21 July, 2020

Stegadons Work in Progress

Good day all!

This will be a short update on the pair of Stegadons I am working on. It has been a busy July and with the great weather I haven't been spending much time working on models in my basement. I have build two Stegadons. One is the base behemoth with the Skystreak Bow and the other is the Engine of the Gods.

I have focused on getting the skinks done first as my old, well used, and cheap airbrush finally packed it in so I want to wait until I pick up a new one for the beasts themselves. So here is where I am:

I have added a small piece of paper clip to one foot on each skink to allow me to pin them down to the Stegadon howdah once they are painted. This also allows me to pin them to small pieces of trim to spray and paint them in batches. I will complete these skinks this week, and move on to the Stegadons and howdahs next week.

Here is the a picture of the zenithal primed Stegadons awaiting the airbrush:

You can expect an update early next week with the completed skink "crew" along with any more work I manage to get done on the Stegadons themselves.

Work on the army is slowing down over summer as I expected it would, but I will keep getting small achievable steps completed and the army will continue to grow. I really am still enjoying the building and painting of this army. I am also excited for the resumption of in-person gaming and having many many games to learn how to play these guys effectively!

Thanks for following my progress - stay cool out there!


10 July, 2020

Sneaky Skinks!

Hi all,

This is just a quick update as I have been busy on a short family vacation and work. I have completed a small unit of Chameleon Skinks. These came in the large lot I picked up and had base coats already done so I just finished the job - highlights, shading, touch-ups and basing etc:

More pictures after the break!

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