13 January, 2013

More Infinity


Pripyat and I managed to squeek in an Infinity game this Sunday. He brought over his Combined Army, and went up against my Yu Jing list. Let's head straight to the action :

I learned the hard lesson of just how deadly mines can be. I hope you enjoyed it!



12 January, 2013

FNF Battle Report- Chaffees vs PanzerPoineers

Take a look at Diragi PanzerPoi's vs PhantomRescue's Chaffees!

I hope you enjoyed the action!

09 January, 2013

Infinity Scratch Built Terrain - Attempt #1

So with a few of the lads and I getting more games of Infinity I thought I would try my hand at scratch building some basic terrain to add to our collection.

I decided to start simply, and test out some ideas. To get things going, I bought two 2'x3' sheets of foamboard for about $8 total. I then set about measuring and cutting out pieces to build two simple buildings.

The goal of the buildings was to introduce line of sight blockers while still encorporating multiple access point and windows. Here is what I started with:

As you can see, I make them stackable, as well as aligning the opposite doorways to allow us to put them together to make one, larger building. I simply used my hot glue gun so assembly time was all told at about 10 minutes (after cutting out the parts).

To start on the painting, I decided I wanted them to appear "prefab" or concrete looking. To keep things as simple as possible the base coat was Krylon Grey Primer. It came out an great mid level grey. To add some texture to the flat grey, I lights sprayed a dusting of Krylon White Primer on all the surfaces. The end result can be seen here :

In the last few pics, I added a couple of my Yu Jing models for scale, and to show that I managed to make the whole building a great line of sight blocker. I think they may even make for some interesting indoor firefights in our upcoming games. Once I have done some more detail work (like making stair for when they are stacked, and adding interior details) I will update the blog with another post.

All told, my total investment so far is:

~$8 -Two 2'x3' sheets of foamboard (one sheet I haven't even touched yet!)
~50 cents of hot glue
~$8 - 2 cans of Krylon Spray Primer ($4 at walmart each)
1.5 hours of my time.

All in all, pretty decent starter, and super fast and simple to make. Expect to see them on our table top soon!



A "small" diversion...

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