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MW: US Armoured v. British/Canadians

Apologies for the video quality, this one didn't have great lighting and my phone is not the best video recorder!

MW: US Armoured v. German Armoured

Got a chance to play a game against my friend Mitch today.

Armies were as follows (roughly):


HQ - PzIVs (I think)

5 Panzer IIIs (2 shot AT 9 guns)
4 Panzer IVDs
2cm SP Flak
2 88s


HQ - 2 M4s

5 M4s
4 Stuarts
Full ARP w/5 zooks
Armoured Mortars

Video should explain the rest!

And it begins......

My British Infantry arrived today......

Stay tuned.

Italian Decor

So they're here! Despite how utterly miserable I have been feeling as of late, I made a trip to the border this afternoon to pick up my Italian buildings. While down to get those, I stopped into one of the bargain type centers and got myself enough tree toppers to make some trees! At $1 a bag and 5per.....I spent $5 and got enough stuff to make 25 trees. That's a pretty good return on investment, if they work out I might even end up putting some together for EBAY since finding terrain trees online for a decent price is hard sometimes.

So the JR miniature houses really are top draw, I ended up with more buildings than I thought because some of the bags have two in them, I also picked up a bag of 'out' buildings which all end up being the same, but I am sure once they are painted and sitting in different spots, it'll make no difference. I'll get some pics of them up soon and insert them into this post. I did up some fields out of a dense front door mat and used …

Summer Siege FoW Tournament

It's official; Dice Devil's are prepping to host the first ever Summer Siege FoW Tournament

Summer Siege 2012
Saturday, July 07th @ 1:00 PM

3 two hour games
Cost = 20$
First paid first (re)served
Early payment required to reserve spot as well as faction you will be fighting for (once chosen you cannot change sides)
Payment options: Interac money transfer or cheque or cash in person
Please contact Brett at Pripyat at for payment or questions

Scenarios to be determined
100% Blue on Red
10 Axis Spots
10 Allied Spots
Standings to be submitted to RankingsHQ

Army Restrictions:

New Forum is up!

I tested a couple of options for our new club forums, including embedded and it just didn't offer the options we wanted. So we have opened up "proper" hosted forums, and they are open for people to register for. Please follow the link at the top and feel free to start posting. You can expect information about the Flames of War events/tournaments we will be running to be posted there first.



Mirror Match: Aus v Aus AAR 64

Well its been a few weeks, but we are back with a Friday Night Fight at Ca$h's, using the complete desert terrain set on one table. I am playing PhantomRescue, who is running MW Australian Div Cav list. I decided to use the EXACT same list as him. I have to sub Grants-for-Shermans, and I also need to stop playing SWTOR to paint stuff this week! Above is the table set up. The lighting is weird because of the glare from the bright table.

The list for the both of us:
2 x HQ Crusader II
3 x Crusader II
3 x Crusader II
3 x ShermanIII
3 x ShermanIII
3 x Universal Carrier
4 x 25pdrs

We rolled up Free For All

About turn 3, we had this crazy Crusader Scrum. Only when fighting other Crusaders does Front Armor 4 make any sense!

After the Crusader scrum, I come out ahead with the 2IC Crusader on his obj, and 2 Crusader plus CO Crusader after a crazy tank battle! It would take a miracle for him to win, as I am about to win (He has to kill the Crusaders, concealed, with 25 pdrs, then take me bel…

Becoming a club.....

So after much discussion and lamentations from the womens, we are forming into a proper gaming club. Basically, we are starting to host our own events/tournaments and the weekly gaming group is growing to the point where some structure is required to organize things. We have taken the opportunity to turn the humble "TableTop Tacticians" blog into a proper domain, thus allowing us more flexibility and options for expansion.

We have become Dice Devils GC - Dice Devils Gaming Club. We have now registered the domain and for starters, have the blog forwarded there. We are looking to expand the site, and it will be growing over the couple weeks from just a simple blog to a more complete site, including forums, galleries, etc. Please be patient and bear with us through this change. Also look for info coming shortly for our tournaments this summer - we will be holding a few this year!

So you can continue to follow us at for now, or …

Movie, Italy and Shopping

The poster reads 'The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday'. It pretty much sums up Act of Valor, the movie depicting a few days in the lives of a group of Navy SEALs. In between shopping for terrain and grabbing something to eat, my wife and I went to see it last night. Overall I enjoyed it quite a bit, I expected the acting in the film not to be too great or anything because the majority of the cast are SEALs in real life and their first job is to kick ass and kill bad guys. So with those expectations, I think I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Go see it, I'd give it 3 out of 4.

On to my new project! So having spent some time playing a few games over the past few weeks I decided I would like to have a theme table. One of those tables where the terrain makes up a closer to real representation of a place in WW2 history. With some of the terrain I got for my birthday and shopping around online for buildings, I am going to make a very 'Italian' looking table in antici…