13 September, 2017

Flames of War MW 75pt Rearguard with identical DAK tank lists

Matt had his airbags go off after hitting a lamp post in a parking lot after a tournament a few years ago in his green jeep.  I ofc made an objective for him!
So after a fun time at Canadian Nationals, one thing was clear: we did not have enough practice games with the new rules or our lists.  Matt and I decided to start fixing that now, only 51 weeks until next event, so why not get into it with 75 points of MW!   I drove up to his new place, we set up a table, and then decided to play identical lists:

75pts DAK Panzer Ko.

Pzr III HQ tank w/ 5cm short:  5pts
Pzr III platoon (4 tanks) w/ 5cm short:   20pts
Pzr IV platoon (4 tanks) w/ 7.5cm short:  24pts
Pzr II platoon (4 tanks):  8 pts
Marder platoon (4 tanks) w/ 7.62cm:   16 pts
8-Rads (2):  2 pts

I wanted to rock a basic mission, but I let myself get co-erced into playing Rearguard.   I rolled a 1 to see who would attack, so I got to defend.   Video as usual is at the end, enjoy!

After deployment, I am on the left, with Pzr IIIs in Ambush.

05 September, 2017

Flames of War Canadian Nationals Stats and Lists

Hey guys, here are the final standings for Canadian Nationals 2017.    
We played small, middle and large lists (1050, 1405 and 1865 pts) and here were the rounds/missions/list levels:
Small – Hasty Attack
Large - Fallback
Middle – Free For All
Large - Breakthru
Small - Counterattack
Middle – Dust Up

You will see some clever use of Artillery transports in Chuck's list (which will be nerfed shortly by needing to stay near the parent company)and surprisingly, only two of the lists below used more than 1 formation.   Enjoy.

#1  Chris Johnson did not submit to Dave (or Dave forgot to send it to me) but we have some intel, here is a pic of his army:   

04 September, 2017

Flames of War Cdn Nationals 2017 Picture Dump

Jack Daniels, Pepsi, and Flames of War, does it get any better, really?   

Hey gang, just a quick picture dump of Cdn Nationals 2017.  We played 3 different points levels, Late War V4, using the Gen-Con rules for determining Attacker-Defender, AND by unanimous vote to Dave Griffin, we also used the Proposed Win Conditions (designed to reduce draws) from the week-old More Missions from the front.  The points levels were 1050, 1405 and 1865, with 2 games at each points lvl over the course of 2 days.   I personally wasn't a huge fan of the points lvls, because with the small Warrior book, main V4 rulebook, More Missions, MLFTF, and whatever else you had going on, it was a lot of book keeping during games.    Anyways, picture dump for you guys, and I had tried to get as many army shots prior to game one as possible.   Enjoy!

My KG Peiper.  Can't have the SS without a church and some flames right?

A "small" diversion...

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