27 April, 2020

First Blood and a Skink Starpriest

The first battle for the new Seraphon between two tenacious commanders. My kids! At 11 and 7, they are primed to enjoy the game now and honestly they are excited to try their wits against each other. Both have obviously been exposed to my longstanding table top gaming hobby so it comes as no surprise that as the self isolation and social distancing continue, they are more keen to try different things with their time. I am more than happy to oblige ;)

But before we get to the game, I did finish another model this week :

 Skink Starpriest

More after the break!

19 April, 2020

Realmshaper Engine discovered in the realms!

The new Seraphon Realmshaper Engine terrain piece is so interesting. Feeding off the story of how the "Old Ones" left temples behind when they departed the now dead Old World, the new Seraphon army terrain piece really ties the Lizard Old World lore into the updated Age of Sigmar lore for the Seraphon - and it has neat rules to boot!

Coming in at 0 points, it's a "why not" addition to my army. By that I mean I can choose to play with it in some lists, and leave it out in others as my fancy takes me. It's the first time I've bought a model for an army that literally has zero points cost. It doesn't directly help me expand my army into higher point ranges but it definitely adds a coolness factor - both to the army and to any table I play on.

So without further ado - here it is:

My thoughts in the build and rules after the break!

10 April, 2020

Return of the Carnosaur

You read it right - another Carnosaur for my burgeoning Seraphon army! This time around however, it features a Saurus Scar-Veteran instead of the Oldblood on the first one. I approached it the same way, using bright colors through my airbrush to get its foundation colors started. Here is an in-progress shot of the initial coloring:

Click on in to see some more pictures of this mighty beast all finished!

04 April, 2020

From the skies.....oh, and giant solar lasers on lizards

The progress with this army has been astounding. By focusing even 30 minutes a day on something related to the force (building, basing, priming, painting etc) I have witnessed it grow steadily over the past couple months. It helps that we are still in COVID-19 lock down, but really I had already built the habit as a "new years goal" if you will and it's really bearing fruit.

First up are my new Terradons swooping in to drop their deadly cargo:

I again turned to my airbrush and used it  to pretty decent effect in blending the Terradons from red to yellow. I am still undiminished in my enjoyment of painting bright vibrant colors. Here are some more close up shots of the Terradons:

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...