30 April, 2011

League Update

Hi all,

I have updated the Escalation League page to reflect the battles from last nights FNF. Videos will be up with full ARR in the next 24hrs or so. Here is where the points stand heading into next weeks Tier 2 Total War game:

The points lead can swing quickly with the results of the Total War, and with the final Tier 3 (1500 points) games. Stay tuned for more info on the Total War game and the Tier 3 regs!

Expect next week's Total War to be epic - each player fielding his 1000 point force - we are hoping for 4k per side on 4'x12' awesomeness!

CA$H out,

25 April, 2011

Fallschirmjäger Infantry: Part 1

I finally got my first batch of FSJ infantry done!  It took me a while to sort out the colours. I got a small platoon of Pioneers with supply truck done plus an LG40 platoon.

Fallshirmpioneer platoon with Pioneer Supply truck accompanied by LG40 platoon.

21 April, 2011

Tester River

Test river, one thing about these rivers is its easy to get the paint off, just need some warm water. I think its too bright but the flow looks preaty good. Just trying to get some comments. I know the banks need a bit more work.


I got my order for rivers in from maelstrom today, I figured I would do a quick review. They are made by http://www.totalbattleminiatures.com/ I got 2 sets, both made for 6'x4' Narrow and Wide sets.

20 April, 2011

The German Response.....

With the push recently into an air power arms race, I feel compelled to throw my hat into the ring! And so I present my new flight of Junker Ju87 Stukas - with bombs.

Read on for more details on the kits and some glory pics!

US Reinforcements

Ok so it's been awhile since I posted anything so here goes...

Minus the decals and a couple minor touch ups here is my squad of P40 Warhawks, ready to support my Mid War 82nd Airborne...

19 April, 2011

Rankings HQ

We are now registered as a club on http://www.rankingshq.com/ !! Simply search for "Tabletop Tacticians" and apply! We are always looking to meet new gamers.

I also finally got around to getting myself Flames of War Dog Tags (#620) and found the communication with both parties simply amazing. I just want to take the chance to say "Thank you!" to both Joe Krone (FoW) and Andrew Galea (RankingsHQ) for their speedy and polite responses to my silly questions.

More club news to follow......

CA$H out.

17 April, 2011

Tier 2 Update

Our Mid War Escalation League got underway this weekend with FNF taking place at Pripyat's place.  A total of 5 Games were played, and some new force lists kept people on their toes. Here is a summary of the wins/losses:

Hats off to Drew for winning both of his opening games! His new Stuka's were definitely the stars of his games - taking home multiple tank kills. We only had one camera there, so coverage suffered - an issue we will not have again with more people bringing cameras to cover all the action. More games are planned for this week's FNF, so stay tuned for more!

CA$H out.

16 April, 2011

FoW 1000pt Escalation League game

Aces High

So I played against Brett tonite, 1000 pts of Escalation goodness. I ran 8 25pdrs, 4 17pdrs, 2 small units of infantry and a cheap squadron of sporadic Hurricane support.

By the above video, guess what unit just couldnt stay off the board? hahah

14 April, 2011

Stealing Matt Varnish's Thunder

So I thought I'd show Matt Varnish what real Artillary looks like... 9 Mortars, 4 Regimental guns, 8 Heavy Mortars, 9 Zis-3, 4 122mm Howitzers, 4 152mm howitzers, 8 Kayusha.
This is a pic of all the stuff I ordered that came in this week, truthfully not sure why I ordered so much, I think now i have enough midwar russians to do everything, except for cossaks.

13 April, 2011

Grey Knights vs Orks - 1750 pts

Annihillation, Pitched Battle, Orks go first.
  • Coteaz and Draigo lead 3x 5-man Purifier Squads (rhinos), 3 Paladins (LR), 3x small henchmen squads (2 chimeras + LR).  General = Twinlinked 
  • Orks led by a Warboss on a bike (w/ bikers), PainBoy (or FNP Spec Char), 3 battlewagons  2 w/ rolla, 3 squads of boys with PK one of them armoured, Nobz with Big Choppas.  General = 36Dice
Bottom of 1st turn:  Incinerator Purifiers disembark and prepare to slow down the  fast-moving bikers.

11 April, 2011

Sisters vs Marines - 1750pts

5 Objectives/Pitched Battle.  Sisters commanded by Grumblebunny.  SM led by Henshini.
Space Marine frontline; compact and centered on the table edge.  The Sisters have each flank protected by a squad of dismounted infantry while their transports and Immolaters take up the center opposite the SMs.

The sisters push forward.  The fast-moving (and raging) Repentia close on a rather surprised Land Speeder.  I wonder how this meeting will end up?

10 April, 2011



Well, figured I'd show people what 4 solid hours of WWPD-listening (had to catch up, I am now on 2nd last episode) and assembling has given me:

Behold, the 20 gun battery of the Royal Artillery!

07 April, 2011

Things be a changing........


Where to start? The Drunken Gamers site is growing, and Friday Night Fights continues to be expand and bring in more players. With this, there has been talk of forming a "proper" club here in Ottawa, that will cover all the tabletop interests we share. With the club talk, inevitably talk of a "clean" name for our little club has been brought up. After much discussion, we have fallen upon the name "TableTop Tacticians" or "TTT". This name was chosen to reflect our love of miniature gaming, in the many forms we enjoy(FoW, 40k, Warmachine, Dystopian Wars, etc). You can expect the same great content to continue (and grow!).

With all this being said, we will be moving the Drunken Gamers blog over to a new site: http://tabletoptacticians.blogspot.com/

I will be moving all of our content there, and we will be registering on http://www.rankingshq.com/ and with BattleFront.

This is not so much the start of something awesome, but an evolution. We plan on sponsoring events here in the city, and with our escalation league gaining interest, bringing more people into our hobby. If any of our readers have any sage advice (pitfalls, issues you overcame) please drop the club a line at tabletoptacticians@gmail.com

I encourage our readers to follow us at the new site (once its all moved). Stay tuned for more info!



04 April, 2011

Does this list make me a douchebag? :)

(put this on while you read)

So.. obviously I'm not made to run a pure infantry list, so I might try something out: Maximum Artillery.

I'm looking at running Motor Rifle British, so that I can run a full 8 gun battery of 25 pdrs, and a full 8 Priests. I could then run Hurricanes as my final template unit, and then the 2 Motor Squads and command. It will probably suck, in that there is no way I can hide them all, and I have literally nothing else but artillery :)

Anyhoo, this is what I am thinking of doing, and so I will paint these 2 units up after I figure out how to set up all the gunners between my Arty and my 4 17pdrs... the 17pdrs came with no crew from Maelstrom.

02 April, 2011

600 pt Escalation comes to a close.

Sorry to Marty: I should have posted our game much sooner, so we can see the finished US Paras.

And here are some vids

vs US Paras

600 Pt Total War mega battle, 3 x 600 point armies, vs another 3 x 600 pt armies.

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...