30 December, 2011

FSSF vs Red Bear Tankovy: 1500pts LW Breakout

T-34/85 HQ w/ Cupola and Escorts
5x T-34/85 w/ Cupola
10x T-34 w/ Cupola
3 IS-2 w/ Escorts
6 Sappers

3 Full FSSF platoons W/ Bazooka
4x 105s
4x 155s
Small Pioneer/HMG platoon

Breakout Scenario with Tanks attacking.

28 December, 2011

AAR 58, US Vet's vs Duane's Germans

Quick post, I have to go work today unlike almost everyone else.. Above we have Andrew's US Veterans v Duane's Germans. Duane is using a tonne of stuff he never used before, like '88s, Goliath, trucked Pios.

Below, I show off my Christmas loot. I got a Flames of War case plus 1 each of all the desert terrain from GF9

13 December, 2011

AAR 56, 21 Panzer Beutes v FSJ

No pics, just awesome: Brett and I played a ways back, and I had to attack dug in FV infantry in Counter Attack. I figured I had a trick up my sleeve, lets see if it worked out.

11 December, 2011

FSJ vs 3rd ID - 1500pt LW Free For All

Twinlinked vs Pripyat on a Saturday Night Fights.  The videos are a little shaky.  All apologies (I'll try the YouTube stabilize feature and see how that looks). This is the first one I have done, I'll try to do better next time.

06 December, 2011

Blame Canada: Vs USA, AAR 55

(above) Rob's usual flair for the historically accurate means he is using this Ram Kangaroo Sherman as his OP Shermans, It had a MG turret as you can see here for the troop transport version, or a smaller gun turret for the tank version. The transport version was an improvised transport much like the De-Frocked Priest.

Friday Night Fights from last week, we saw Rob's amazing Canadian army vs Andrew's US Veterans (Dogs & Devils list) The irony is that both players are/were real Cdn Soldiers. Mision is Counter Atack, same as previous AAR, with Rob's Armoured force attacking. Video AAR after pics.

(above) Royal Canadian Artillery. Most of the crew are still being painted, but will look great when finished. Its worth clicking the thumbnail to see the details he has put in to this force.

(above) as Rob's Shermans sweep towards the US defensive position under smoke, you can see the C15-TAs (Cdn Scout cars) being used as gunless halftracks for his Motor Platoon. Excellent find Rob, and very historical.

(above) Shermans within assault range of a tonne of Bazookas...

(above) close-up of Rob's Cdn Armoured Corps.. note the accurate barrel colouration.. black on top, so it looks like a regular 75mm to hide the 17pdr, with white underpaint, to limit the shadow of the barrel on the ground. The zoom-in shot reveals its working, as you can't see the shadows from the desklight! Great Stuff!

Scroll Down to find out how the game ends, as I had to start my game at the top of their last turn..

Rob, facing down a 4-3 loss, decides to pack it in, as he was in no position to keep going, facing Coy Motivation tests. Victory for the US troops, including a posthumously awarded Medal of Honor.

03 December, 2011

AAR 54, Cromwells v Das Reich

(above) 7th AD Cromwells in the Counter Attack mission vs Das Reich Inf.

So its been a while, but we had a tournament 2 weeks ago, then Adam (Clockwerks) send-off to Calgary last week, so we have 3 games for this Friday Night Fights
The next tournament for us is Game Summit in February 2012, it is LW 1500 points, and folks are running new lists.

Tristan is running 7th AD, Reluctant Vets, roughly:

2 HQ Cromwells, 2 AA Crusaders
Cromwells plus Firefly (Challenger model = Firefly)
Cromwells plus Firefly
4 x Achilles (M10s with 17pdrs)(proxied by Panzer IV-70s)
3 Recce Stuarts
2 Recce Damilers, 1 Dingo (proxied by UCs)
2 Sextons for smoke, AOP

Chris is running Das Reich:

HQ Shreck guys
Full unit of SS plus Shrecks
Full unit of SS plus Shrecks
small scout squad
2 x Grilles
10.5 Arty x 3
2 x Flak guns

Video below the next pic.

In Counter Attack, the attacker rolls randomly for where their stuff deploys, somehow Tris gets all his tanks in the same spot!!

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...