03 December, 2011

AAR 54, Cromwells v Das Reich

(above) 7th AD Cromwells in the Counter Attack mission vs Das Reich Inf.

So its been a while, but we had a tournament 2 weeks ago, then Adam (Clockwerks) send-off to Calgary last week, so we have 3 games for this Friday Night Fights
The next tournament for us is Game Summit in February 2012, it is LW 1500 points, and folks are running new lists.

Tristan is running 7th AD, Reluctant Vets, roughly:

2 HQ Cromwells, 2 AA Crusaders
Cromwells plus Firefly (Challenger model = Firefly)
Cromwells plus Firefly
4 x Achilles (M10s with 17pdrs)(proxied by Panzer IV-70s)
3 Recce Stuarts
2 Recce Damilers, 1 Dingo (proxied by UCs)
2 Sextons for smoke, AOP

Chris is running Das Reich:

HQ Shreck guys
Full unit of SS plus Shrecks
Full unit of SS plus Shrecks
small scout squad
2 x Grilles
10.5 Arty x 3
2 x Flak guns

Video below the next pic.

In Counter Attack, the attacker rolls randomly for where their stuff deploys, somehow Tris gets all his tanks in the same spot!!


  1. Great aar! I'm tweaking my own 7th Armoured Div,now i'm leaning toward switching my 25 pdrs for mobile Sextons. i'd like to be able to easily displace if things start coming at me. say, where do i find that mission?
    are there more ' unofficial ' missions out there?
    very cool.


  2. Not sure where they got that mission but there's a bunch here:


  3. i'm curious how Chris help off all those tanks with Panzerfausts and indirect fire support

  4. http://www.flamesofwar.com/Default.aspx?tabid=111&kb_cat_id=32

  5. Thanks for the info Diragi & Pripyat !
    very cool stuff.



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