22 December, 2017

Mid War 71 points Desert Rats vs German Pzr's Counterattack

Marder III with wounded on board, last survivors of their unit.
So let's dive in to Game 2, where hopefully I don't botch too many more rules!   As always, Video Battle Report at the end!  So we rolled up Counter-Attack, with me defending.  We used the same lists as Game 1,  and we both used Spearhead liberally, as this mission allows good movement.  Matt Spearheaded everything into No-Man's Land, deployment is below

20 December, 2017

Mid War 71 points Desert Rats vs Panzer IV Ko. Breakthrough

Tally Ho, Chaps!
Matt and I had another set of Mid War tester games.   This is game 1.   We played 71 points, as that is what Cdn Nationals will be Sept 2018.    Matt is waiting for Eastern Front lists, but is just using the DAK Panzer Ko. for now until that comes out.   I went with my trusty Desert Rats, we rolled Breakthrough, with me defending, as I had an Inf. Formation in my Force    As always, Video Batrep at the end.

His list:
HQ Panzer III
3 x Panzer IV 'Long'
2 x Panzer IV 'Long'   (in Flanking Reserves)
2 x 8 Rads
3 x Marders

My list:
Crusader HQ 2x CS, 2 x Crusader II
Crusader 2 x II, 1 x III (I completely forgot these were IIIs in game!)
Crusader 2 x II, 1 x III (reserves)
Grants x 3  (reserves)

Motor Co HQ
Motor Co
4x 6lbrs
3 x Bren Gun Carriers
2 Hurricanes (reserves)

Deployment, I Spearhead'ed the Carriers and deployed on both objectives

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