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Review: Flames of War Figure Case

Well for my xmas gift to myself, I shelled out the $100 for a Flames of War case.

I play US for flames of war, specifically a tank company, and the start of a paratrooper army.

My first impression was WOW! The things is really well made, and is durable. There is a lot of room for models inside of all kinds (infantry, tanks, command teams, artillery, armoured infantry and vehicles, etc).

The only issue I have, is that the foam included is generic, so any army can use it. Now for any of the infantry or artillery, basically anything on a base this is no problem, as the bases sizes are standard and fit nice and snugly.

The problem is in the tank and vehicle areas. I play with shermans, stuarts, M10s and halftracks, and unfortunately, the US versions of these are smaller than other armies, which leads to lost turrets in general jumbling around if i am rough with the case (as I was on purpose to test it).

Now, I am in the process of magnetizing all my turrets so that should solves the prob…

Ultramarines: The Movie - The Sober Gamer Review

(After reading several reviews of the Ultramarines movie created by Codex Pictures, I found that there are myriad viewpoints on the movie from the perspective of a Warhammer gamer, but none that I could find which reviewed the movie as what it is: a movie. My attempt here is to write something that any theater-goer can read - gamer or no - and get a sense of what they're about to watch.)
Before you know anything else about this movie, you need at least a cursory awareness of a table-top game called Warhammer 40,000. Created approximately three decades ago by Games Workshop, the fictional universe in which the game is played forms the basis of the Ultramarines movie. Since its inception, it's become an internationally-loved game and hobby in which fans build sci fi miniatures, paint them, and then play against each other in a table-top war-game involving dice and measuring tape. The most popular army to play in Warhammer 40,000 is the Ultramarines… and it's they who have ins…

Saturday Is Alright For Fighting - FoW

1500 pts - CA$H's German Panzers vs J-O's US Tank Co. - FoW
Scenario - Encounter
Saturday, Dec 18th

Deployment. Left - US. Right - Germans. Germans get first turn.

Turn 1: Germans move forwards aggressively on their left flank.

US push forward. StuGs hang out with God.

Turn 2: US move up towards German left flank after Panzers bail a Sherman.

US move up the middle towards the StuGs.

Turn 3: US and Germans slug it out over left flank objective. After German reinforcements show. Both Co. Commanders are down.

Turn 4: Germans reposition to face Shermans on left flank.

German halftracks come from reserves and race to US side.

US bail or pop remaining Panzers. Germans down 2 platoons of 4.

Armoured platoon reinforcements force bail out on Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers.

Turn 5: End Game.
German Co. morale test is auto failed as Co. commander is dead.


So Dennis came over one day to do some painting and modeling and, when he did, he had a bunch of cork in a bag that he was using for some Flames of War scenery. I've heard of people using cork in scenery and bases, but had never tried it myself. Like far too many things, I just assumed there was some arcane black magic to making it look good. Dennis, who had brought lots of cork along (pulled from one of those cheap-o bulletin boards you get at a stationary/office supply store) left a chunk behind and encouraged me to give it a try.
Very simple: - Broke off some cork chunks and glued them on (with a mind towards putting models on them later, so I did space and size them appropriately) - Glued a little sand around them and on them to give them texture - Painted Chaos Black - Overbrushed Graveyard Earth - Drybrushed Desert Yellow - Drybrushed Bleached Bone - Glued a tiny bit of static grass on for realism and contrast
It's almost too easy.

StuG III G Platoon

Flames of War keeps burning strong with me, I can't stop thinking/painting/planing!! I just finished my small platoon of StuG III G:

I modeled the paint scheme after some examples I found of ambushing StuGs at Kursk in 1943. They were a blast to paint, and I think will look awesome on the table. I would love any feedback or comments on how I can improve. I plan to paint my 1iC and 2iC Panzer IV Hs and they will have a slightly different scheme.

Once those HQ panzers are complete, I will have 1500 points painted and ready for Game Summit. I will them be focusing on some terrain, roads, etc for our tables.  

Before I forget, here are some pics of a small 1000 point game Lothlann and I played last Saturday, testing out some units. We learned a lot about the rules, and just played to roll some dice and get more familiar with the rules. We fought over a small town consisting of some dollar store houses Joyous_Oblivion picked up, that we play to strip and paint up for an Eastern Front tabl…

Flames of War Battle Reports

Tristan worked his tail off to paint these PanzerGrenadiers this week

Alright, so FoW is picking up steam, and we have Pripyat (Brett) over and Marty to add to the usual crew tonite. I don't have my models yet from Drew so I played with a unit or two. FYI we are all total Noobs to this, which is part of the appeal. I've been playing WFB /40k for more than 10 years and it s refreshing to be see a new system with wide eyes again.

First game was Russians (Brett and Chris) vs Germans (Tristan and Marty/Me when Marty had to leave) 1500 points.

Here is Video plus some pics below:

And right after, we played a Russia vs Russia game, this time with the armor on both sides in Reserves, to force us to see those rules. In the End we get to see how an assault works, though due to my Camera's wonky showing of full battery bars in the morning then half when I get to Tristan's, I run out of Battery and we miss turn 2. Though it was just advance towards the objectives, get shot at :…

Flames of War terrain

Well, for the Winter Game Summit Flames of War gaming, I picked up some TT scale rail model buildings.. they are PERFECT and were cheap as hell. Also pictured for scale , are teh old GW small trees, which I got from Bayshore, not pictured: all their hedges.

Also, priest thrown in to show scale.

Ill assemble my Priests tomorrow, so I have SOMETHIGN to use on Friday night when I show up after work...

And so it progresses..

Flames of War has bitten my pretty hard, and I ordered some much needed 15mm terrain for our upcoming gaming this Friday. Here is some quick picks of it prior to being painted:

It is all from "JR Miniatures" ordered from the Warstore. Very cost effective at about $5 per piece ($7 for the bridge). Matt Varnish has mentioned a desire to start painting it this Friday while we get some games of FoW in. I will be posting WIP pics of my German PanzerKompanie tomorrow - Stay Tuned!

CA$H out.

Shoot, forgot to post 2 Bat Reps

Here we go, these were from last week. Enjoy

Apparently Ive been using the Narthecium wrong, I can't use it if the model with it is in combat. However, he can be in any squad, so I might put the Narth in a squad that would hang back behind my command squad.

Also, no video for it, but I played Deathwing again vs Dark Eldar Wrack, Wych Raider Ravager spam. And won somehow. Wyches have been massively toned down since previous book.. I got triple charged and lived.

Flames of War!

Hey all,

Just dropping a quick note to let you all know that we are starting into Flames of War and coverage will begin on the site in the next week or two. So stay tuned for battle reports, modeling, lists etc.

We are also ramping up for the 40k Tournament at Game Summit 2011. As a feeder tournament for Las Vegas, a lot is one the line and our armies are going to be built up to 1850pts. More info about Game Summit can be found here:

* For clarification, I do not represent Game Summit, this is just a link to the event.

200th Post, 2 VIDEOS!!!!

Well I had a truly EPIC game of 40k over at Orbital's on Thursday. Tried out my Deathwing at 1850 for February's Game Summit Tournament, and he was using his tried and true dual foot council list (Video Battle Report 10 I think vs my Nids)

Enough Jibber Jabber, watch it.. Its in two parts because this game was so Epic.

I guess Eldar will just have to wait a while...

'Cause Sobergamer's got a brand new thing going on:

Lurking Sucks...

Ok so I am about to stop lurking on my own blog and begin posting. I've very recently purchased a new home with my fiance and we move in this week!

Yes I have my own hobby room, it will be soon upgraded with a couple desks and a lot of shelves :)

Pics of the new fangled hobby room will come next week, and some pics of my recently completed valkyries!

For now though I'll sit back and see what new goodies my compatriots mare working on...


Night Lords 1st Company

So, for Game Summit 2011 I am planning on taking Deathwing.. Pre Heresy Night Lords Deathwing.. with my all RTB01 termies no less. But the biggest thing stopping me was figuring out how to make Pre heresy shoulder pads. Ive seen plenty of tutorials on how to make them.. for the new plastic termies, loyal and chaos.. but nothing for models that have their shoulder pads already on... So today I hit up Hobby House and found some tubing and thin plastic stripping. Here is how they look.. keep in mind, the models are getting repainted, most of them are second hand, but the company standard is staying, its from my old command squad. Still need to rivet the shoulders, but Ill do them in batches of 10 models using the white glue drop method.