquired fleet for my 23rd Elysian Drop Troops. Assembled I have 2 Valkyries/Vendettas and almost a Vulture.

All still need magnetizing so I can swap between valk/vendetta but they are at least good to play with. Sitting around the assembled ships are 4 NIB Valkyries and a tonne of FW goodies. Things like extra Multiple Missile Pods, Wing Mounted Autoncannons, Missile Launchers, Punisher Cannons...

Yeah Wing Mounted Punisher Cannons :)

Also I have a few dozen unassembled Elysians there as well to join my horde (100+) of assembled and painted guys.

And finally when I get all this together I can start thinking of a colour scheme. I have some ideas for that but it will have to wait for another posting :)

Cheers for now and wish me luck.