31 March, 2016

"Afrika Korps Units ready, Mein Herr!"

88, fresh off the boat in Tripoli

So, 6 weeks ago I finished off my Team Yankee Soviet stuff I had been working on, and since then I have been pretty busy. Went to Arizona for 2 weeks, so what have I been up to?   Painting old DAK units. I had a box of 88s that I bought 5 years ago, Panzer IIIs I had from 2012, and Panzer IVs from the first release of Plastic Soldier Company. With this weekend's Petawawa MW tournament, it was a good time to get cracking and get these guys finally on the table. Pics after the jump

18 March, 2016

PAK 40 Build and Paint (Part 1)

Sometimes you have some free time to help others out! Since I have been very busy building and painting some of the things in my pile of unpainted minis, I had a chance to build and paint a PAK 40 platoon. They don't belong to me, but I had a lot of fun doing my own a few years back and sometimes it's tough for others to find the time to get their own stuff done. No big deal, take on the challenge for turning out some models for a friend.

11 March, 2016

Panzer V 'Panther' Tanks with Finishing Touches and Pictures

The nice thing about taking the time to building a small lightbox to take your pictures in, is that they turn out great. The right balance of light and a digital camera make all the difference. The Panther Company I have had sitting incomplete is finally done. You likely saw them in progress this week while I have had some spare time to paint.

09 March, 2016

March of Tanks

Getting some stuff done is what 2016 is all about. I purchased a Grex airbrush a few years ago and have not had the opportunity to scratch paint some armor with it yet. I usually take the shortcut of priming my tanks in their base coat color using any number of the pre-mixed spray cans for models. Whether it's the Armor Spray by PSC or Warpainters lineup of great paints, I wanted to paint an entire platoon using just my airbrush.

Just one of the many Panthers on the table getting some work done to it. This one is an older one I had used some of those shortcuts I was talking about. Could I make the others look like this after the models from the rest of the box set were still in pieces? Let's find out......

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...