05 November, 2011

Soviet Infantry vs 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision - 1500pts LW No Retreat

Lothlann's Soviet Horde vs Prip's 1. Fallschirmjägerdivision from Cassino

Newly painted FSJ arriving from reserves.

Prip's List
HQ w/ Knackers, Panzershrecks and 2 Mortars
10 Team FSJ w/ Knacker
7 Team FSJ w/ Knacker
10 Team FSPionier with Truck
4 Heer Marder III Ms
2 Pak 40s
3 Nebs

Lothlann's List
Co. with 2 platoons, Kom
Co. with 2 Platoons
4 Flamethrowers
6 45mm AT
3 Su-152
4 Su-85s
Arty with 4 Zis-3 and 4 122 w/ observer

No Retreat with Soviets on the attack.


Germans. Pios on left.  Jagers on right.  Mortars in the middle.

Soviet line with Arty in the back.
Board.  Nebs bottom left.
Turn 1:
Soviets move up.  Get smoked.
Nebs smoke Su-85s and 45mm AT on right flank.  Marders arrive from reserves.

Mortars smoke Su-152s on left flank.

Bottom of 1.
Turn 2:
Soviets push forward.  Get smoked and rocketed.
Mortars smoke right flank.

Marders take out an eager Su-152.  One Marder bogs on the walled compound.

Nebs hit and pin infantry.  Pios open up as the Soviet infantry get too close for comfort.
Turn 3:
Soviet infantry fail to unpin. 1iC still on his lunch break (in the forest at the top of pic).  Nebs smoke Su-85s.  Marders hit the Su-152s again but Su-152 commander stays in the fight.
Bottom of 3.

Marders push forward.

Short platoon of reserve FSJ heading to right flank objective.
Turn 4:
Su-152 commander flanks to his left and takes out a Marder.  Marders counter and drop him.

Su-152s burn on the left.

Soviet infantry unpin move forward.
Turn 5:
Reserve FJS arrive at the right objective to reinforce defenders.  Nebs smoke Su-85s.  Again.
Right Flank.

Attempted Soviet assault gets pinned with the help of the Marder MGs.  Pios assault Soviet infantry and get bitch slapped.  Stay in the fight but both are below half.

Soviet infantry assault pinned FSJ on the right flank.  Both units are depleted below half before Soviets back up to the treeline.

Depleted FSJ prepare to counter on their turn and push those pesky Soviets back off of half.
Turn 6:
Left flank.
The understrength Soviets wear down the FSPios and push into their ranks onto the objective!  Yikes!  Rifle fire bails a Marder top of turn 7.

Bottom Turn 6:
Left flank.
Marders gun down one of the remaining two teams and the lone survivor quits the field.

After pushing the infantry and tanks back FSJ take cover.

Turn 7:
Right flank.
FSJ assault the infantry again and breakthrough into the Su-85s.  Volley fire top of turn 7 and DF in the bottom of turn 7 reduces the unit down to 2 teams.  Severely depleted they consolidate into cover.  Only to have the panzershreck team killed by volley fire on Turn 8.
Turn 8:
Lone FSJ Platoon Commander tries to kill off the two remaining members of the Soviet infantry on the right flank.  Fails and is killed in a failed assault.  Rifle/MGs, Nebs and Mortar try to kill off 45mm guns fail but maange to kill the commander. Pak 40s (who arrived on turn 6 take out the remaining Su-85. As the remaining Soviets are unable to keep pushing forward we call it there as a 5-2 win for zee germans.

Great game Chris, even if we played a little slowly!

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