27 July, 2011

The Road to Brettislava continues.....

Ive been working on thse buildings for Skirmish for Brett.. Looking sharp. Look at how a Universal Carrier easily fits inside the main lobby there, plus a short Vid below

16 July, 2011

For Brettislava!

I've been working on some terrain of Brett's for Skirmish tournament, 2 factory buildings and 2 sets of row houses. I'm sure Brett will enlighten as to what company makes them. The roof sections come off and there is the upper floor divided by walls and doorways, to represent building fighting.

Oh and here is the video of FNF from last week.. better late than never.

15 July, 2011

Flames of Lunch, Weeks 5 & 6

Hey gang, real quick, Week 5 I worked on the last 6 infantry stands, so I can field 3 full Rifle Platoons. Tedious, but thats what my one hour break at work is for right?

Next up, the mighty Churchill tank, 8-7-2, AT 10 gun, Wide tracks, 2 x MGs, whats not to love?

09 July, 2011

Soviet Tankovy vs US Armour in Fighting Withdrawal: 1500pt MW

Soviet Tankovy:
T-34 HQ
10 T-34s with 3 or 4 Zis-2 57mm
10 T-60s
10 Stuarts
4 SU-85s

US Armour
2 HQ Shermans
4 Shermans
4 Stuarts
4 Stuarts
Armoured Infantry
Armoured Mortars

Soviets Attack with first turn.
3 Objectives.

06 July, 2011

Matt Varnish's Massive Update Part 2: Total War

"Sir, why do the bloody Bolsheviks have Mathilda's while we have to hide in this here ruddy rooftop?"

I'm going to let the pics do the talking, this was from our 1500 point Escalation League Finale. Video at the end. Enjoy
After the break.

Matt Varnish's Massive Update Pt 1: Flames of Lunch Updates

The above 2 pics were Week 3 Flames of Lunch: 17 Pdrs and Tractors. I tried to get a good zoom-in of the Desert Rat symbols, no dice, my Camera likes focusing off center.

More after the break

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