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Calling out Lothlann + new paint scheme ideas

Hey man.. when are you going to man up and paint something?
Know your army :)

and here is the two colors I'm going to use.. the one on the left is closer to how the actual colors were for the stronghold, while the one on the right is easier for me to paint, since the green is over what is already catachan green, and the yellow is over kommando khaki base.
ChairmanYao has voted for the one on the left, and I believe Caash and Loth voted right, while GW peeps voted 3-1 for guy on the right.
What say you?

Valkyrie WIP Pics

Well I am 3 days in, 4 to go, I thought I would show some progress on my 100 point challenge.

Obviously still WIP but the random two colours I picked at GW seemed to turn out ok.

Comments and questions welcome.

War Walkers Done, Wave Serpents Next

I'd like to start with a quick Sober Gamer update: I think I have the stomach flu. Earlier this evening, it interrupted my plans to take photos of my completed War Walkers. As a favor to you, I won't tell you how. I will follow up with pics of completed War Walkers tomorrow.

With the War Walkers behind me, Matt Varnish let me know that it was time to complete my four Wave Serpents. This is a pic of how they look right now before any paint is (further) applied:

As you can see, they're a good chunk of the way towards done. I think it's fair to consider the completion of these four vehicles as being a 100 point challenge (which means that jerk is going to throw 200 more points at me before I'm done, but whatever). Going from left to right, I'll describe the workload: 1) Mostly done. Runes and freehand are on it, gems are done. I only need to touch up the undercarriage, 2) Close to being done, but needs freehand, some undercarriage work, and the Snakebite Leather &qu…

Joyous' First Painting Challenge

Ok, so I need to get of my ass and start painting the sweet rides for my Elysians.

First up therefore is this beauty.

With no options, this Valkyrie clocks in at 100 points on the nose, perfect for the competition, as we don't count Gubbinz!

Alrighty, lets get some primer...

Which Eldar need The Treatment? Calling Matt Varnish...

It's time for the DGoO Painting Challenge, and I've made a little list of my models which are assembled but the painting isn't done yet:
• Wave Serpent: Needs detail.• Wave Serpent: Needs a LOT of detailing (so much that you should think of it as merely primed at this point).• Wave Serpent: One hour left of work and repairs.• Wave Serpent: Needs detail.• Three War Walkers: Needs detail.• Cobra: Needs detail.• 13 Warlocks: Needs detail and bases• Maugen Ra: Basecoated, unpainted sand on the base.• Asurmen: Needs detail, base.• Farseer: Needs detail• Farseer: Needs detail• Yriel: Basecoated. Needs base• Autarch w/Reaper Launcher: Needs base and touch-ups• Auarch w/Reaper Launcher: Basecoated, needs base.• Autarch w/2 Swords: Primed, needs base.• Dire Avenger Exarch: Base coated.• Dire Avenger Exarch: Needs base.• Dire Avenger Exarch: Needs base.• 20 Storm Guardians: Need details, needs bases.• Defender Guardian Heavy Weapon Guy: Needs detail.• Fuegan: Needs detail.• Fire Drag…

CA$H Painting Challenge - Part 1

CA$H here,

In response - here is a pic of the "Start" of my challenge. 10 man Grey Hunter squad and Rhino transport. Comes to 205pts, so I have 2 weeks starting tomorrow Feb 22. All the marines are in various stages and and the rhino is on sprue.

I haven't yet decided on a full paint scheme, but the theme for this new army will be "Iron Wolves". It's one of the great companies and are they are renown for their "armored assault". I haven't seen anyone locally use this company, so it's mine for the taking. I also plan to "retake" Space Wolves for the casual player, and not become "one of those space wolves guys".

Orbital - what are you manning up with?

CA$H out.

Drunken Gamers Painting Challenge

In a recent conversation with Matt Varnish, we decided on a workable painting challenge concept and we're gonna do it (and challenge Lotlann, CA$H, and Joyous_Oblivion to join in). Here's how it works:- Pick a chunk of points to paint in multiples of a hundred (i.e. 100 points, 200 points, 300 points... you get the idea) - For each 100 points, you get a week. So if you decide to paint 100 points, you have a week to get it done. If you choose 300, that's three weeks, etc. - Painting includes basing. Do a complete model, you lazy twits! - You can choose to paint stuff that's already half-painted in order to get it done; no need to start from bare metal/plastic. The point is to get stuff finished that you want finished, not to add extra work. - If you get your chosen amount finished on schedule, then you have some great painted models! - If you don't get your chosen amount finished on schedule, you must undergo The Punishment™, which involves buying a $25 gift certificate…

March Madness Painting Challenge

Ok, so we are going to be running a painting challenge: 500 pts. You take pics of before, during and when done.
We have a week for everyone to give ideas about the risk/reward for this.. and to think about what it is they are going to work on.
For me, so far my 500 points will be build three medusas from my current leman russes, plus build the prototype Chimera-rhino for my squats, and paint the Chimera.
EDIT: The above will be my points for the month of march, I wanted to get the last few models for my Nightlords knocked out before I get started with my Squat Refurbishing Project.

Are those Squats?

So I have been scouring the interwebs for ideas on paint schemes and generally all things Blood Angel/Flesh Tearer when I came across this image:

And what to my dismay! I believe those could be SQUATS that are being gunned down by Blood Angels. Obviously pre-heresy and rogue trader era, but I have a feeling it may be fore-shadowing of things to come when my Flesh Eater hit the table against Matt Varnish's Squat/Guard......time will tell.

Back With A Vengeance!!!

Ok so I have been woefully absent from the blog for a month or so, but I have not been idle!

I have been assembling and painting my Elysian army, and I have a good start painted in my new...sigh...Minnesota Viking colour scheme...

And if that wasn't enough, I decided to convert a Black Reach Dreadnought to make it more awesome...tell me how it looks...

That is all for me now...I have more Elysians to work on, and some Legion of the damned to look at...


Squat 1500 point target list

So with my post below, I made last night a pretty tuned up list, that includes a lot of the things I want to get done for a tournament, namely the chimeras, medusas and hydras.
Here it is:
Guildmaster and Hearthguard (Company Command squad) with 3 melta guns, 1 flamer, Chimera: 140 points
Hearthguard Squad (Platoon Command Squad) 3 melta guns, 1 flamer, Chimera: 120 points Infantry Squad with Autocannon: 60 points Infantry Squad with Autocannon: 60 points Infantry Squad with Autocannon, Commissar with power weapon: 105 points Thunderer Squad (Heavy Weapon) with 3 Autocannons: 75 points
Pioneer Squad (Veterans) 2 meltas, 1 flamer, Chimera: 150 points Pioneer Squad (Veterans) 2 meltas, 1 flamer, Chimera: 150 points Pioneer Squad (Veterans) 2 meltas, 1 flamer, Chimera: 150 points
Medusa with Siegebreaker: 140 points Medusa with Siegebreaker: 140 points
Hydra: 75 points Hydra: 75 points
Comes out to 1440 if my math is correct. Still unsure which of the heavy support slots to sq…

Don't Know Squat

OK, so with the flurry of activity these last few months to get my Tyranid Army up to snuff for the Locara Tournement.. I had this brainstorm. And it was based upon the ease in which I repainted my entire Crimson Fists army, which was an all-RTB01 style army, into Pre heresy Night Lords. I never thought it would be so fast and easy to do, and so I now have the opportunity to do the same with another of my armies, the Squats.
First off, my Squats were built in '03 when I was still a GW staff member. I had wanted to make a non power armor army that wasn't imperial, and I had just finished painting the Gamesday Cadians for the store. I had some Tyranid bits left over from HiveFleet Tankbrushicus, my first Nid army, and some left over Cadians that Nick graciously let me hang on to. So my original thought was going to make a Genestealer Cult army, and use the then-new Lost and the Damned army list, I was pretty excited.
I went into the store early with my bits, and went to…


For my first post here at Drunken Gamers, I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Corey, sometimes known as Orbital101, and I'll the token "Sober Gamer" on this blog. I guess that makes me the designated driver. Trust me; these guys might need one. :)
Last year I got the idea to start a 40k campaign. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, inspired by watching some of the really cool online campaigns in the region over the past 5 or 6 years. The Ottawa gaming community is very strong and positive, and I'm friends with many of the individuals who help make it great... so I felt there was a lot of fertile ground to upon which build a cool campaign. By late 2009, I'd conceived and launched "Return to Locara" (an homage to a campaign that a good friend ran a few years back) and populated it with 50 players, both local and not-so-local.

Observe the map of Locara: A few lines, some dots, a high-rez photo of Orion and you've got a play…

Battle Reports from Friday Night Fights Feb 12th 2010

So, Friday Night Fights has come and gone once again, and it was a blast! Much discussion of the new "leaked" Blood Angels Codex ensued and the dice were hot! Well, for a couple people maybe. Four games were played, and we captured 2.5 of them on video, so here are the quick Battle Reports from last night - Enjoy!
First up is Lothlann's all infantry Guard army versus Matt Varnish's pre-heresy Night Lords:

Next up is Ebineser's Dark Angels versus Matt Varnish's Night Lords:

Stay tuned for more battle reports and painting coverage!

What's next?

OK, having played a bunch of 1500 pt games with my Tyranids, I'm going to switch gears just a bit, and work on my Pre Heresy Night Lords. Built a few razorback turrets, 2 x lascannon/plasmagun turreets, 1 twin assault cannon, 1 twin lascannon. I also swapped out my lascannon sponsons from my Annihilator to put in destructor weapons.
Next up is pre heresy shoulder pads for the terminators.. all 20+ of them. I am going to use them as a deathwing army (Night Lords First Company) 4 squads, 2 dreads, 1 land raider crusader, plus counts-as Belial.

Battle Report: Tyranids vs Mech Guard

This game took place last week at GW between Lothlann and I. No , did not have camera sadly, as it was unexpected that I was there to play that day.
We played Capture and Control, Dawn of War, and I used the same list as always, though this time my hive guard and mycetic spore were painted! Early in the game, it looked that I was going to crush him, as I had my genestealers outflanking and destroying vehicles on the left flank, while on the right they couldn't do too much apart from stun a vendetta and a few chimeras.
However, turn 3 was truly a turning point: He unloads his veterans from their rides, and unleashes heavy flamers on all my near squads, virtually wiping out my right flank. My left flank was bogged gown by bad diff. terrain tests, and my shove up the middle with termagants met heavy resistance in combat.. aka I can't roll to save my life!
Then, a plucky heavy weapon team (2 AC, 1 HB) with a possible 7 shots, gets 6 wounds on my Tervigon with 'Bring it …

Video Battle Report: Tyranids vs Emperor's Children

ok here is a bat rep with Ca$h's Chaos force. Set the movie to too small resolution,sorry bout that!

BTW The list I was using here is my new 1500 pt standard list:
Tyrant with Hive Commander, Scything Talons, Lash Whip Bone Sword, Essence Leech and Psychic Scream
Tervigon (HQ) with Catalyst, Adrenal Glands
2 x Zoat-anthropes with Mycetic Spore
3 x Hive Guard
Tervigon (Troops) with Catalyst, Adrenal Glands 20 Termagants
10 Genestealers, Broodlord 10 Genestealers, Broodlord, all with Scything Talons 10 Genestealers
3 spore mines