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Ca$h Hobby video update #1

Hey all,

I haven't managed to post any updates lately due to mad hours at work and life in general, and I apologize. What I plan to do now is start hobby video updates, to track and share my progress on the many 2013 games I plan to get into playing more!

Here is Video #1 - Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks for watching!


Return of the Vids

Hey guys, just a quick heads up:  I was able to hook up my old computer and snag all the raw data from my old Friday Night Fights videos that were lost to Youtube.. so I've re-stitched them and been uploading them again.

Here is the link the youtube channel with the old AARs:

Some Game Summit 2013 Coverage

Long story short, we had our big tournament at a new venue, Game Summit 2013.    The event is turning into a full fledged Con from its humble beginnings from a few years ago.   How do you know you've made it?   Klingons and StarWars folks, thats how!    Anyhoo here are some pics, and a quick Video of the Setup (I don't take video during tournament games anymore)

 TK421, why aren't you at your post?

 Huge-Settlers game equipment
 Huge-Settlers map, cleverly made by cutting carpet into hexes.  The houses were blocks of wood, painted
 Sadly this is the best shot I got of the Klingon booth.  I hope others got a few pics
 Huge-COnnect 4 and Huge-Chess & Checkers
 Best 15 dollars ever spent:  1940's era fuel truck for the airfield board.
 I had commissioned Jeff Black of OMG club for the awesome hangars.  Also, plane nerds, what is the large 2 engined bomber?  Hint, it was actually used against the British, and its not a Condor.
 ThunderST kindly lent his awesomely paint…

Game Summit Setup!

Just a quick look in at our setup evening for the Flames of War Tourney running this weekend at GameSummit.