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Speed Painting Anglo-Dane Warriors for Saga

Saga fever is hitting the club hard and I was one of the first to jump on CA$H's bandwagon when he returned from Cold Wars. I made an order through a local store and waited patiently for my goodies to arrive. Then I started to get less patient and pester the store. I prefer buying stuff off the shelf precisely because I don't do well when waiting for a mail order to arrive. Reading the other posts about people painting their miniatures and playing games did not help me to remain calm.

By the time my miniatures arrived I was positively frothing to get started. I felt really behind the pace and wanted to get the miniatures painted as quickly as possible. Based on my success setting strict deadlines for my Guild Ball project I decided to do the same with Saga. I was able to paint two 6-player teams for Guild Ball in 3 months at an average of 1 week per model. For Saga I knew I had to turn things up, all the way to 10. Darn, I wish I had painted 11 miniatures a week so I could hav…

Post-Disaster 28mm Dragoon Highlights

Quick hobby article.. had a great game of Black Powder showing the ropes to Rob, David (British players with 1 painted battalion apiece) and Christian (who is waiting for MDF bases for his French)    However, the footage for that game is on another machine, so instead, I decided to fix all the chips from a disaster that occured driving home from that game on Good Friday:

I had slammed on my brakes, and David and I could hear all my models jostling around the trunk.. So this is what 7 battalions all smashed together looks like!    I have already fixed all the damage (mostly bayonets) but figured why not start by highlighting my battalions as I fix paint chips?    I had initially just speed-painted these guys to get them playable.    

These are how my whole army looks:  Blocked-in colours, a wash.  Thats it.  "good from far, far from good"  But this allowed me to play a whole Division vs Scott pretty quickly.

Command base, with white highlights, sky grey on the trousers, green…

SAGA: A Two Year Crusade

Getting into SAGA has been a long and complicated road. Over the past two years, I pushed to try out a game I had played at a gaming convention in 2015. With the majority of our group having played some sort of 'Fantasy' based game years and years ago (Warhammer something something), there was not a lot of appetite to get into anything resembling a fantasy based game again. With the several other gaming systems like Infinity (more like 'Unfunity') and Kings of War (magic Goblins FTW) failing to scratch the itch of either a fantasy, or skirmish based, reactionary game. The Dice Devils have decided to take on SAGA, buying and painting armies, it looks like we'll give it a shot!

SAGA Scotsmen Shield and Spear, Test model

Straight up, just a hobby post, here is my test model, from Footsore Miniatures a spear & shield Scotsmen for SAGA/ Frostgrave. Undercoated with a black brush on primer

Blocked out the main colors prior to a Army Painter Soft Tone wash.

Pleased with the model, just not the tartan.

Braveheart-esque blue facepaint.  I can't do Scotsmen of this time period and NOT do blue facepaint :)

Back side.

Quick vid as is the norm:

Cold Wars 2017 ECW To Kill a King Battle of Edgehill

Last Cold Wars 2017 post, I was away to sunny Mexico, so lets get back to cold soggy England, shall we?   Tristan and I got into a game of English Civil Wars, Battle of Edgehill, which had the first big battle between the Royalists (led by the sitting King Charles) vs the Parliamentarians led by the Earl of Essex.   As usual, pics then video at the end.  Enjoy!

The SAGA begins....

Last weekend I attended Cold Wars down in Pennsylvania along with Matt Varnish and PhantomRescue. We played different games, shopped for deals and had a good time nerding out with all things table top for 3 days. I decided to take the plunge and picked up SAGA - a historical table top skirmish wargame set in Europe's Viking Age (i.e. 793 AD to 1066 AD).

Why? Many reasons it would turn out. But initially it was the figures I saw for sale by Footsore Miniatures ( ). I met the sculptor (Bill Thornhill) and we got to chatting. Some of his handy work:

Cold Wars 2017 Walk-about and picture dump.

Tris and Matt trying to figure out how to not get crushed by my Purple Empire in 'Shogun'

Here is my walk-around pics of Saturday Cold Wars 2017.   Video at the bottom that gives probably a better description.  Enjoy.

Kickass Civil War table

Cold Wars 2017: Friday Team Yankee Game 14: Stem the Red Tide

Germany is the missing link to stem the Red Tide?

Hey guys, got a Cold Wars 2017 game of Team Yankee with Tom Mullane (aka Capt Echo) his Germans vs my Russkies.   We played encounter after a grueling doubles Version 3 Flames tournament in which we came away in 2nd place with Dingos, Deacons, Bishops, and trucked infantry!
As ever, the video bat-rep is at the end. He had 2 formations, Gepards, Marders,Luchs and infantry in one, and Leo's and BO-105s in the other.   He deployed infantry on the left side objective (crashed Cdn Huey)..

Catch a Tiger by the Toe (Final Version 4 Test Game)

My Tiger unit was about as useful as the one I'm sitting on.......
So, depending on the list and the cost of a unit, a game using the new Version 4 rules can go one of two ways. The first is that you flawlessly execute your plan and your opponent suffers as a result. That chance your plan doesn't quite go as you saw it from the beginning however, sometimes rears its ugly head and you get trounced. That's the second possibility.... It's a Thursday night, Tristan and I go for a game of Germans vs Germans in what was a a great back and forth game from the start and later just turned out to be downright brutal for me in the end.
Scroll to the bottom for video of the game!! Hope you enjoy it and the discussion on the game we had afterwards! List descriptions are in the video!

Catch a Tiger by the Camel Toe, more like!

Flames of War VERSION 4 Test game 4: Hasty Attack 80pts


Our 4th game of Version 4 using the new lists.  80pts of Panzer Ko. vs my Desert Rats Motor Co.  Hasty Attack, on a desert board featuring 'Truck Park' Forest templates, because we were light on desert terrain, but had heaps of trucks, just laying around!
As ever, Video of the report and our thoughts is at the bottom past the pics.  Enjoy

Matt puts his Marders in the 'Truck Park Forest' in his DZ.  We moved the trucks around when he blitzed forward.   They need more Iraqi Sand to blend in with Monty's Party Bus !!

Flames of war VERSION 4 test game 3: Fritz-Move

25lbrs doing what they do best: Scaring away tanks????

Its been a whirlwind weekend, with 3 test games of the new Flames of War (gleaned from cell phone snaps of preview books, WWPD compilation and the Team Yankee book where possible)

Brits vs DAK again, but on a different board, with different lists:
We counted the rocky hill as just Rough Going, anything else is obvious, so lots of trees this time.

As ever, the LONG video is at the bottom.  We discuss throughout.

Flames of War Version 4 Test Game 2

"What's the best World of Warcraft Expansion?" "Burning Crusades!"
Right after our first game, where the Germans won 7-2, we swapped teams and played again, so Matt and I with the DAK and Tristan and Andrew playing British.   Same board, same lists.

Pzr II's 'Spearheaded' into this tree area, allowing the PaK-38s and PzrIVs to be that much closer to the British lines..

As ever, Video is at the end of the post.

VERSION 4 Flames Test Game 1 DAK vs Desert Rats

"What do you say, old boy, shall we go kick the Jerries out of Africa?" Monty

Using the WWPD rules compilation, and stats and such from the preview copy of the rulebook that stores have, plus some from the latest WGI, we apply our Team Yankee prowess to run a Test game of Version 4.  TO make equivalent lists, I used V3 points for both (1340pts) and the DAK force comes out at 82 pts using V4 points.  Video with our opinions at bottom of article.   Lets see the lists:

Team Yankee Mech USA vs Mech BMP Dust Up, 80pts


DESERT BATTLE Team Yankee TX National Guard vs West Germans, Encounter, 75 points

Scott's incredible desert Leopard IIs
Time for another (11th) Team Yankee battle report.   Scott has finished his gorgeous West Germans, and thus the two desert armies fight, on a desert board (Note, Kevin's Iraqi Republican Guard are still being worked on.. sooo many..T-55)
"Ludwig, vee haf not been to ze Desert since Rommel!"
Here are a few pics, but with multiple games and movies going on, the Video tells the better story.  As ever, video is at the bottom:

Bolt Action Mini Battle Report

This past Sunday I played my first ever game of Bolt Action, Warlord Game's WWII 28mm skirmish wargame. Boutique FDB is home to a slow-grow league open to new players. Having painted a rifle platoon of Canadians many years ago for a different set of rules, miniatures which had never fired a shot in anger, I was looking forward to having a go.

Consequentially I picked up a copy of the rules on Thursday, read them at top speed and prepared my forces. This week we were fielding 500 points which was just about a perfect fit for my three rifle sections. I hoped that my lonely PIAT team would be enough to keep any tanks from savaging my infantry.

The league is a casual affair with players showing up and building their lists to account for their opponent's capabilities. We actually played to a range of points, from 500-650, depending on each player's collection. Since I brought a 500 point list my opponent rebuilt his to match.

I wasn't the only inexperienced player there …

CCCP v TXNG Team Yankee Counterattack 75pts

Don't Mess with Texas, National Guard!   Tris and I play Counterattack (as always, video below), I always bid attacker, we play on a nice board set-up at Scott's place, see below deployment pic:
The 3 M1s on left are in Ambush, not really there!
Freshly-painted units for me:  Hinds 3 and 4

And my 2nd full company of T-72s (these now all have their decals done)

Hungarians! vs USA, TEAM YANKEE, 75 points, No Retreat

That's Right, Hungarians!   Obviously, there is no list out for them, but since the Warsaw Pact used Soviet stuff, why not break from the norm and go with a minor Soviet power.   Brett is using his Hungarians as Soviets for now (and likely VA book soon)  Let's take a look, No Retreat, 75 points vs Tristan's US Tank list, Desert-themed Texas National Guard. Both armies painted by the talented Scott 'Obsidian23' Roach
Tank HQ, 2 x Tank units, 2 ZSU-23s, 2 Hinds, and a short Motor Rifle Coy in BMP-2s with SA-14 team.   The rotor blades are indeed painted with the hungarian stripes.. historical (at airshows!)

Weathering Miniatures with Glazes

Reading Matt Varnish's recent post on running a Black Power Napoleonics game reminded my how much I missed painting my Napoleonic, actually War of 1812 because I'm a proud Canadian, miniatures. Since I had recently volunteered to write for this blog I was eager for something to talk about and with my mind on Napoleonics I remembered a technique I had used the last time I painted my British Line Infantry.
Glazing for Easy Detail I came up with the technique of using glazes to weather my miniatures because I wanted to show my infantry with dusty pants from a long march but with a planned 300 miniatures in the British forces alone I didn't want to take too much time painting each miniature.

Here you can see the finished product with what is meant to look like a light tan dusting. I wanted the dust to fade seamlessly into the rest of the pants and like I said, I wanted it to be quick.
Glazing allowed me to apply transparent colour in a controllable fashion to slowly build up t…

Pardon my French: Napoleonics battle, Black Powder, 500 points Peninsular

Hey gang.   Scott and I did our first game of 2017:  Napoleonics, using Black Powder Rule set, 'Granja Abundancia' from the Albion Triumphant Peninsular War supplement, essentially, a take and hold field objectives. First time we have everything painted, 500pts a side, on a nice 12 foot by 8 foot table.  Below is the picture dump, the actual battle report is in the linked video:

Dice Devils Podcast 'The Lost Tapes'

In keeping up a busy schedule and spending the better part of last year working and not much down time, it was tough to get together and chat. Seems easier to grab the recorder and get some stuff onto 'tape' and posted for all of our loyal listeners without trying hard to schedule something. We appreciate the support and we hope to make this a regualr thing once again. Giving you something to listen to, when you're painting, on the road or relaxing.

Two new podcasts are posted, the first one is Episode 6 and is one that Dennis and recorded on the way back from a Flames of War tournament in Kingston. This is an older recording that went missing and may be a little louder as far as background. Taping it in my jeep is similar to sitting in a C-130. It's worth it!!

The second episode was done over the holidays, Andrew and myself sit down for a candid conversation about Flames of War, Team Yankee, some version 4 stuff and video game/movie topics. Episode 7, you can use the…

Counterattack! 60 Points of Team Yankee W. Germans vs United Kingdom

Welcome to the new year! Even though we are into another year of gaming, writing and painting, most of us were too busy to get together much over the holidays for any real games. Such is life and some things never change, but it didn't keep Andrew, Scotty (acting as spectator and umpire) and myself from getting a little game of Team Yankee in. Sticking around afterwards, we also have a new podcast recorded and should be posted in the next couple of days!! Very exciting news all 'round. Still need to unbox this lot and start getting it together! I'm excited to add to my army and increase the number of flexible options for my British Army. I listed my points total below at the end of this article. Sorry I didn't include a breakdown of Andrew's forces. We both feel at the moment, somewhere in the 60-75 point range is going to be a lot more likely than 100 points.