28 February, 2010

Calling out Lothlann + new paint scheme ideas

Hey man.. when are you going to man up and paint something?

Know your army :)

and here is the two colors I'm going to use.. the one on the left is closer to how the actual colors were for the stronghold, while the one on the right is easier for me to paint, since the green is over what is already catachan green, and the yellow is over kommando khaki base.

ChairmanYao has voted for the one on the left, and I believe Caash and Loth voted right, while GW peeps voted 3-1 for guy on the right.

What say you?

25 February, 2010

Valkyrie WIP Pics

Well I am 3 days in, 4 to go, I thought I would show some progress on my 100 point challenge.

Obviously still WIP but the random two colours I picked at GW seemed to turn out ok.

Comments and questions welcome.

23 February, 2010

Painting Challenge: Part 1, before AND after!

Here we go:

BTW I totally needed this motivation to get things done,, I am Motivationaly challenged at the best of times!

AND I'm done: here are the results:

22 February, 2010

War Walkers Done, Wave Serpents Next

I'd like to start with a quick Sober Gamer update: I think I have the stomach flu. Earlier this evening, it interrupted my plans to take photos of my completed War Walkers. As a favor to you, I won't tell you how. I will follow up with pics of completed War Walkers tomorrow.

With the War Walkers behind me, Matt Varnish let me know that it was time to complete my four Wave Serpents. This is a pic of how they look right now before any paint is (further) applied:

As you can see, they're a good chunk of the way towards done. I think it's fair to consider the completion of these four vehicles as being a 100 point challenge (which means that jerk is going to throw 200 more points at me before I'm done, but whatever). Going from left to right, I'll describe the workload: 1) Mostly done. Runes and freehand are on it, gems are done. I only need to touch up the undercarriage, 2) Close to being done, but needs freehand, some undercarriage work, and the Snakebite Leather "grooves" in the blue part that match the first Serpent, 3) Basically a blank canvas. Base painting is done, but needs that blue to tie it in with the other three, plus details, 4) This was whipped up as a Command Vehicle for an Apocalypse game that was planned (but ultimately canceled) for the most recent Game Summit. It wasn't just an attempt to do some fancyshmancy freehand, but more of a desire to break out from the Bone/Blue/Yellow thing I've been doing for years now. This is the vehicle that's going to require the most work, as I intend to cover it in glyphs and runes. Oh, by the way: I'm very bad with pilots, whether they're in Wave Serpents or War Walkers. In the coming weeks, you're going to see how bad.

For the record, I prefer the Forgeworld Wave Serpents to the Games Workshop ones.

Edit: As promised... War Walkers.

Not perfect. Still some stuff to be touched up (you might notice that I've got a couple "fixer upper" epoxy spots where the windows meet the Walker body), but I think I can call these done!

Joyous' First Painting Challenge

Ok, so I need to get of my ass and start painting the sweet rides for my Elysians.

First up therefore is this beauty.

With no options, this Valkyrie clocks in at 100 points on the nose, perfect for the competition, as we don't count Gubbinz!

Alrighty, lets get some primer...

21 February, 2010

Which Eldar need The Treatment? Calling Matt Varnish...

It's time for the DGoO Painting Challenge, and I've made a little list of my models which are assembled but the painting isn't done yet:

• Wave Serpent: Needs detail.

• Wave Serpent: Needs a LOT of detailing (so much that you should think of it as merely primed at this point).

• Wave Serpent: One hour left of work and repairs.

• Wave Serpent: Needs detail.

• Three War Walkers: Needs detail.

• Cobra: Needs detail.

• 13 Warlocks: Needs detail and bases

• Maugen Ra: Basecoated, unpainted sand on the base.

• Asurmen: Needs detail, base.

• Farseer: Needs detail

• Farseer: Needs detail

• Yriel: Basecoated. Needs base

• Autarch w/Reaper Launcher: Needs base and touch-ups

• Auarch w/Reaper Launcher: Basecoated, needs base.

• Autarch w/2 Swords: Primed, needs base.

• Dire Avenger Exarch: Base coated.

• Dire Avenger Exarch: Needs base.

• Dire Avenger Exarch: Needs base.

• 20 Storm Guardians: Need details, needs bases.

• Defender Guardian Heavy Weapon Guy: Needs detail.

• Fuegan: Needs detail.

• Fire Dragon Exarch: Base coated, base needs finishing.

• 10 Dark Reapers incl 2 Exarchs: Need touchups. Unpainted sand bases.

• 10 Striking Scorpions incl Exarch: Basecoated, unpainted sand bases.

• 10 Striking Scorpions incl. Exarch: Need details. Unpainted sand bases.

• 9 Dire Avengers: Base coated. Need bases.

• Wraithlord: Needs detail. Black sanded base.

• Wraithlord: Needs detail.

• Wraithlord: Needs detail.

• Falcon conversion: Needs detail.

• Armorcast Falcon (yes, really): Primed black.

• A plethora of magnetized weaponry that's either primed, base coated or bare plastic.

While I understand that it can be pretty boring to look at a list of someone else's models and try to work up some excitement for which needs to be painted next (trust me; I've been in that position), this does have me somewhat stumped as to where I should go next. I'm almost tempted to let Matt Varnish choose for me. Why him?

1. You can't give CA$H any power. He corrupts pretty much instantly.

2. No matter how little you care about which models I paint, Lothlann cares less.

3. Joyous_Oblivion's answer to "which Eldar should I paint?" would be "Macs suck", and that doesn't help me.

4. Matt Varnish is known among his friends as "The Enabler". He'll have no problem giving me things to do instead of looking for work, exercising, reading, cleaning my home, etc...

So, I am officially asking MV to choose 400 points for me to paint to completion. I'm putting it in his hands.

Matt Varnish Replies:

OK I'm going to be a bastard and only let him know one week at a time.

Corey, I Choose your Warwalkers for week one. I want all 6 finished (I think 3 blue ones are done, if so, bonus for you) and based, symbols painted, the works.

My reply:

My War Walkers come in two flavors: Blueberry and Toffee.

Matt made a pretty good approximation of 100 points in terms of how much work is left on these: The base-coats are done, bases, all that stuff. What's missing is that the drivers need to be finished and I need to put runes and glyphs on them to take them the last yard to the finish line. It's a fair challenge, and I accept.

CA$H Painting Challenge - Part 1

CA$H here,

In response - here is a pic of the "Start" of my challenge. 10 man Grey Hunter squad and Rhino transport. Comes to 205pts, so I have 2 weeks starting tomorrow Feb 22. All the marines are in various stages and and the rhino is on sprue.

I haven't yet decided on a full paint scheme, but the theme for this new army will be "Iron Wolves". It's one of the great companies and are they are renown for their "armored assault". I haven't seen anyone locally use this company, so it's mine for the taking. I also plan to "retake" Space Wolves for the casual player, and not become "one of those space wolves guys".

Orbital - what are you manning up with?

CA$H out.

Drunken Gamers Painting Challenge

In a recent conversation with Matt Varnish, we decided on a workable painting challenge concept and we're gonna do it (and challenge Lotlann, CA$H, and Joyous_Oblivion to join in). Here's how it works:
- Pick a chunk of points to paint in multiples of a hundred (i.e. 100 points, 200 points, 300 points... you get the idea)
- For each 100 points, you get a week. So if you decide to paint 100 points, you have a week to get it done. If you choose 300, that's three weeks, etc.
- Painting includes basing. Do a complete model, you lazy twits!
- You can choose to paint stuff that's already half-painted in order to get it done; no need to start from bare metal/plastic. The point is to get stuff finished that you want finished, not to add extra work.
- If you get your chosen amount finished on schedule, then you have some great painted models!
- If you don't get your chosen amount finished on schedule, you must undergo The Punishment™, which involves buying a $25 gift certificate for a random name on the DG contributors' list (a D6 works fine, with a re-roll on a 1) within 48 hours of the completion date that you failed to meet. The condition of accepting the certificate, however, is that the recipient must paint whatever it buys on the same schedule, i.e. 100 points = a week, 200 points is two weeks, etc., updates to the blog, the whole thing. If the recipient doesn't think he can do that, pass the gift certificate to the next person.
- Updates must happen on the blog every week, or else you violate the conditions of the challenge and must undergo The Punishment™ early and in addition to doing it if you don't meet your deadline. This is the case even if you are painting after receiving The Punishment™. It's just that hardcore.

This Sober Gamer will be posting his own goals shortly; I have some Eldar stuff that's been waiting a long time for attention and this might be a good time to get down to brass tacks.

JO, CA$H, Loth, MV: Step up and tell the people what you're doing, you mooks.

20 February, 2010

March Madness Painting Challenge

Ok, so we are going to be running a painting challenge: 500 pts. You take pics of before, during and when done.

We have a week for everyone to give ideas about the risk/reward for this.. and to think about what it is they are going to work on.

For me, so far my 500 points will be build three medusas from my current leman russes, plus build the prototype Chimera-rhino for my squats, and paint the Chimera.

EDIT: The above will be my points for the month of march, I wanted to get the last few models for my Nightlords knocked out before I get started with my Squat Refurbishing Project.

Friday Night Fights, Feb 19

Hey guys, we had Ebeniser and ChairmanYao come over, and here are some vids for you all.

As always, Enjoy

19 February, 2010

Thursday Night Fights?!?

Hey gang, here are last nights videos... Enjoy!

Are those Squats?

So I have been scouring the interwebs for ideas on paint schemes and generally all things Blood Angel/Flesh Tearer when I came across this image:

And what to my dismay! I believe those could be SQUATS that are being gunned down by Blood Angels. Obviously pre-heresy and rogue trader era, but I have a feeling it may be fore-shadowing of things to come when my Flesh Eater hit the table against Matt Varnish's Squat/Guard......time will tell.

18 February, 2010

Back With A Vengeance!!!

Ok so I have been woefully absent from the blog for a month or so, but I have not been idle!

I have been assembling and painting my Elysian army, and I have a good start painted in my new...sigh...Minnesota Viking colour scheme...

And if that wasn't enough, I decided to convert a Black Reach Dreadnought to make it more awesome...tell me how it looks...

That is all for me now...I have more Elysians to work on, and some Legion of the damned to look at...


17 February, 2010

Squat 1500 point target list

So with my post below, I made last night a pretty tuned up list, that includes a lot of the things I want to get done for a tournament, namely the chimeras, medusas and hydras.

Here it is:


Guildmaster and Hearthguard (Company Command squad) with 3 melta guns, 1 flamer, Chimera: 140 points


Hearthguard Squad (Platoon Command Squad) 3 melta guns, 1 flamer, Chimera: 120 points
Infantry Squad with Autocannon: 60 points
Infantry Squad with Autocannon: 60 points
Infantry Squad with Autocannon, Commissar with power weapon: 105 points
Thunderer Squad (Heavy Weapon) with 3 Autocannons: 75 points

Pioneer Squad (Veterans) 2 meltas, 1 flamer, Chimera: 150 points
Pioneer Squad (Veterans) 2 meltas, 1 flamer, Chimera: 150 points
Pioneer Squad (Veterans) 2 meltas, 1 flamer, Chimera: 150 points


Medusa with Siegebreaker: 140 points
Medusa with Siegebreaker: 140 points

Hydra: 75 points
Hydra: 75 points

Comes out to 1440 if my math is correct. Still unsure which of the heavy support slots to squadron up.. will have to playtest to see.

Don't Know Squat

OK, so with the flurry of activity these last few months to get my Tyranid Army up to snuff for the Locara Tournement.. I had this brainstorm. And it was based upon the ease in which I repainted my entire Crimson Fists army, which was an all-RTB01 style army, into Pre heresy Night Lords. I never thought it would be so fast and easy to do, and so I now have the opportunity to do the same with another of my armies, the Squats.

First off, my Squats were built in '03 when I was still a GW staff member. I had wanted to make a non power armor army that wasn't imperial, and I had just finished painting the Gamesday Cadians for the store. I had some Tyranid bits left over from HiveFleet Tankbrushicus, my first Nid army, and some left over Cadians that Nick graciously let me hang on to. So my original thought was going to make a Genestealer Cult army, and use the then-new Lost and the Damned army list, I was pretty excited.

I went into the store early with my bits, and went to cut the flash from my bits, when Adam Minivan asks what I am doing, I tell him, and he tosses me dwarf bits and says, as a joke, that I should do Squats instead, since I had just acquired an Epic Squat army from someone. Everyone laughs at this point, so I just assemble a guy, to go along with the joke.. and he looked awesome! Many bits orders later, and hundreds of hours, and my Squat 40k army was born. I then played the army to death, taking it to staff GT's and regular GT's, where I won best presentation twice. Problem was, I had painted it to match my Epic army, which was catachan green and desert yellow. I have always regretted not painting them in one of the original Stronghold Colors.

Now I can, knowing that it isnt that bad really, having redone my Night Lords. In my research of the various color schemes, I hit upon a fan conversion of the 2nd ed Squat army list, which was in the old 40k Compendium that was done in 3rd ed style, and lo and behold, I see rhinos. In the list, and in some original artwork.. I had never owned the old list, so had no idea they used rhinos. Not only that, it lists that Squats only used artillery and super heavies, no tanks. This puts kind of a damper on my 2 leman russes doesnt it?

So , If I am going to be repainting them anyways, why not reorganize and rebuild to make them good and proper! My existing 2 Chimeras I will turn into Thunderfires (no not the marine weapon, Squat Thunderfires in epic were the anti aircraft units, and predate SM thunderfires by 15 years) by ordering from forgeworld the Thudd Gun emplacement, and putting it on the back, to make hydras. My existing 2 leman russes I will turn into Medusas. Less armor, but giant guns is pretty Squattish, and they are artillery, so it fits better.

For Chimeras, I will use rhinos. Old Rhinos to boot, since to space dwarves, something that is 700 years old is "newfangled" I will cover the side doors in plasticard, and make a large squat symbol in plasticard, make a rear ramp, to fit in with the chimera stats of rear doors, and either bits order multilasers, or make Graviton gun 'counts-as' multilasers for where the stormbolters usually sit. the front of the rhinos will be beefed up with plasticard and rivetting, plus hull mounted weapon.

My basilisk right now will need to donate its gun breach to the second medusa, but I will find parts and make it into a Colossus eventually. Especially since it is the largest mortar in the imperium, and is named after an Epic Squat vehicle, a variant of the Leviathan mobile command centre.

Vendetta.. Well, I have ordered the FW Hades Breaching Drill, which if I can figure out a way to give it deployable twin linked lascannons, will be mounted on a large oval base and basically 'fly' by going underground and popping back up. if this doest work out, I might just use it as the command chimera, the one that digs the tunnel that all my other vehicles use to arrive to the battlefield.

Anyhoo, that is my grand plan, and I'd like to finish by May if possible, if not, by July for the Game Summit Tournament.

16 February, 2010


For my first post here at Drunken Gamers, I'd like to introduce myself: I'm Corey, sometimes known as Orbital101, and I'll the token "Sober Gamer" on this blog. I guess that makes me the designated driver. Trust me; these guys might need one. :)

Last year I got the idea to start a 40k campaign. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, inspired by watching some of the really cool online campaigns in the region over the past 5 or 6 years. The Ottawa gaming community is very strong and positive, and I'm friends with many of the individuals who help make it great... so I felt there was a lot of fertile ground to upon which build a cool campaign. By late 2009, I'd conceived and launched "Return to Locara" (an homage to a campaign that a good friend ran a few years back) and populated it with 50 players, both local and not-so-local.

Observe the map of Locara: A few lines, some dots, a high-rez photo of Orion
and you've got a playing field for an online 40k campaign.

Rather than go into the particulars of the campaign itself, I'd like to share a bit about what I want the campaign to be and, in doing so, explain some of the decisions I made along the way.

As few restrictions as possible
No matter what kind of great ideas may be hatched for a great, operatic 40k campaign, the reality is that players have day jobs, schools, families and commitments to normal things. Whatever grand visions may be possible, they must be trimmed and contained so that normal people with normal lives can be part of it.

To make a campaign work with so many variables, I felt it was important to impose as few limits as possible... even at the expense of some potential campaign "ideas". My only real restrictions on the players are: In order to acquire points which can be used towards campaign goals, they play one specific army of their choosing in one of the Games Workshop 40k-themed game systems. There's no minimum requirement for how many games one must play, no restriction limiting players to only play against other campaign members, no set point values or army lists, and no schedule for when games need to be played. I want to get as many people playing as I possibly can.

I got this idea from the Eye of Terror campaign of a few years back, where people anywhere in the world could register games and get credit for them. If GW had imposed the above-mentioned limits on Eye of Terror, participation would have been exponentially less and the buzz around it would have been considerably lessened. It's an important lesson; the campaign is for the players to participate in, and all rules must serve that purpose in one way or another.

So, essentially: Let people play what they want to play whenever they can and don't give them a hard time if they can't play as often as you'd like.

Offer lots of ways to play
The garden-variety 40k game is the currency of a 40k campaign, and Return to Locara is no different; playing games is its backbone. Even so, I was inspired to add several other gameplay options to the mix so that people didn't get fatigued by the endless cycle of "play a game, get points". I introduced various "events" into the RtL timeline which altered basic gameplay with interest and even humor (i.e. the creation of a "Death Star"-like defense station or even a transport of volleyball-playing slave girls whom players could visit). Secret missions were also issued to most players so they'd have unique choices and mandates into which they could put effort and be rewarded for. For instance, a player might receive additional points for claiming and holding a specific planet, or another might get bonuses for waging war against a specific enemy. As if that weren't enough, early on I added Xbox-style "Achievements" for doing certain things, such as being the first to claim a particular planet or defeating X number of a particular enemy race... but also for less-goal-oriented things such as drawing a picture of your army in MS Paint or writing fluff about your army's adventures. Lastly, I even added what I call a "LIVE TO WIN" challenge every week, where the player who completes a number of tasks I list can get bonuses that count towards campaign goals.

At the time I was putting the ideas for RtL together, I was also playing World of Warcraft semi-regularly. I'd noticed that Blizzard works very hard at making sure that WoW players have a wide range of gameplay options: Don't like playing this way? Do this instead. Don't like that? Do this. Don't like that either? Try this. The player will never say "I'm getting sick of the same thing over and over" because there's always something different for them to try.

Make it social
When a campaign is full of people trying to do things for their own personal gain without collaborating with each other, one of two things ensues: Most of the people who play for fun will fade away and disappear from the campaign over time, and the people who are left are the Win At All Costs types who revel in the experience of beating others rather than playing with them. For this reason, I created two Factions: Imperials, and Xenos/Heretics, and divided the players (somewhat) evenly between them. My hope was that it could create a social environment where team spirit could be fostered and the discovery of how to work together to more effectively. Friendly taunting and vying adds a lot of humanity to a game, as does back-slapping and cheering for your Faction-mates. Without teamwork at the core of the campaign, I believe it'd degenerate into a simple characterless math-battle.

Locara in trouble: The names of players participating in the campaign are positioned on the map to represent movement and claiming planets. As they play more real-world games, they get points with which to do things on the map. Don't mind the green cloud: This week the Locara Sector is being gradually destroyed by a radiation storm.

Don't obsess over making it fair
One of the biggest challenges for the creators of Warhammer 40,000 is asymmetrical balance; Putting two armies on the table that have completely dissimilar composition and resources, and making it fair. As most 40k players know, the game is traditionally an approximation of fairness, but can't promise to deliver precise balance. Though debates rage on about how fair 40k is, most players can't even define what that looks like... much less agree on how to achieve it.

When I think of asymmetrical balance, I think of an old, old video game called (something like) Wolf and Geese. The game was played on a grid. One player controlled 12 geese and the other controlled a single wolf. It was a turn-based game in which the wolf could eat a goose if it intersected with it, but if the goose player completely surrounded the wolf, he lost. This, to me, is the best example of asymmetrical balance in gaming: Can you say if the wolf or the geese are overpowered? Or if they're balanced? There's no reliable way to measure that, so the answer is no. Only the averaging of player experience over a long timeline can hint at whether it's weighted towards one side or the other, but even then there's no way to establish an absolute.

In the Return to Locara campaign, I added numerous game factors (as I mentioned), thus providing the players with more ways to achieve their goals. Unintentionally and quite unexpectedly, however, those factors helped make the game more fair as well. At first I feared that adding several bonuses, rules and constraints would create imbalance (more working parts, any one of which could fail and all that), but what I found is that more influence and effects which attempt to achieve balance create an average gaming balance which is closer to absolute fairness. If you have only two factors - one positive and one negative - then the lack of perfect balance is very noticeable. If you have dozens or hundreds, the average gets a lot closer to the desired "middle", or balance. This is part of what makes 40k work despite several broke rules; a game rarely ever depends solely on one Terminator in a fist-fight with one Dark Reaper, even though they bring different power to the table for comparable points.

This might sound like a considerable pre-occupation with fairness, but it actually is very freeing. I don't worry about balancing the rules perfectly; I just aim all the rules in the same general direction and let the law of averages figure it out. If one special rule is a little skewed, it's balanced by a plethora of rules which aim for fairness. The effect of human error in balancing the campaign is mitigated.

Just to make sure I covered my ass, however, I made this the first comment in the Return to Locara rules: If you read nothing else, read this: The Locara Campaign is going to be unfair.

Conversation and discussion about Return to Locara is buzzing on the Game Summit forums.

I'll post more about Return to Locara down the road and make some more commentary on what works and what doesn't. In the mean time, check out the Game Summit forums to find out about Return to Locara

13 February, 2010

Battle Reports from Friday Night Fights Feb 12th 2010

So, Friday Night Fights has come and gone once again, and it was a blast! Much discussion of the new "leaked" Blood Angels Codex ensued and the dice were hot! Well, for a couple people maybe. Four games were played, and we captured 2.5 of them on video, so here are the quick Battle Reports from last night - Enjoy!

First up is Lothlann's all infantry Guard army versus Matt Varnish's pre-heresy Night Lords:

Next up is Ebineser's Dark Angels versus Matt Varnish's Night Lords:

Stay tuned for more battle reports and painting coverage!

Another Great Night of Gaming...

So, Friday Night Fights has come and gone once again, and it was a blast! Much discussion of the new "leaked" Blood Angels Codex ensued and the dice were hot! Well, for a couple people maybe. Four games were played, and we captured 2.5 of them on video, so here are the quick Battle Reports from last night - Enjoy!

10 February, 2010

VBR 10, An00bis' Alpha Legion vs Pre Heresy Night Lords

Here you go, another battle report for you all.

What's next?

OK, having played a bunch of 1500 pt games with my Tyranids, I'm going to switch gears just a bit, and work on my Pre Heresy Night Lords. Built a few razorback turrets, 2 x lascannon/plasmagun turreets, 1 twin assault cannon, 1 twin lascannon. I also swapped out my lascannon sponsons from my Annihilator to put in destructor weapons.

Next up is pre heresy shoulder pads for the terminators.. all 20+ of them. I am going to use them as a deathwing army (Night Lords First Company) 4 squads, 2 dreads, 1 land raider crusader, plus counts-as Belial.

05 February, 2010

VBR Big Willie/s Wolves vs my Tyranids

First action with the Tyrannofex, too bad he has a runepriest with Jaws of the Lame Wolf, and Njal, who also has it.

How many turns will it last??

Tyrannofex Video + Mini Bat Rep

BOLS is having some sort of hobby challenge, so I video'ed my entry.

While stuff was drying, I recorded a little bit of An00bis vs Refyougee's lopsided battle, so thats thrown in as a bonus

03 February, 2010

Video Battle Report: Tyranids vs Eldar

Orbital and I battled last friday, and here is the bat rep. Sadly the last 2 minutes of game unwind is lost due to Youtube's 10 minute limit

02 February, 2010

Video battle Report: Traitor Guard vs Emperor's Children

Battle Report: Tyranids vs Mech Guard

This game took place last week at GW between Lothlann and I. No , did not have camera sadly, as it was unexpected that I was there to play that day.

We played Capture and Control, Dawn of War, and I used the same list as always, though this time my hive guard and mycetic spore were painted! Early in the game, it looked that I was going to crush him, as I had my genestealers outflanking and destroying vehicles on the left flank, while on the right they couldn't do too much apart from stun a vendetta and a few chimeras.

However, turn 3 was truly a turning point: He unloads his veterans from their rides, and unleashes heavy flamers on all my near squads, virtually wiping out my right flank. My left flank was bogged gown by bad diff. terrain tests, and my shove up the middle with termagants met heavy resistance in combat.. aka I can't roll to save my life!

Then, a plucky heavy weapon team (2 AC, 1 HB) with a possible 7 shots, gets 6 wounds on my Tervigon with 'Bring it Down" I fail ALL 6 saves. Tervigon down!!

Next turn, I move up the Tyrant to provide synapse to my forward elements, but this also gets taken down by the SAME plucky heavy weapons team. Meanwhile, my other Tervigon fails all its cover saves from massed plasma fire from vets, and lascannon fire from an anti tank team.

With all my monstrous creatures downed, Lothlann is able to walk up to my objective, and throws every squad remnant he has onto my last surviving genestealer and his Broodlord boss, and finally kills them in combat for the win. Great game Lothlann, i have a newfound respect for heavy flamers hull mounted wherever possible in a guard army

Video Battle Report: Tyranids vs Emperor's Children

ok here is a bat rep with Ca$h's Chaos force. Set the movie to too small resolution,
sorry bout that!

BTW The list I was using here is my new 1500 pt standard list:

Tyrant with Hive Commander, Scything Talons, Lash Whip Bone Sword, Essence Leech and Psychic Scream

Tervigon (HQ) with Catalyst, Adrenal Glands

2 x Zoat-anthropes with Mycetic Spore

3 x Hive Guard

Tervigon (Troops) with Catalyst, Adrenal Glands
20 Termagants

10 Genestealers, Broodlord
10 Genestealers, Broodlord, all with Scything Talons
10 Genestealers

3 spore mines

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...