15 November, 2011

Flames of War, AAR number 51

Duane and I couldnt make Friday Night Fights, so we decided to hit up the OMG bi-weekly gaming session. We played some Flames of War, but here are some pics of other games going on. Above is a 15mm Samurai game, played on a 4 foot table. Below are some shots of a 10mm (maybe 6mm) WWI game called Bloody Picnic. Call me crazy but I expected trenches, machine gun nests, and artillery. Duane and I played No Retreat, since it is in the mission pool for BattleCry. Video of that game is at the bottom. Enjoy.

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  1. I think the organizer simplified the Bloody Picnic rules for intro purposes:

    The range of scenarios that can be covered by these rules is ambitious. It is intended that by using the same basic rule mechanics players will be able to stage games ranging from divisional attacks on the Western Front in 1917 with tanks and aircraft, brigade sized games in German East Africa between colonial forces, battles between the Polish and Soviet forces in 1920 and brigade sized encounter games in Manchuria between Cossacks and Japanese in 1905 – and everything else in between. Warfare developed apace in this period with new weapons and techniques appearing in all the areas of conflict. Cavalry, ever present on the Western Front were most effective on the Eastern Front and were being supplemented or replaced by armoured cars and tanks. Tethered balloons were joined by aircraft capable of bombing and strafing as well as carrying artillery observers with radios. Machine guns which were present at the start of this era increased steadily in numbers. Infantry without machine guns were often hamstrung. Field guns were joined by larger artillery pieces and indirect fire became the norm with armies becoming skilled at counter battery fire techniques. Contrary to popular belief, there were generals willing to take on new techniques and technology in order to win the war so that the armies of 1918 came to be very different from those of 1914. Indeed, they had a closer similarity with the armies of 1939.

    Rules for the use of gas are included because I believe that to not include them would be to ignore the endurance and sacrifice of the numberless brave of The Great War. If you don't want to use the gas rules you don't have to use them. Indeed, my attitude towards these rules is that while they are intended to be as complete as possible, players will I hope experiment with them by adding their own ideas and leaving out or amending parts which they don't like. They are designed to be adaptable and I trust that they won't fall apart under the stress!"


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