30 December, 2009

From the Warp

So here I am, in the warp (Toronto) and have been doing a lot of painting.. Got Tacticals 5 and 6 done, am working on Devastator 2 right now, and hope to finish off the land speeders at Jay's store tomorrow in Hamilton.


20 December, 2009

Traitor Guard!!

This is my first post as well as of the first tanks to roll out of the traitor factories located on Los Deimos since the army turned to chaos.

Front shot of one of the three chimeras, this is Al`Rahem`s chimera with multi laser and heavy flamer, his ability to force your platoon to outflank is fantastic especially on a 4x4 table.

same chimera side view, i didn't put on the side plate instead put on my own plastic card ones with a chaos symbol on it.

This is one of the three hell hounds I own of the new models, so far only 2 painted, i have a few of the old ones that I'm now using as chimeras with heavy flamers. This one is a devil dog with heavy flamer both guns are magnetic so i can change them out any time. My other is a bane wolf with multi melta they are grouped together, i figure early on before there in flamer range they can shoot at tanks with there multi meltas.

I have 2 more of these bad boys ready to paint, i left the guns tilt able so i can raise them and use the models as colossus if i want since I already have a few griffons. One I'm modeling up to have the bastion rounds simply by putting larger rounds inside the tank, I have yet to model up the crew I'm going to do them separately and put them in place after the tank is painted.

19 December, 2009

Happy Holdays Mk. II

This one is for you CA$H...

Have a Happy Holidays all and a Merry Xmas! May the God-Emperor bring you much to smite the enemies of mankind...or whoever Chaos worships can bring them a new tentacle...

18 December, 2009

Happy Holidays

I wont be able to partake in the gaming tonite, with the holidays approaching, having a 'date night' then holidays, then away to visit inlaws till the new year.

Good news is, I'll have my digital camera up so I can take hd video bat reps in the new year.. plus the new codex will be out.


12 December, 2009

1st Video Battle Report - Night Lords vs Elysian Imperial Guard

Here is the promised video battle report for the game played last night between Matt Varnish and Joyous Oblivion - Matt's Night Lords (Pre-Heresy) and Joy's Elysian Imperial Guard. Check it out!

Expect more like this to come!

*** Thanks to Matt Varnish for the footage. A detailed battle report is right below! ***

Battle for Tristania IV

Well, last night we had another Drunken Gamer fest over at Ca$h's, and this time I took my Pre heresy Night Lords. I know, I am listed as using Tyranids for the Locara campaign, but instead of looking up the current rules for them, then having to relearn them all in a month, I figure why not just keep working on my Night Lords, and hit Tyranids afresh on Jan 16th.

The list I took:

Librarian in power armor, with Avenger and Gate of Infinity

10 man Tactical Squad with Powerfist sgt, melta, multimelta , drop pod (Librarian hangs out here)

10 man Tactical Squad with Power weapon sgt, melta, multimelta, rhino

10 man Tactical Squad with power weapon sgt, plasma, lascannon (yup, went old school las-plas) rhino

Another 10 man las pls rhino squad

Dreadnought with Assault Cannon, extra armor, drop pod
Dreadnought with twin las, drop pod

Multimelta Tornado
Multimelta Tornado
1500 points on the nose.

Game 1 vs Joyous Oblivion's Guard
His list roughly:
Plasma Russ
2 vendetta-vet squads with demo's meltas
1 platoon with grenade launcher command section, heavy bolter section, sniper section, 2 missile/melta squads
3 heavy plasma sentinels
company command with powerfist, plasmagunx4, medic

mission was 3 objectives with pitched battle deployment.

Like an idiot, when I combat squaded up my las plas squads, I bunched up the lascannon 5 man sections, and the one deployed in the middle ate 20 plasma cannon shots.. failed more than 5 cover saves, he immobilised one of my speeders straight away so it did nothing else all game, but basically didn't do too much damage first turn. I retaliated by dropping in the drop tactical with librarian, and combat squaded the melta gun section to take out the Russ, which I did. Revenge!

Adventures in incompetence part1: I drop the assault cannon dread to his infantry and sentinel flank, hoping that with side armor shots I could cripple the sentinels, however I rolled 1's and 2's to hit....

He then with his entire infantry flank and with sentinels, proceeded to shoot at this dreadnought, which made ALL of its cover saves! Elsewhere, my rhinos with combat squad sections move up, and take all 3 objectives.

Actually since this battle was video taped, in summary, the assault dread took 4 turns of combat to wipe out a single infantry squad in another show of Incompetence, but more Incompetently, I had 4 marines charge into 10 veterans.. I kill 2, he then hits back, and kills 3!!! I lose combat and fall back into my objective building... that veteran squad would later be charged and killed by a lone marine! At the end of the game, that lone marine with melta heroicly tried to John Woo style leap from a building , firing his melta at a vendetta, but only succeeded in blowing a wing lascannon off, but he was still within 3 inches of an objective, winning me the game, because.. in yet another adventure of incompetence, his lone platoon commander "ran" to contest my far right objective, and my remaining 3 marines with power sword sgt charge in and promptly FAIL to wound, guardsmen then bayonets one of my guys to death, tying up combat, and contesting.

Great Game, man oh man, I truly now see the power of the Vendetta.. 130 points? wtf! Also, the fragility of little 5 man squads is really telling, as this was teh first game i had combat squaded everything. Hopefully Ca$h can post the video

Game 2 vs Ca$h's Emperors Children
His list roughly:
2 noise marine squads x8 with sonic weapons, doomsiren, rhino
1 5 man noise marine squad with 1x blastmaster, 4 x bolters
land raider
Terminators x 5 chainfist, combimelta, heavy flamer
lash sorceror
2 obliterators

Seize Ground with Dawn of War deployment

We were now playing on the open ground table, and he placed his objective deep in his zone, and mine I placed near a bunker near the center of the board. I was expecting a shooting fest, so placed it BEHIND the building so i could combat squad a few guys there, and hold it, BUT Ca4H then states he is deep striking both oblits and terminators.. so I wisely chose to defend my objective with3 combat squad sections, 2 of them the lascannon ones, and hide out my speeders, waiting for him to drop in. Cunningly, when i deployed, the only things I had were 2 empty rhinos that were 7.5 inches from my table edge. Why empty rhinos? because on turn one, after my drop pods would come in, I could walk on my tacticals 6 inches, and now being 1.5 inches from the back doors, embark, and then zoom forwards 12 inches and pop smoke, for a grand total of 19.5 inches on turn one. This was my strategy, and i did just that

Ca$h had deployed his 5 man Blastmaster squad in Bunker 22 (counts as a ruins.. we d6'ed it to see if it was a building or not) and had an empty rhino parked near it, probably to do the same trick I was going to do, and my big plan was to drop pod in the librarian and his buddies, and 'Avenger" str 5 ap3 flamethrower his guys on top of Bunker 22. But the scatter was huge, right near the board edge, and so I had to place my squad in harms way to rapid fire into them, but I would eat vindicator shots.. and here comes some controversy... While I was deploying this squad, I seperated the librarian off, and deployed him with his back against the board edge, hiding in my drop pod fins.. in case I didnt kill the blastmaster, I didnt want him to have LOS, but Ca$h didnt see him there, which would cause controversy later on...

Sure enough, with the assault cannon dreaddeploying near his objective and my rapidfiring squad, I wiped out the Noise Marine squad in Bunker 22. His turn one, EVERYTHING goes towards bunker 22... so this battle was to be dubbed battle for Bunker 22. He drives up a noise marine squad, and Doom Sirens all but the meltagunner and wisley chose to not assault him, as that squad would then be right in front of 2 tacticals in rhinos, and my librarian, in a cluster, where his Avenger would crush them. I even said "Go ahead, assault" with a smile, he chose not to. His land Raider had moved on with another NM squad inside it, and it lascannoned my drop dread.

Turn 2, I drop my last dreadnought in the open field between Bunker 21 and Bunker 22. My plan was to put it far enough away from my objective by bunker 21 that when he dropped his terminators or obliterators, they would then be in the open to eat 2 tornado shots and 2 lascannon shots from my Obj Defence guys.. The lone meltagunner moves forward 6 inches, and staring down the fresh-from-the-factory Land Raider, promptly killed it! Sorry Ca$h, I know how it feels when models tend to bite it early in their first game! My Librarian circles around the drop pod, and proceeds to vaporise 6 of 8 noise marines with Avenger, then assaulted the remainder and did nothing. My Bunker 22 rhinos fire a few pot shots at the now disembarked land raider squad to no avail.

Ca$h then decides to put NOTHING towards my objective, and was playing for the draw by wiping out anything by Bunker 22. Ca$h did a few mistakes here where he wanted to lash my meltagunner out of the way so the squad could charge in and kill my librarian, but you must charge the target you shoot at, and so he should have split his sorceror off prior. his vindicator immobilised my lascannon dread out in the open, while his terminators dropped in to move in later turns to wipe out anything I put towards his objective. My librarian wipes out the last 2 noise marines, Ca4h not having good to-wound rolls on his power sword champion..

My turn, the librarian then is in great position to Avenger a second full noise marine squad and so here is where the controversy (nothing serious, but I felt super bad) in that he is now going to wipe out another 150 points, all because Ca$h didnt see me deploy him in the wings of my drop pod. The only reason I put him there wasnt to be a sneaky little bitch, but to hide him from eating an instant death ap3 blastmaster shot if I fail to wipe out the whole squad on top of bunker 22. However, Ca$h brings up a good point, in that had he known he was there, he would have shot him. I chime in with "well, it doesnt matter, there is no way you could draw line of sight 'through' my drop pod" My drop pod is a custom job, built prior to the model being released, and being Pre heresy and using only old models, I like having a drop pod(x3) that look different, as every other model is different. But the hatches are glued shut. By True Line of Sight, he wouldnt have been able to lash him or shoot him with 7 sonic blasters firing on triple shot! BUT other players, and I believe Capt Agamemnon's name came up, say that yeah, you CAN shoot through them. The rules in the space marine codex state it is open topped and that "the hatches blow open upon landing" but says nothing about whether or not you can physically close the hatches to block line of sight after this turn.. I assume you cannot, as that would be cheesy, to close the hatches when you need LOS blocked, then open them again like gun covers on the old galleons.. Lothlann and Joyous bring up additional points, with Lothlann being in the camp that no, if they are glued shut, they always block LOS, since if you glued your skimmers on their flight stands, the wrecks still hover.

So, please, opinions on what you guys think is right: Can a regular drop pod open and close its hatches to suit the situation and what happens when drop pod hatches are glued shut?...

The game ended with me driving up rhinos to contest his objective while still claiming mine, with 90% of the battle occuring in the 12 inch by 20 inch area near Bunker 22. Shit we coulda played this on a bar table :)

I'm going to scour the net for what others think about the Drop Door Dilemma

09 December, 2009

Hey Gang

Matt Varnish here, just letting folks know I'm going to be blogging on here as well, I have Pre Heresy Night Lords, Tyranids, Squats (HERESY!!) and wip Chaos Sisters

New members - Changes to format

So, time to change things up a bit. I am opening this blog up to be a central blog for our little group of misfit gamers here in Ottawa. So shortly you will start seeing posts by "Matt Varnish" and "Lothlann" and even perhaps a few others. Stay tuned for that!

On another note, I have been lax the last couple weeks, and despite having several great games and getting video footage of them I have yet to post it. Expect the first posts in the next couple days.

24 November, 2009

Locara Tournament results

So, I promised to post about the tourney results so here it is. I actually won "Best Overall". Seriously! With my new Slaanesh marines! To say that I am stoked over it is an understatement - and it is fueling my desire to get my army painted up to 1750pts ASAP. There is talk of another tourney in February, and another in March - so there is motivation for you! Anyways, Ill keep the games brief, here we go.

GAME 1 vs Ultramarines - Played by "Manidow"

This was a tight 5 turn game with saw my noise marines actually hitting consistently and the pair of obliterators doing their duty and keeping both dreadnoughts busy. In fact, they popped the Ironclad as soon as it's pod landed. I won on the bottom of turn 5 by holding my objective and contesting his. Stellar army and great general to play against - very enjoyable game.

Game 2 vs Grey Knights - Played by "Tadao"

As you can see, apart from one Grey Knight unit and the stormtroopers, the whole army deep striked into my lines. I proceeded to focus fire on each unit and wipe them out, the Doom Sirens really coming to the fore here. The star of the game was Tadao's Brother Captain, who held up one whole unit and my Sorcerer for 3 full turns by making his "Bionics" roll two turns in a roll to stand back up and keep fighting. I ended up wiping his army from the board, but there was a lot of laughing and it was fun to see it through. Tadao's is working on a land raider for his terminators - I look forward to seeing it on the table.

Game 3 vs Imperial Guard (Royal Cadian Regiment) - Played by RKelly

Fully custom scratch built vehicles (NOT based on kits) and painted up to reflect the current Canadian troops in Afghanistan, this army is beautiful. It was so nice that it was almost distracting to play against! This was my one draw of the day, and it ended with us each holding our own objectives. We only managed to get in 3 turns, so it wasn't a true test of either of our armies, so it could have gone either way. I look forward to playing against this army again soon! Another great game - 3 for 3 !

Game 4 (Final) vs Dark Angel Successors - Played by Grumblebunny

So my final game went 6 turns and again the combination of lashing units close and bunching them up, followed by 1 or 2 Doom Siren attacks really cleared the power armor from the board. That allowed me to remove his main threat, his 10man assault unit with chaplain and one tactical off two objectives allowing me to hold 3 and him 1. That wrapped up my games, leaving me at 3-0-1. No complaints here, and every opponent was a great guy to play against - and I hope to do so soon. I ended up winning the 40k basing kit, so I plan to put that towards a land raider for my army.

More pics of the tournament are available HERE

This week I hope to get started on some of my terrain for my new table, and of course I will track my progress here.

I know I know....

I know I was going to post pics and battle reports from last weekends tournament and I will - I promise. But I read this today and just have to mention it. One of the many blogs I follow ( http://plasticlegions.blogspot.com - article titled "The Problem with 'Ard Boyz") wrote a commentary about 'Ard Boyz and the like in regards to the direction this over-the-top competitive approach to tournaments is taking GW. I can't help but agree with him 100%, despite having never attending one. The simple fact that the "hobby" part of GW is pushed aside (models do not require to be painted or even fully assembled at A'rd Boyz) is an ominous sign considering the prize support and promotion these events get - on top of the cancellation of all but 1 GW run Grand Tournament.

I'm all for local/Indy GTs and events- and go to any that are available in my city, but to promote these events as the "pinnacle" and "elite" levels of the hobby is frightening. Anyways, have a read and let me know what you think.

22 November, 2009

Best Overall !

Just got home and have to make a quick post - I earned BEST OVERALL! I won some swag, and it should allow me to flesh out my army with a Land Raider for free- MORE TO COME - Pics too!

20 November, 2009

1250pt Test game against Nids!

So, I went to the local (read: Ottawa) Games Workshop for a couple test games at 1250pts for the upcoming tournament this Sunday, and I got 2 great games in. I only have photos of the 1st, against Matt Varnish's Tyranids. It consists of a Hive Tyrant, endless swarm (10) of termagaunts, 2 melee Carnifex, and 3 x 10 Outflanking Genestealers. Needles to say, a tough list (see my list a couple posts back). Here is what the armies looked liked at the start.

Matt Varnish's Tyranids

My Emperor's Children

The table was setup as per the upcoming tournament - meaning 4'x4'. It looked like this:

I must say the tables are stellar at my local Games Workshop. Now, how did the game go? Lets just say that Dawn of War deployment + 30 outflanking Genestealers = Noise Marines without much to shoot at - so my marines quickly wiped out the termagaunts and got stuck in with the Hive Tyrant. My terminators came in turn 2 nicely beside my marines, due to the personal icon - I love not having to worry about deep strike scatter!

Now, what proceeded to happen over the next 4 turns was my 8 man Noise Marine unit keeping the Tyrant busy, while the vindicator and terminators wiped out one Genestealer unit, and the other 2 Genestealer units ate my 2 small 5 man units. They then came after the terminators to prevent the coming to the aid of the Noise Marine squad, however the BEST moment of the game came when 10 stealers assaulted my 5 marines a didn't kill a single man!:


Matt Varnish pulled out a win on the bottom of turn six with 1 lone genestealer left hold an objective - 1! Really close game that was a blast to play and had some hilarious moments - Thanks to Matt Varnish for another great game - Stay tuned for coverage of the upcoming Return to Locara: Tournament & Campaign

2010 Game Summit in Ottawa

So, on the GW site, they are listing the 2010 Game Summit as a "qualifier" for the 2010 GW GT. Check it out here

So the top 2 players will get free entry to the GT - and I can play in my home city - nice! Now, what army to bring, and what list.....my head is swimming with ideas. Especially as I got some "insider" confirmation from some GW Canada higher ups that Blood Angels are indeed coming right after Tyranids - maybe I should fall to the black rage... but another new army? I have only just got 1250pts painted of Emperor's Children, and plan to take it to 1750-2000 point minimum - what to do, what to do....

18 November, 2009

Vindicator WIP

So, here are a couple quick pics of my Vindicator. I still have many small details to finish, but the bulk is ready for the table:

17 November, 2009

Chaos Work in Progress (WIP)

As promised earlier, here are a couple shots of the Obliterator and Sorcerer prior to being primed. I plan to paint the Vindicator tonight while these two dudes are drying.
So here they are:

Back at it.

So, I haven't painted a fig in over a week, and not due to a lack of motivation. With the "Return to Locara" (http://gamesummit.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2770)campaign and tournament kicking off this coming Sunday, I have plenty. Thing is, I have been down and out with a severe cold, not to mention my wife having laser eye surgery and all that it entails when she is healing up. I have less than a week to complete my 1250pt list, and to do so I need to paint up 1) Slaanesh Sorcerer in power armor (I converted him up from bits I already had) 2) 1 custom built Obliterator and 3) my Vindicator tank. Doesn't seem like a ton, and I am pleased that I have painted the rest over the past month, but time is limited. I only paint once the little one is in bed, so I can only commit to a couple hours a night. I estimate I will need at least 8 hours to complete the 3 models to a tabletop standard, saving fine details for afterward. I will post a couple picks of the sorcerer and obliterator tonight, prior to priming them so I can show everyone the conversion and "green-stuff" work. It will also serve as a reminder and point of reference for the remaining obliterators I plan to make.

I am looking forward to the tournament this Sunday. I have a freshly painted army, and the venue seems to be great - lunch is even provided at Pub 101! Nice touch there, as ordered in pizza and soda is old. I will have to keep going with my slaanesh marines, because the winter Game Summit ( www.gamesummit.ca ) is coming in soon, and the army will need to be up to 1750pts for then. As for what I will add to get the army up to 1750pts - I'm planning on getting up to 3 obliterators, fleshing out the troops a little more, and adding either a landraider OR a 10 man Raptor unit. Not sure which at this point. Anyways, expect some pics updated tonight. Till then....

14 November, 2009

New Table has arrived!

So, my "Xmas" gift from my wife arrived today, and I set it up in the dining room (rather than take out both folding table and put it up in the basement where I plan to use it) to see what it looked like. I must say for $75 USD, I don't think I could make anything better. On top of that, it tears down to a 2'x2' x 6inch stack, so it's really easy to store ie. keep out of my little one's hands. Anyways here are some pics!

It is rubberized flock and sand, and it hardly shed any when taking it out of the box, he mentioned a little may come off over time, but not much - and it seems to be true so far.

13 November, 2009

List update

So 5 or 6 play tests and I have refined the list some. Looks like this now:

Chaos Sorcerer – Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission – 125pts

Noise Marines x5 – Sonic Blasters x 4, Blastmaster x 1 – 160pts
Noise Marines x8 – Sonic Blasters x 7, Noise Champion w/ Power Weapon and Doom Siren, Mounted in Rhino – 275pts
Noise Marines x5 – Noise Champion w/ Power weapon, Doom Siren, Personal Icon, Mounted in Rhino – 185pts
Chaos Space Marines x5 – Plasma Gun – 90pts

Chaos Terminators x5 – Icon of Slaanesh, Heavy Flamer, Chain Fist x1, Power Fist x1 -- 195pts

Vindicator w/ Demonic Possession– 145pts
Obliterator x1 – 75pts


I have now completed the painting of both Rhinos, all the troops, and the terminators, pics will be up this weekend!

09 November, 2009

1250pt List for upcoming Return to Locara: Tournament & Campaign

So with the upcoming Return to Locara: Tournament & Campaign I am putting together a 1250pt list. Here is my list so far. Keep in mind I have play tested it 4 times, and it started out very differently. I had the Sorcerer in with the terminators (in termy armor) originally, and also had the CSM as a 10 man. Splitting them and removing the armor on the Sorcerer allows the Sorcerer to join any squad and give me another possible scoring unit. I have also been contemplating taking 2 more Obliterators in exchange for the Vindicator, but it has proven its worth in about 50% of the games (kill points wise) and has been a HUGE distraction/target in all the games. I'm really torn as to which is best. I plan to reserve the Vindicator always, because it can move on and shoot, and the Terminators will be deep striking because I have Icons on two units, so I won't have to worry about scatter.

Here is the list so far:


Chaos Sorcerer – Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission – 125pts


Noise Marines x5 – Sonic Blasters x 4, Blastmaster x 1, Personal Icon – 165pts

Noise Marines x8 – Sonic Blasters x 7, Noise Champion w/ Power Weapon and Doom Siren, Personal Icon, Mounted in Rhino – 280pts

Chaos Space Marines x5 – Melta Gun, Icon of Slaanesh, Aspiring Champion w/ Power weapon, Mounted in Rhino – 175pts

Chaos Space Marines x5 – Plasma Gun – 90pts


Chaos Terminators x5 – Icon of Slaanesh, Heavy Flamer, Chain Fist x1, Power Fist x1, Combi-Melta x1 - 195pts


Vindicator w/ Demonic Possession– 145pts

Obliterator x1 – 75pts


With 5 points free, I could give the other Noise Marine squad a personal icon too - I guess I can add that now. *EDIT*

25 October, 2009

Emperor's Children under way

So, in the past little bit I have painted up a 8 man Noise Marine unit (with Rhino) and a 5 man with blastmaster to hold local objectives. Here is what they look like so far:

I have added static grass since the pic was taken.

Continuing work on the force, pressing towards 1250pts for the upcoming local Return to Locara: Tournament & Campaign.

17 October, 2009

What a concept - lower tournament points limits

Just read this comment on BoLS site (see link on right) about the creep of game size and its impact on tournaments and list creativity. I find it really interesting that in the UK all GTs are 1500pts -to encourage creative thinking and compromise, as opposed to the Us where 200pts it common and people just max certain selection. I may as well just post the whole comment here - this is a quote:

Conrad_Dakarn 21 hours ago

"I've noted one thing when speaking to people in America about their games and tournaments and that's to do with the points costs. Almost every game you have is 2000pt or over. Even the tournaments seem to be centred around over 2000pts.

The 40k rulebook recommends that you play 1500-2000pts on a 6 by 4 board.

The MAJOR GW throne of skulls tournament is set at 1500pt, thus showing that GW believe 1500 is the ideal size for a tournament setting on a 6 by 4 board.

Most US games take place using over 2000pt in their tournaments.

Why am I bringing up points cost as an argument about balanced lists....simple really. You get more stuff for more points. In a 2000+ army you can afford to take pretty much anything you want because you've got the point spare to cram in those 3 land raiders or what-ever else and still take a decent set of troops and the like. In 1500 you're much more limited to your options and can't simply slap a list together using the hardest of everything because you'll find you quickly run out of points. An example would be 7 terminators with lightning claws, 1 chaplain and a land raid crusader....coming in at over 500 points. This takes up the main portion of your army for very little in terms of models. The other 1000 would have to contain the troops and any further support. If you're spamming your list as a combat heavy list (using the terminator example) you'd probably take 2 of the above and then take minimum troops and suddenly you're out of points for anything else. That's 2 armour 14 vehicles and a subsequent 16 wounds worth of models for over 1000 points.

A balanced list in 1500pt will contain enough of everything to deal with an orientated list any day of the week. The above example would, for example, find itself in trouble at the sight of a single Vindicator for only 115pt and perhaps 2-3 attack bikes with multi-meltas at 100-150pt. For a quarter of the value you've got two units that can take out the land raider and then the terminators inside with relative ease and do the same again the next turn....all the while, the terminators are trying to get to you to engage in combat. For 265pt, the 1000 odd has been delt with. You can then think on the other side of the box with the other 1235pt of your army for what else you might want to take....the theory works sound in any situation and you can create a list that can deal with any threat as well as maintaining a good balance all round.

A combat heavy army is always going to have the problem that they have to get to the opponent and when they do get their, they have to ensure they can't be shot after they've destroyed the unit they've charged.

A gun line army has to be able to deal with a combat army that can jump on them by turn 2....or even worse....try and compete with another gun line army of equal magnitude.

By creating these sorts of lists for limited points, you've put inherent weakness in your army. Sure, in over 2000pt it's a lot easier to get rid of these weaknesses but that's kind of my point.....1500pt is more challenging for list building in my opinion.

However....I'm over the pond in the UK and we do play a very different style of game to yourselves. Not just in the points but our tactics and game play seem to vary from certain things that you do. So, my opinion may not be valid in terms of a US situation....but, I do plan on coming over eventually for a week's holiday and taking part in one of your larger tournaments, just to get a feel for it....so, who knows? I may learn a few things or hand out some lessons.

A current favoured marine list is quite balanced for all round but with a few small space weaknesses which are covered with the method of the build and my gaming style. My list is also built around 6 games with the different set ups as detailed in the 40k book and a 1500pt limit (UK GT). I've won every game so far with this list...and not just against standard players or other standard lists. I've played a 6 AV14 guard tank army, a space wolf army, a 10 terminator and chaplain marine army and a seer council build Eldar list. Each game with different mission types and deployment. The list is, for me, a balanced list."

Wow- this guy nails it. I think I will push for 1500pt games more often.

14 October, 2009

Chaos has taken hold....

So, the dark powers have taken my soul, and I have started into the army of the Emperor's Children with a fever. Here is a WIP (work in progress) Rhino that I just built.

More to come!

05 October, 2009

Hmm, tempting

So, I have to come clean on something. I do not own a gaming table anymore. I used to have a primo one, back in the day at the Ratt Haus (that's another whole story) but it has long since gone the way of the buffalo. I was thinking of making a new one, to allow me to host games and such again, but with a 15 month old and limited space, I was not sure I could pull it off. I have since discovered this: http://www.theterrainguy.com/ezterrain153.html

I wonder how well a 4x6 of those would sit on a folding table from Cosco. This would allow for quick tear down and storage, and would fit in the basement play room easily. It may even work on the dining room table in a pinch. I'm leaning towards this one in particular, done in a mix of green/brown : http://www.theterrainguy.com/ezte4fox6fot.html . Come to think of it, my wife was asking what I might want for Christmas, and this may fit the bill. We will have to wait and see.

They are done!

Wow, I painted 9 Eldar Jet bikes. It may not seem like a mighty feat, but with my head swirling with Chaos, and reading "Storm of Iron", it's all I can do to keep myself from jumping in to Chaos with both feet and never looking back.

Now that the bikes are completed, I need to actually play with them. So, tonight, I am meeting up with Matt Varnish and Lothlann for some battling. As usual, I will document the fight, and may try out "Battle Cartographer", at least I think that's what it's called. Once I locate the website for this cool little app, I will post it. I will also take pics of the game(s) tonight, and post them up.

Now that the bikes are done, I am going to start painting a single noise marine to test some paint schemes, and post them here for reference. Stay tuned to the site for updates!

*** UPDATE***


The program is http://www.battlechronicler.com/
It's free, and should allow me to visualize the battle and key tactics. I think it's worth trying out and seeing how well it can be posted to a site.


29 September, 2009

Oh here we go.........

It's been a while. I know, I know, I have been busy - not with anything in particular, just life in general. As the season changes, so do we all, and I have now seemed to stall out on Eldar to some extent. I am not sure why - and let me clarify. I have stalled out on the painting side specifically, not the playing side. I still very much enjoy playing Eldar, the speed and versatility is astounding. But the jet bikes........

So, Eldar jet bikes.

I built 9 (3 with cannons) over the last week or so, and have primed and based them (with Regal blue). I used the "new" guardians as riders, which required some torso and arm modification on each rider. This led to the bikes taking far longer to build and delaying their use. I am itching to try them out, but have to paint them first. This is something that is getting harder and harder to start/finish because of the draw of Chaos I feel on my soul.

I own a lot of noise marines. I mean a lot. All told, I am talking about 60 marines with sonic blasters and 15-20 with blast masters. They have largely remained assembled but unpainted for years now (due to my lapse in the hobby) and I can't help but feel this needs rectifying. I also could not get over Anoobis's Chaos Terminators when I played him. They were beautifully painted, and really showcased the new models. I have since picked up a unit, and must say, they are stunning. I also traded in some un-opened stuff I had kicking around and now own a Chaos vindicator, 10-man tactical squad and 2 new chaos rhinos. Its starting to look like a chaos army is taking shape, and needless to say, Emperor's Children are calling out to me.

I think, before I get totally swept up in the pleasure of Slaanesh, I should finish those jet bikes. Perhaps tonight I will get back to it and post some work-in-progress pics.

Till then........................................Chaos calls.

31 August, 2009

Game Summit Weekend

What a great time!

Before leaving Sunday morning, I switched up my list a little, dropping the Farseer for an Autarch, and adding a 2nd Vyper. Registration was at 9am, with game 1 starting at 10am. Here is a quick recap of my games.

Game 1 vs Tau ("Nate").

What a nice army. Period. Awesome paint scheme and well painted. Had a total of I think 17 crisis suits, and one devilfish. Game was Dawn of War deployment and Annihilation, pretty straight forward. The issue for me, being my sneaky self, was the table. Shy of 2 buildings, it was devoid of anything that blocked line of site. Needless to say, the Tau thrived in this environment, with my tanks being "lite up" with markers every turn and my troops bravely doing their best to stay alive. The game went a full 5 turns, and was really gun, despite my loss of 6-3 in Kill points. Overall was still a fun game.

Game 2 vs Imperial Guard ("Lt. Walke")

Tanks, tanks, tanks and more tanks. Basically an armored company squished into the new guard codex. His fully converted and lovingly painted army consisted of 3 Leman Russ, a Demolisher, a Hellhound, Basilisk, 2 veteran squads in Chimeras, and some tank with super-special auto cannons that looked really sweet, can't remember the name. The mission was a tourney special, kind of a mix of Capture and Control and table quarters. Basically, one objective in the dead center to capture along with securing table quarters. "Lt. Walke" went first, and proceeded to "circle the wagons" around the central objective, thus contesting all 4 table quarters at the same time. Try as I might (and with only 2 bright lances in my force) I was only able to stun/shake most tanks, and destroy the weapon on the Hellhound. I did manage to contest all 4 quarters, and on the last turn forced his one remaining "scoring" troop unit to take a panic test, but they PASSED on leadership 7!! "Lt. Walke" pulled out a solid with even though I contested all 4 quarters, and we were laughing and joking the whole game through. A well played game and a blast for sure, despite my loss.

Game 3 vs Alpha Legion ("Anoobis")

What a gorgeous army. Subtle paint scheme, "chosen" unit painted to mimic ultramarines, and a great composition. The mission was Capture and Control, with Spear head deployment. Chaos went first and parked a Predator, tactical squad and Vindicator on the objective in his table quarter and then rushed up a Rhine and Land Raider (each with troops inside) towards the objective on my side. He also saw his terminators come in on turn 2 and deep strike close to my objective. The ensuing firefight was really back and forth, with the game hanging in the balance for a couple turns. I will state right now that his Land Raider was the star of the show, brushing off bright lances, pulse lasers and Fire Dragons to allow him to contest my objective. I did get a vyper in to contest his, but Anoobis was a smart general and pulled out the victory. We had a blast, playing the game and admiring our units lack of ability at times. Props to Anoobis for the balanced and fun Chaos Marine list to play against - no crazy lashes etc here.

So, 3 games down and 3 losses. Not shaping up to take the "Best General" prize home, but I was thoroughly enjoying myself and all the games. Maybe it was luck, or a testament to the Ottawa Gaming community, but I had yet to play any "beardy/cheesey" lists or players. On to game 4!

Game 4 vs Blood Ravens ("Missing Link")

BEST GAME OF THE DAY. I don't know what happened with this game, but damn was it awesome. Scenario was simple, Spear head deployment and 2 objectives placed in the center of the opposing quarters - combined with Annihilation. "Missing Link" had what can only be called a perfect example of a marine army. 2 Tactical in rhinos, a pair of Predators, 2 Dreadnoughts, and a command squad in a Razorback. Oh, and as we noticed AFTER the game, his list included a 10 man Assault squad that he had "forgotten" in his case ALL DAY - He hadn't fielded in in any matches, basically playing -250pts all day. When we discovered this, his face went as red as his power armor for a good 30 minutes, and much laughing and kidding ensued.

But to the game. Where do I start. I couldn't hit a thing. On one turn, for example, I fired every strength 8 or better weapon I had ( 2x Bright lance, 2x EML, 2x Pulse laser, Fire Prism ) at his one dreadnought and all I was able to do was immobilize it. CRAZY. My only consolation was that the Blood Ravens seemed to have picked up on the ineptitude of my force, and decided to one-up me by missing just as much - if not more! We had a memorable combat around on objective, with a storm guardian squad accompanied by my Autarch lasting 4 round of combat against a tactical squad and his command squad before succumbing. We were laughing so much that the outcome of the game never really seemed to matter. I did manage to squeeze out a victory, only by "Missing Link" failing a morale test on a tactical squad and it fleeing on the bottom of turn 6, so it didn't count as contesting. So, finally, in game 4, I won.

What a great day and great set of games. All my opponents were stellar players, and supreme sportsman. I thoroughly enjoyed the great tables and fully painted armies on them. I also managed to walk away with the "Best Sportsman" award - and some Phat Loot! A 10 man tactical squad, that may just be the start of a new Chaos Marine army, we'll see. I have loads of bikes to paint still.....but that's another story. Please check out the event at http://gamesummit.ca . It was really well run and a great time for all sorts of gamers. There is a winter one scheduled - so check it out. Photos of the event are up at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gamesummit/ also so check them out.

Till next time...

26 August, 2009

Gaame Summit Approaches!

So, with the Game Summit Summer Skirmish ( http://www.gamesummit.ca/ ) approaching, and finding myself now playing in the 1750pt 40 k tournament, I had better get a list together and test it a bit. Here is what I have so far, and it is all painted:

Farseer w/ Singing Spear, Fortune, Guide, Runes of Witnessing, Spirit Stones - 138

5 Pathfinders - 120
10 Storm Guardians w/ Fusion gun x2, Warlock w/ Enhance - 132 Dedicated Waveserpent w/ Twin-linked Bright lance, Star Engines, Spirit Stones - 160

10 Storm Guardians w/ Fusion gun x2, Warlock w/ Enhance - 132 Dedicated Waveserpent w/ Twin-linked Bright lance, Star Engines, Spirit Stones - 160

6 Fire Dragons w/ Exarch w/ Fire Pike, Tank hunters - 131

6 Howling Banshees w/ Exarch, Executioner, War Shout, Acrobatic - 128

Fast Attack
Vyper w/ Starcannon, Spirit Stones - 80

Heavy Support
Fire Prism w/ Star Engines, Holofield - 165

Falcon w/ Pulse Laser, Scatter Laser, Star Engines, Holofield, Vectored Engines - 200

Falcon w/ Pulse Laser, Scatter Laser, Star Engines, Holofield, Vectored Engines - 200


So, thoughts/comments/suggestions?
I plan to try it out this Thursday night, and report back with another battle report.

Till then......

23 August, 2009

Fire Dragons

Fire Dragons

With their stellar record, and amazing firepower ever so evident last game against Kilroy, I figured they deserved to be finished up. While not totally there, they are starting to come together nicely. I appreciate any feedback comments on them. Here they are so far:

I'm thinking the guns may need a wash or ink - anyone have ideas?

22 August, 2009

Victory over Vulcan

Wow, what a great game. I played a long time pal, Kilroy's Boots, and his Vulcan lead Salamander Marine army. His consisted of (roughly): a pair of 10 man tactical squads in Rhinos, 10 tactical squad in drop pod, Dreadnought in drop pod, Land Raider Redeemer, 5 man Terminator assault squad (thunder hammers) and Vulcan himself (which meant all the meltas he had, and he had many, were twin linked - all of them!). It was a solid list, and close to what I would build as a marine player, mobility and deep strike are always a strong combo.

My eldar consisted of the following: a pair of Storm Guardian squads with fusion guns led by a warlock, both in wave serpents with twin linked bright lances, a unit of pathfinders (6), unit of Fire Dragons (6) with exarch, Farseer (attached to a storm guardian squad), a Fire Prism, 2 Falcons, and a Vyper. I only used so many tanks because my bikes are not painted yet, so I didn't want to field them. I plan to pull on of the units of storm guardians and one of the Falcons to fit a couple squads of bikes once they are painted.

The mission was Capture/Control (2 objectives) with Dawn of war setup. Here is how things looked the bottom of turn 1, as Kilroy kept everything in reserve as did I (apart from my pathfinders infiltrating into the bunker) and my 2 wave serpents deployed in once corner. I figured since he went first, I would be in position to take pot shots at his tanks as they came on the board.

Turn 2
Things got bloody very fast. Turn two saw Kilroy's WHOLE army come in (lucky bastard). He deep striked his Terminators and Dread right on top of my objective ( the little stash of crates to the right of the serpent in the pic above). This had me a little worried to be honest, as he also deep striked he tactical onto his objective. But then it was my turn, and I rolled for reserves.....and they ALL CAME IN! Wow, guess that makes two lucky bastards, as it would allow me to focus my whole armies fire power on the two units sitting on my objective. I would have to worry about his objective later....Bottom of turn 2 pic below.

From this pic, you can see that I have destroyed Kilroy's Dreadnought (the drop pod remains) and most of his terminators, and my other tanks are obscured from his view on the far side. They had clear line of sight to my objective, and this would serve me well, as Kilroy proceeded to send units towards my objective piecemeal, allowing me to focus fire and destroy them one at a time.

Turn 3 & 4

Turn 3-4 saw Kilroy send a 10 man tactical squad in a Rhino straight at my objective, only to get popped by Pulse Lasers and the squad moved down with scatter laser and fusion gun fire. His two remaining Assault Terminators did assault and wipe out the Fire dragons, but they had done there duty in destroying his dread and most of the Terminators. A valiant death! The pic above shows the one remaining Terminator and lone sergeant from the tactical squad. Also note my fleeing pathfinders, who decided it was better to book it and fight another day.

Turn 5 & 6

From the pic above you can see my Storm Guardians holding my objective and the rest of my army positioning for the moves to contest Kilroy's. You should be able to make out my Vyper that at the bottom of turn 5, jetted 24" to contest his objective. This was a solid plan, except when the roll came up, we found out that we were going on to turn 6! The only development for turn 6 was me moving my 2ND wave serpent with Storm Squad in to contest Kilroy's objective (in case he downed the Vyper) but it was not needed. The game concluded with me securing my objective and contesting the other, landing this virgin Eldar army its 2ND victory.

Props go out to Kilroy, who was not only a stellar opponent, but also one who plays at the rapid pace I do, allowing us to get a 6 turn game finished in under 2 hours. His army was solid, and I look forward to meeting it again on the field once he has his Storm Speeders finished - that will really add a challenge for me.

So, until next time, "Keep the dice hot and the beer cold".

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...