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This Just In...! FUBAR 2012 Results

1 Tristan Cash (BEST OVERALL)
2 Drew Willis (BEST AXIS)
3 Louis Santerre (BEST ALLIED)
4 Rob Kelly (BEST PAINTED)
5 Dennis Campbell
6 Doug Petryk
7 Chris Moser
8 Duane Goodwin
 8 Mike Abbott
8 Jon Jeffrey (BEST SPORT)
11 Richard Fisher
12 Jay Williams
12 Matt MacKenzie
14 Marty Hartwick
15 Stef Grambart (DARWIN’S BLADE)
16 Aweysome Dude

AAR 76, Rock you like a Hurricane!

The last practice game before the back-to-back tournament weekends. OMG LW Doubles, put on by the Ottawa Miniature Gaming group (not, omg, a tournament!) and then our very own Dice Devils Fall Fubar MW tournament at the Legion. While I was painting a ME-262, Ca$h and Phantom played a game, and since I was painting, I didn't take any pics, but I got Vids, which as usual is below. After this weekend, I will put up a double tournament post, as well as the final few Hobby Articles for my Brits (don;t want to unveil until Fubar is done) so we have a few articles lined up in rapid fire coming up after this dry spell.

AAR 75, Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi

"Loading these 'ere guns is tough work, 'ey mate?!"

Well after a long hiatus, I have an AAR for you guys that I actually played in!   Phantom hosted a game at the Matt-Cave on his sweet felt desert table, and we did Brit 8th army vs Aussie Div. Cav, 1625 pts, in preparations for Fall Fubar (2 weeks away!)

My List:   Motor Company HQ Motor Platoon HMG platoon in trucks Carrier platoon 6lbr Portee platoon 4 gun RHA troop 3 Kingforce Churchills 2 Kingforce Churchills
Phantom took: CIC, 2IC in Crusaders Crusaders Shermans Shermans 4 guns RHA Carriers Hurricane D Model                                             As usual a few pics, then video at the bottom, Enjoy After my recce move, I was close to the town, and the objective in the wood at the end of the road (in the small woods)

Turn 2, you can see my carriers are just within 4 of the crashed Hurr'c, but behind the hedges enough to not be seen.   This forces Phantom to pitch models forward to contest turn after tu…

You're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

So with the armor of most tanks I have been facing as of late, I decided to beef up my AT (anti-tank) abilities to enable myself to have a chance in later turns. Most of my games, my opponents have been fielding an abundance of tanks, to which I have no reply. My Marders have not been able to hit very much and the Panzer IV's are great, but once they are gone, held in reserve or find themselves in a US Tank Destroyer ambush, it's tough to recover from. PAK 40's seem to be the answer with a few modifications as far as chopping points up in my German MW Panzergren list. I had to make room for them, so out go the mortars and the PAK 38's for now and I'll likely be testing them out this Friday with the rest of their German brothers.

For prep, the usual filing and light scuffing was done in order to prep them for basing. I went ahead and kind of pre-placed my soldiers around the guns before basing them separately from the guns themselves. This step saved me some time a…

Vintage Wings 2012

Hey guys, while I know this isn't 100% Flames of War related, its is WW2, and therefore awesome.   Phantom Matt, aka Vicious Ego, aka Juno76 and I went to the Vintage Wings airshow, and here is some pics and a vid at the end.   Above is the nose art of the B-25H

Spitfire MKVII and a F4U-D

The very last Hurricane MkIV in flying condition, in North Africa colors.  Pilot kept the flying pretty tame.. ..unlike the P-40 Warhawk pilot, who was throwing it around the sky! LW 6pdr with muzzle brake.
Market Garden style Jeep
German MG-42 HMG
German finely made ammo box.  Now I can color match my ammo crates on my 21 Panzer!
Bofors AA gun on flex trailer.
15cwt truck, note yellow tonnage marker and unit colors, I need to fix my 15cwts now!
Matt/ Juno76 touching the B25.. its his fave in Aces High In Canada we called this the Canso, better known as the PBY-4 Catalina.  My dad got his start in aviation at the age of 4 riding in his fathers' company Canso, face against that observation b…