28 December, 2011

AAR 58, US Vet's vs Duane's Germans

Quick post, I have to go work today unlike almost everyone else.. Above we have Andrew's US Veterans v Duane's Germans. Duane is using a tonne of stuff he never used before, like '88s, Goliath, trucked Pios.

Below, I show off my Christmas loot. I got a Flames of War case plus 1 each of all the desert terrain from GF9


  1. Great to see more bat reps - I watched the Loot one on youtube already. Nice haul! Hey can you guys add my blog to the blog roll - http://theterrainstudio.blogspot.com/

  2. Duane should have done a few things. 1) advance the panthers spread out (you mentioned) but should have angled them behind the houses to above observers. 2) 88's should be shooting down AOP 3) Pioneers on foot doubling 2 straight turns (no additional danger from artillery. If he hadn't use the units he did what he thought would work, hind sight 20/20.

  3. I messed up in deployment; the denied flank was unnecessary. Combined with the terrain (ie: river) and the firing lanes of the 88s turned it into a turkey shoot.

    Things I should have done:

    - once the 88s saw off the shermans T1 I should have gone after the beaufors with the Panthers
    - this would have allowed the Stukas to go after the 155s instead of the 105s.
    - I would have forced marched the pios but I was worried about the Shermans, after that it was carnage.


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