31 December, 2012

More Infinity - Holiday style!

Here are a couple more Infinity Battle Reports from over the holidays. Enjoy! And the second game: PART 1 PART 2

27 December, 2012

Wait what? Stuff happened after 1945? (15mm Modern)

A real life BTR-80

Well, I made a weird New Years Gaming Resolution, and that is to not buy a single model in 2013.  So just my luck that on Dec 27, 2012, my gigantic 15mm Modern Soviets army shows up!    A few guys and I decided that we should branch out into the Cold War what-ifs, and when deciding on scale, 15mm had a number of benefits, chiefly that we already had western european and desert terrain in this scale, and when I laid eyes on that pic WWPD Steve took of the NVA tanks, I was sold.    I decided to run generic Soviets, which can be used as Syrians, Egyptians, basically any Communist country from late sixties to the 2000's, so long as you don't rivet count, as BTR60/70/80 its really only the turret that differs, and the T-54-T90 pretty much look similar.   The actual models I got represent mid 80s Warsaw Pact stuff. 
First test models, left is Red Dawn style Spetznaz, right is more generic 3 tone camo.  I picked the one on the right.  The spackle when wet is pink, white when dry, so you can tell these are "fresh" pics!

Here is a comparison shot of a brit jeep, T34, BTR-80 and the infamous Mi-24 Krokodil (aka Hind-D)

Battlefront WW2 russian test models in 3 tone, based on pennies, in front of their ride (QRF Miniatures' BTR-80A).   Force on Force is a very loose ruleset, where the individual guys can be based like this or in fire teams of 3 or 4 (BMP squads are 2 fireteams of 4, BTR squads 2 of 3 men each, 3 others man the BTR)     After seeing many folks using the Flames of War style bases, and even the FoF rules, individual model facing doesnt matter, you add up the fireteam firepower and roll dice, I think I will go with 4 man fireteams per base.   In my case, QRF miniatures sells a Motor Rifle Squad as Lead, PKM machinegunner, RPG7 AT guy, and 5 AK74 guys.

RKelly is doing Canadians, and QRF Miniatrures is the only way to get a few Cdn vehicles, while Mark is doing West Germans.   Yes, they kept WW2-sounding names, like Luchs PanzerSpah vehicles, Marders, but have moved up the feline tank name tree to Leopards!

Below is a little video I made just before Christmas (and before all this loot got here) of my test models.

For those that like to know these things, here is the full list of what I got (weighs almost 3 kilos)

Command BTR, Company Command squad, 3 x AT Guided Missile teams.

BTR 80 platoon: 3 BTR 80s, each with 2 fireteams
BTR 80 platoon: 3 BTR 80s, each with 2 fireteams
BTR 80 platoon: 3 BTR 80s, each with 2 fireteams

Command T-72
T-72 Platoon (5 tanks)
T-72 Platoon (5 tanks) My order was expensive compared to the other guys' because I wanted to be able to run either full armored, full Motor, or a mix.

BRDM scout car with Anti tank missiles x 4.  Not going to lie, its weird seeing your anti tank assets mounted on such a flimsy vehicle!  I am used to beefy ISU-122s.

ZSU-23-4 quad AA vehicles x 3.   This is more for show, as I love the models, and I wanted something to go with..

"Straight Flush" mobile Anti Aircraft Radar station (my objective piece)

And the Mi-24, probably the second objective, though some rulesets (Cold War Commander) allow them.  Again, badass looking vehicle and was a must-have.

So there we go, my football pool winnings blown on Soviets :)

16 December, 2012

Infinity Battle Report #1

Chris and I got our new starter sets out and had a couple quick games. We recorded them so we can review all the things we did wrong. I decided to post it anyways, to kick off the blog covering a new games system.


Infinity comes to DDGC!

I started looking for a small scale, sci-fi skirmish game a couple weeks back. Why? I think it comes from the desire to paint something other than 15mm for a change (been working on FoW almost exclusively for over 2 years) along with a vehicle to set up casual game nights, with a game system that can be used to play out campaigns and quick scenarios in 60-90 minutes.

I know, I know, FoW affords us this luxury also with Tank/Infantry Aces. But I am planning a full Market Garden campaign to coincide with the new book releases, and I still wanted to change up my painting. Hence my search.

The first game I tried was MERCS. Diragi was kind enough to play out a couple games using the free quick start rules from their site (http://www.mercsminis.com/). While enjoyable, the "card based movement" felt restrictive to me, and the forces seemed to favor, for lack of a better term, gimmicks. The setting was great, but the models were definitely 1st generation - I wasn't overly impressed with them.

Then I tried Infinity (http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/en/). Take a minute and go look at their model line.

Ok, now go back and REALLY look at those models. They are 28mm - TRUE SCALE. They are proportioned. They are not "heroic" - or GIANT GOOFY HANDS/HEADS scale.

I was immediately drawn to the Yu Jing. They look amazing. So, without knowing what their play style is, I bought this :

The dynamic poses, along with the diversity of model style made me pick them out. Did I mention the box set was $37.75 at our local FLGS http://www.boutiquefdb.com/en. Suffice to say I was stoked when I read on the "Beginners" forum that all the factions can be built out to play in any style. Like heavy armored troops - they have em! Light, fast moving - check. Close Combat focused - Yu Jing have FREAKING NINJAS! Like mechs/bots/drones - they have them in spades also.

The glorious part of this whole thing? Low model count. That's right - low count. Quick games are ~150ts, that's about 5 models. Fully supported international tournament games? 300pts. Roughly 10-12 models, regardless of faction.

This game hit all the criteria I had - before I even tried the rule set. Oh, and I am not sure I can get into a gushing, sappy explanation of how amazing the rules truly are - suffice to say this.....the fact that I can react, on my opponents turn, to any of his moves/actions, means I am always playing - not waiting on your turn, taking hits, to only then react on my own turn. A better example can be seen here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RUMTSj3EHPA

So I have started painting the models, and I have played a few games, and I am loving it. Several of the guys have picked up starter boxes also, so you may see more posts on their progress also. Expect some pics of my models over the coming days!

Also, check out the DDGC forums for more discussions on Flames of War, and now Infinity also. You can click the link at the top of the page, or go directly to our forums here: http://dicedevils.forumotion.ca

CA$H  out!

01 December, 2012

Soviet Tank Army Build: DONE!

Crazy how a different colored cloth can turn an old table setup into a winter one!!  Ca$h's place

Well, they are done!   With 2 days to spare, I had time to spruce up objectives and do up a plane for Matt.   Even though this army faced many King Tigers at the tournament, I think it was a decent choice.. certainly thematic, though not having: Infantry, Artillery, smoke, AA or planes sure didn't help!  Detail shots below

ISU-122's sitting in cover

IS-2's out in the open

T-34s ranging forward, messing with the opponent's plans

Crashed YaK-3P  I had a spare British Objective after making Monty's Humber, so I repainted this one to be a YaK-3 (inline engine like the Hurricane/Typhoon, so looks similar) and I was looking up pics, turns out Free French (of the communist persuasion I am sure) pilots flew Soviet planes in the Normandie-Niemen squadron.   Given I have Free French army, I kinda had to paint the wreck in this scheme!

Behind the '24' note the 2-tone mud effects.   This is a large splotch of drybrushed US Tan Earth 874 then stippled on smaller patches of the darker, Flat Earth 983.   I did these on the road wheels as well, but its tougher to see when not on the faded white.

Click here to see the previous build posts for my Tank List:
Part1:   http://www.dicedevils.com/2012/11/painting-my-soviet-army-part-1test.html
Part 2:  http://www.dicedevils.com/2012/11/soviet-army-t-34-winterizing.html

As usual, final build video is below, enjoy.   Next up, I have to decide whether to go guns blazing on my DAK for MW tournament in April, or to finish my Brits, which would entail repainting the following:  8 Crusaders, 6 Grants, 3 Recce Carriers, 4 x 25lbr battery.  Tough choice.

America! Part 1

So, this is the start of a journey. A journey to the World War 2 American experience (kind of). I am embarking on Late War Americans.

I was looking to start an Allied Late War force, and wanted to play something "different". Not nessesarily different from the whole meta of Late War, but different from anything anyone locally is playing. That meant armored cars, or recon.

So, with the new books having tons of cool toys for Americans in late war, I hitched my wagon on to the Cavalry Recon train! I plan to run more than the minimum recon requirements, and really play a fast and brittle list. I am artificially restricting myself to ONE (1) Tank Destroyer platoon, to keep the list fun for my opponents to play against (I also don't see the need for more than one to be effective - unless all you want is 2 turn Alpha Strike games).

So, here is the list I have been toying with out of Devils Charge:

Confident Veteran USA Late-War

Cavalry Recon Troop HQ (2nd Cav)
2 M8 armored car

Combat Platoons
Cavalry Recon Platoon (2nd Cav) - 2 Platoons
2x M8 armored car
2x Mortar Jeep
2x Recon Jeep

Cavalry Recon Platoon (2nd Cav) - 2 Platoons
2x M8 armored car
2x Mortar Jeep
2x Recon Jeep

Weapons Platoons
Light Tank Platoon (2nd Cav)
4 M24 Chaffee

Support Platoons
Tank Destroyer Platoon (Veteran)
1x .50 cal Recon Jeep
2x M20 Scout Car
4x M18 Hellcat GMC
Improvised Tank Armour(4)

Armoured Rifle Platoon (Trained)
Confident Trained

1x Cmd Rifle team
5x Rifle team
2x M3 half-track with .50 cal AA MG
3x M3 half-track with AA MG
1x M2 60mm mortar
2x M1919 LMG team
2x  Bazooka team

Armoured Field Artillery Battery (Veteran)
1x Cmd Carbine team
1x Staff team
1x M4 Sherman OP
3x M7 Priest HMC

Company Points: 1655

This is just a jumping off point. The idea is that I get some "basics" that I can then roll into either a dedicated Armored Rifle Company, or Tank Company later on!

This is what I managed to get assembled last night, while hanging out with Matt Varnish and Diragi:

So the ARP and Hellcats are assembled, and as can be seen, I have the urban bases from BattleFront for all my infantry - it's still undecided if I will make the winter urban bases - we'll see.

So stay tuned, I plan to chronicle all the assembly, painting of the army, and any list changes. You may also see the AARs as I learn the play style as I hope to post them as well.

The Cavalry recon units are in the mail, so expect a post in the coming days when I receive them!



A "small" diversion...

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