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FNF AAR Finns vs Germans - 1500pts LateWar

Hey all!

Last night we witnessed a grueling battle between PhantomRescue's Germans and Lothlann's Finns. The mission was Cauldron, 1500 points Late War.

Here is a pic of the board they played on :

NOTE: the bocage(they played them as hedgerows) are none other than the new ones MattVarnish bought from WWPD's Luke at Historicon!
The video report:

First Game on New Table

I have been hard at work trying to get at least one playable surface completed so I can start playing some games at my house. Up until a little while ago I had no terrain to speak of and was just starting to buy some buildings here and there. I ended up getting a few rocky hills for my birthday, along with desert palms. Looking around for trees I was able to get some bamboo lengths, tree-top pieces and some material for fields. The table is not yet complete however, there are a few things I will be completing on this project. The ends need to be put on, the fabric covering requires a trim in a few areas and I will likely replace the playing surface with a one piece top. Currently I have 3 separate pieces of 2'x4' sheets of thin board being supported underneath. Attaching legs is still a necessity as I would like to use this table without needing a 6' or other surface under it. IKEA has great options for legs, that's right I said IKEA. A poker table I had built a few y…

Historicon Video Coverage

Shawn, Marty and I drove down to Fredericksburg VA for Historicon and the MW Nationals tournament. Video is in 2 parts, and is in the order I filmed it! First video is mainly day one (which really is Friday despite me saying Saturday in there somewhere) with some other game coverage from the rest of the 'Con

And second video has a tonne of coverage of the sales areas with some CRAZY prices on stuff. Clearly I am in the wrong business! Not that much of it went at those prices. If the vendor area is a bit dry for you, skip to 15:00 of video 2, the WWPD podcast intro is near the end. I'll add pics later today.

FnF 20 July 2k12

So it was a small game with just Cash and myself on Friday. We rolled up Hasty Attack and played on a well laid out board that featured a 'Y' crossing in the centre of the terrain.

I took this video with my HTC One S but decided I need to find a better way of managing the movie afterwards, I have yet to see if I can just shoot it as one continuous file. As of right now, converting the files and finding a decent frame rate and resolution is proving interesting. I might shoot in lower quality on my phone in the future. It still takes great pics though!

FNF - July 13th - Aussies vs Finns - Mid War

Check out the action from last night's game between Lothlann's Finns and PhantomResue's Aussie. Mid war and the mission was Pincer!

Focke......Focke-wulf that is!

Recently I stopped into Hobby Centre and picked up a few brushes, paint and some ballast stones for basing. I had a look at some of the items in their 'bargain' rack of aircraft models. The only real reason I had a second glance is because they had some smaller boxes of 144 scale mixed in with the usual 1/72(32) stuff. I grabbed a Focke-wulf 190A kit for about $6 with the full intention of basing it and using it as an objective marker. I have had the idea to make a few different markers without much time to actually work on anything going on in my head. One of which is still a 007 DB5 hiding under a palm tree for some (insert Sean Connery) shhhade, but that's anotha projekt my dear.(exit Sean Connery)

So with the box in hand, I noticed once unpacked and assembled is, this kit is extremely basic. The decal sheet was horrible and the parts lacked even the simplest of detail, like lines for panels, wing detail.....but then for $6 I guess I should be happy all the parts were …

Summer Siege 2012 Results

Best Overall - Tristan Cash
Best Allied General - Louis Santerre
Best Axis General - Drew Willis
Best Army - Dennis Campbell
Best Sport - Matt Mackenzie
Darwin's Blade - Dean Marquis
Murphy's Luck - Scott Roach
Top Door Prize - Mike Abbott

Thank you to all who helped and Perkin's Hobbies, Freres de Batailles and The Hobby Centre for prize support.

Tournament Day! (Aftermath Version)

(Just a short excerpt from Saturdays action)Taking an early break after Cash ran down my Pak 38's with a swarm of tanks. My German army is finally getting some play time after being away for 8 weeks.With two games down, I am sitting 1-1 with a chance to win my next game after dinner break. I am still messing around to learn a few ways that my new list plays. I am playing a Panzergren Infantry list from Grey Wolf and have added 8cm mortars, 88's, Panzer IV and Marder platoons for armored support. With 4 HMG's being thrown in the mix, it sits at 1500 on the nose. I will post the exact breakdown when i get a chance. END Quick Report

OK! So it's early Sunday and the aftermath of Summer Siege has taken its toll on my army! I learned a ton of info from playing in my second tournament and likely only my 20th game or so of Flames of War. Here's a better breakdown of what I experienced yesterday which ended in a 1-1-1 record. I promised to list what I used during the tour…

TAPV and Dismounts

Here's the pretty much finished TAPV (minus liquid greenstuff in the cracks) and my attempt at a remote weapons station.  \If I decide I like it, I'll make a hole in the top of the hull and drop it in.

I've also added some of the troops it will carry.  they have been assembled and base coated with Model Master \olive drab.

I actually have about a third of the infantry completed, but just for fun, I'm showing them from the start of the painting stage.

TAPV Updated

I've made great progress on my TAPV and its almost ready for molding.  I just have to add the little nubs to the add on armour pieces.

I still need to make the remotge weapons station with a heavy stubber and an auto cannon.  I also need to come up with one more set of lights like the one in the above photo.

I may regret not having a cupola that I can stick a crew commander in, so \I may re-do it one day.  But at least it looks like the real thing. (Well the prototype anyways.  With my luck the real vehicle will have some major changes.)