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First Platoon!! On me!!

With Historicon right around the corner, it's time to put the paintbrush and basing into overdrive. I've recently completed what will be one of two platoons of 82nd Airborne troops for this years tournament. I seldom reveal what I will be playing at any event, but seeing as it's my first National expectations are less than high. I've been busy working on one platoon at a time and one stand at a time. I find it a little easier to keep track of what I have left to paint and once they're complete, I can move on to tanks.

The hardest part, has been the color schemes, I went with a few different ideas to really make these guys pop. The scrim on their helmets is a very bright, almost neon green, but once it has been washed, it certainly subdues the color and it leaves a nice eye catching effect that is not distracting. Red Leather for their pistol holsters, airborne knives(M3) and gun slings. I used a Flat Brown for the boots and stocks of all the weapons, thi…

Friday Night Fights & Project Ultra for WWPD

This week on the virtual battlefield, it was an all Infantry affair as I continued to test Rob's Canadians for the upcoming 2013 Historicon tournament. We rolled up 'No Retreat' as the mission. Seeing as we both field foot footsoldier lists, we had to roll over who would attack. I came up with the higher number after Rob rolled a big fat 1. After choosing which end he would defend, we began deployment and objective placements. Enjoy the video of the game and I happened to take some pics as well covering most of the action.

Looking at the board layout, Rob chose the best side from which to defend. No matter which way I wanted to approach from, there were going to be a lot of slow moving anti-tank guns and bog checks moving 4" at a time in order to get range on those dug in Canadians. I have to say after being bombarded nearly every turn, rocket batteries are the way to go for maximum effect on target.

I had a hard time breaking through all the terrain to get my guns go…

Death From Above!

Never having painted strictly a mass amount of 15mm 'Infantry' figs before, I'm finding myself a bit overwhelmed to get through them all! Back in April I had some time off work to do a few stands and really experiment with colors and techniques in order to get it right the first time. If you missed it, you can find that entry HERE Doing this ahead of time when you have never painted 104 figures before, is the best way of getting the necessary research together. Painting videos, color charts and countless hours of Band of Brothers all helped in my road to least the uphill battle part of getting them done. The greatest delay of getting through all these is partly because I was working on some armor for a tournament around the same time I started my Paras. Since then, I have been playing my Germans almost every 'Friday Night Fights'.

Aside from war gaming, I am an avid WW2 history buff and have always been fascinated by the men and missions that sha…

FnF and Other Randomness

I'm certainly behind uploading some of the latest battles from The Dice Devils crew. A lot has been happening in preparation for our exodus to Historicon to play in their Flames of War 'Nationals' event, as well as a doubles event being held the Thursday before the rest of the convention really kicks off. We'll be attempting to gain access to the WWPD podcast while we're there and if you're not familiar with WWPD and it's network of tabletop, board and online gaming shenanigans...I know......let's have a spelling contest.

I had a chance to take a short video on a re-vamped Canadian list vs. my back up German 1780 point Infantry with a hodge podge of everything from 88's to Tiger I E's running around and assaulting unsuccessfully. I have been hard at work attempting to finish my US Para Coy in time for July. So far, with work being so busy and life in general getting in the way of my ability to sit without being distracted and paint when it's …