29 May, 2011

15mm Museum minatures

http://www.museumminiatures.co.uk/ This is the web site of the 15mm minatures I bought from. It's mostly medieval models but it does have some great on the side stuff as pictured.  The biggest problem with the site is they don't have pictures for everything so some of the stuff is a stab in the dark. It is all well cast though.

Breakthrough in Bretislava

Feast your eyes upon this board :

This marks the christening of Bretislava. Lothlann and Pripyat played breakthrough on this marvelous board this week as part of our Tier 3 Escalation league. I (CA$H) was on hand as War Correspondent and recoded all the action.

**CAUTION**  Huge amount of pics!

28 May, 2011

Last Week's AAR

"Where is the RAF?????"

AAR after the break.

'Bretislava' City Board for Flames of War

My goal here was to make a FoW city board quickly and cheaply with three modular 2x4 sections that could line up in a variety of ways.  I had some experience making cheap cobblestone so I decided to revisit those methods I used a few years ago.  I bought cheap polystyrene 'cracked ice' light panels and painted them up to look like cobblestone.
Cracked Ice Texture

This time around I decided to cut them into roads, glue them on mdf board and texture the exposed board where the buildings would go.  The 'Bretislava' name was coined by Matt Varnish based on the WWPD Stevograd initiative.  Pseudo-tutorial after the break...

24 May, 2011

More Coverage

Ripsey joined us for our Tier 2 Total War, and has posted some awesome pics on his blog. Check them out here:


18 May, 2011

Tier 3 Starts...

Tier 3 of our escalation league is starting, so here are the points totals including the bonus points from the Total War Tie 2 game:

The points are still tight at the top end, so stay tuned to see what lists people have built for 1500 points, and expect coverage of this week's game in the next couple days!

16 May, 2011

Flames of World of Tanks

Well.. THANK GOD I was in the middle of a hobby bonanza when I heard the WWPD gang talk about WoT, and then Loth convinced me to d-load it last night. Now I am hooked, and need to know a few things as I try and save up enough credits to get out of my Leichtetraktor.. One, how do I join the WWPD clan, since Joyous and Loth are in it already as well as Terrain guy, and 2: I NEVER see any Panzerjager's or Bison;s.. are thyey tier 2? or is it just NO ONE uses them because they are useless?

Any info helps, thanks guys. I plan on painting tonite, each time my tank dies, I have a few minutes to paint, , hence Flames of World of Tanks!!

14 May, 2011

Tier 3 AAR's 'n Pics

"Look, THESE 17pdrs aren't immobile!!"

Last night we ran the first round of Tier 3 in our escalation. I was able to make it out, and this time took the 16 gun artillery army, with 8 25pdrs, and 8 Priests, Hurricanes, and 2 units of Motor Rifles, minus trucks. Brett had his Fallschirmpioneeren, and Tristan v Moser had 8 Katyushkas amongst other things squaring off vs Tristan's Grenadier list (with 1000pts of tanks, you go girl!)

07 May, 2011

Friday Night Fights 1000 pts Total war! GUEST POST

Total War!!!

This FNF's was the Total war game at the end of our 1000 pts tier for the Table Top Tacticians and it was an epic fight.  There was 4000 pts on each side with 7 people playing with 3 Allies players playing 2 Russian armoured Battalions (Lothlann), 1 Russian Infantry Battalion (Pripyat) and 1 US Para Company (Joyous_Oblivion) against 4 German players playing Infantry (Ca$h), Armoured Infantry (Ripsey), and 2 Panzers Companies (Diragi and myself, Big Willie).  We were playing Encounter with 2 defensive objectives and one offensive spread out over two 6 x 4 foot tables.  To speed the game up we decided to have each 1000 pt army deploy half their platoons and each 1000 pt army would roll for it's own reserves.  After talking with WWPD and learning how terrain is treated for Nationals we decided to adjust our playing to get us better prepared in the event we get the chance to play in those types of tournaments.  We played from around 7 pm to 1 am and then called it.  There was a lot going on in the game and a very large table so there are likely holes in the coverage, so for the guys who were there sort me out.


01 May, 2011

Fallschirmjäger Infantry: Part 2 - More Pioneers

In addition to the panzerknackers for my HQ I completed a second platoon of Fallshirmpioneers.  5 stands plus 4 flamethrowers and command.  Combined with these guys -> Fallschirmjäger Infantry: Part 1 (Pioneers), I can now make two platoons of 10 and 7 men.
Fallschirmjäger HQ  

Boo Urns

Well, back from my Epic drive yesterday to Halmitlon and back. Sadly, plasticsoldiercompany hadn't been able to deliver on the plastic panzerIV box or the german infantry box. Battlefront had been unable to deliver on the rest of my stug H39s either. All I got from my order were teh 4 quads needed to tow my immobile 17 pdrs!

However that did not prevent me from getting some other models.. Jay's store has a very good selection, better than Fandom's and has an online store that apparently just went online the other night. (his links arent hot yet it turns out) so I got a few more Tigers, Wittman, and a British HQ scenery piece, which I will use for my 25 pdr staff team scenic base.

So yeah, no review of plastic PzIVs yet

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...