29 December, 2015

"French Suffer Humiliating Defeat" in a Black Powder game..

"Almost accurate of this battle.  Not enough French casualties though.."

Well, here we are again, Scott's basement, the waning days of 2015, and we have a nice game of Napoleonics using the Black Powder rules.   Mark and Scott will be using the British, whilst I use the French in a meeting engagement to control a farmhouse during the Peninsular Wars.   Our lists are from the Albion Triumphant supplement for Black Powder, and we are using a 8 foot by 6 foot table

Using Alternate Brigade deployment, the French are at Left, British at Right.

As usual, massive dump (pictures that is) and video follows after the break

21 December, 2015

Team Yankee: 1 vs 1, 68 pts then 2 vs 2, 170 pts.

Not a European-Theatre M557.... but would make a kickass objective!
Howdy everyone, now that the Team Yankee books and the box sets are out, Kevin aka Glitch and I decided to head to the FLGS across the border to Quebec and play some kickoff Team Yankee.   Store owner Seb and Robert were already underway.  Robert built and spray-painted 22 T-72's in 2 days!

Robert's T-72 platoon
M557 "Queen Mary" Command objective, from the Bannon's boys boxset.
 Cdn and British soldiers dubbed the M557 "The Queen Mary" as in the cruise ship.. as it was the only vehicle that had enough room to stand up in.  Some other Brit command one is dubbed "The Gin Palace" after the HMS Agincourt, again, had a gigantic ballroom on board for the officers mess.   <end Cliff Clavin voice>
Seb had some Cobras out as well.

Robert's flock of Hind-D's.   Couldnt hit those M1s with ATGMs at all!

Enough of that other table's pictures, lets get to our game.   Kevin was running 2 platoons of 2 M1s, with two command M1s, a Mech Platoon, a VADS section, an ITV section, and 2 Cobras for 68 points.  I ran 9 T-72s, 2 Shilkas, and a minimum Motor Rifle Coy, in 4 BTR-80s which were subbing as BMP-1s.   Pics below:

05 December, 2015

Napoleonics: British vs Natives South Africa 1819

Here we go again, another game using the Black Powder ruleset to play Napoleonics.. this time with a Colonial flavour:  British vs the restless natives in South Africa in 1819.   The british must prevent the Natives from reaching the town and putting it to the torch.

I have a video bat rep at the end, but took a tonne of pics also, enjoy!   

38th Foot march out of Grahamstown to meet the natives on the field of battle..
I had an inept C/O whilst one brigade commander was 'great' and the other also inept and non aggressive.   I reckon the two were related and got their commissions just to get them out of the family business.   I had a unit of Brit line infantry, Brit Dragoons and British rifles (in the forward outpost) and 1 cannon.  Mark had 5 warbands of natives, some with shields, some with spears, some with decent leadership and the 'bloodthirsty' rule..

02 December, 2015

Team Yankee Test Game

Deleted 'Red Dawn' scene...
Despite us not having the Team Yankee book yet, as it is November 27th, Keven (Desert Rat) and I decided to try it out with what we know.   The Breakthrough Assault guys have tonnes of army cards up, plus I took a few screengrabs of the demo book at the LW FoW tourney a few weeks ago.    So Kevin is running Proxy USA and I will rock the Reds (a few proxies as well)   I took video as well, but here are the pics and the video is at the end.   It was great fun though we for sure botched a few rules!!
100pts a side.  I have 18 tanks and Motor Rifles, he has 10 M1s plus support.  The Sturmovik is an A10.

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...