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Traitor Guard!!

This is my first post as well as of the first tanks to roll out of the traitor factories located on Los Deimos since the army turned to chaos.

Front shot of one of the three chimeras, this is Al`Rahem`s chimera with multi laser and heavy flamer, his ability to force your platoon to outflank is fantastic especially on a 4x4 table.same chimera side view, i didn't put on the side plate instead put on my own plastic card ones with a chaos symbol on it.This is one of the three hell hounds I own of the new models, so far only 2 painted, i have a few of the old ones that I'm now using as chimeras with heavy flamers. This one is a devil dog with heavy flamer both guns are magnetic so i can change them out any time. My other is a bane wolf with multi melta they are grouped together, i figure early on before there in flamer range they can shoot at tanks with there multi meltas.I have 2 more of these bad boys ready to paint, i left the guns tilt able so i can raise them and use the models…

Happy Holdays Mk. II

This one is for you CA$H...

Have a Happy Holidays all and a Merry Xmas! May the God-Emperor bring you much to smite the enemies of mankind...or whoever Chaos worships can bring them a new tentacle...

Happy Holidays

I wont be able to partake in the gaming tonite, with the holidays approaching, having a 'date night' then holidays, then away to visit inlaws till the new year.

Good news is, I'll have my digital camera up so I can take hd video bat reps in the new year.. plus the new codex will be out.


Battle for Tristania IV

Well, last night we had another Drunken Gamer fest over at Ca$h's, and this time I took my Pre heresy Night Lords. I know, I am listed as using Tyranids for the Locara campaign, but instead of looking up the current rules for them, then having to relearn them all in a month, I figure why not just keep working on my Night Lords, and hit Tyranids afresh on Jan 16th.

The list I took:

Librarian in power armor, with Avenger and Gate of Infinity

10 man Tactical Squad with Powerfist sgt, melta, multimelta , drop pod (Librarian hangs out here)

10 man Tactical Squad with Power weapon sgt, melta, multimelta, rhino

10 man Tactical Squad with power weapon sgt, plasma, lascannon (yup, went old school las-plas) rhino

Another 10 man las pls rhino squad

Dreadnought with Assault Cannon, extra armor, drop pod
Dreadnought with twin las, drop pod

Multimelta Tornado
Multimelta Tornado
1500 points on the nose.

Game 1 vs Joyous Oblivion's Guard
His list roughly:
Plasma Russ
2 vendetta-vet squads with demo's …

New members - Changes to format

So, time to change things up a bit. I am opening this blog up to be a central blog for our little group of misfit gamers here in Ottawa. So shortly you will start seeing posts by "Matt Varnish" and "Lothlann" and even perhaps a few others. Stay tuned for that!

On another note, I have been lax the last couple weeks, and despite having several great games and getting video footage of them I have yet to post it. Expect the first posts in the next couple days.