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Kings of War: Napoleonic French Fusiliers Tabletop Ready

I quickly painted a regiment  for Kings of War.. I am using Kingdom of Man list so these are Arquebusiers.  They are just Perry Miniatures plastic French Line Infantry.   I will ink and detail them later, but I have only a few weeks to get colour on models before the first tournament of Kings of War.. early October!

Command models and casualty figure.. the casualty has been inked and detailed, the regular guys just basecoated.   "Good from Far, but Far from Good" :)
Another shot of the backpacks, where 90% of the detail is.... Next up Cannons.  Then I have to figure out a QUICK way to paint 25 horses ....

Vive La France! (Kings of War army.. French Napoleonics...)

Yes, so the lads locally have been getting into Kings of War.. and while I was going to paint up my dwarves, (on the civic holiday I started) I had to stop.  Why?  This would be the 3rd dwarf army I would paint.  My first was converted 40k Dwarves, aka Squats.. and the second was my Chaos Dwarves, again converted.   Just couldn't do it!!  So I gave away the models to my buddy Matt, and Rob has the other half.   Therefore I am left with nothing that is not historical.. so ofc why not do Napoleonics?  Haha.  I ordered Perry Miniatures plastics from Sentry Box in Calgary, in order to not get hosed in the atrocious Cdn Dollar right now on UK or US orders, and got my metals from the Warstore.  Both orders came in within hours of each other, and here is what I got:

I've G'ot Tha Beast In M'y Sights

The fact I have an entire new army to paint for a game I never expected to play or really have any interest in, comes as a surprise to myself. In starting to figure out how to even paint my new Dwarves is a little outside of my 'element'.

So, in looking for ideas and suggestions, it looks as though I'll be using the color scheme of one of my favorite Hearthstone cards.
Hearthstone is an online card game that is easy and fun to play, created by Blizzard Entertainment. They're responsible for Warcraft, Starcraft and of course World of Warcraft.

I plan on using blue for the trim around the armor of my Dwarf army. It's outside the norm and will look great once they are all on the table together.

Mixed Drinks Anyone?

DAKKA!!! DAKKA!!! DAKKA!!! Take that, Jerry!!
So with another Friday Night Fights in the books, we had a little bit of everything on the table. I hosted and was able to setup a Flames of War table and an area for me to try out Kings Of War. It's a 28mm fantasy battle game where it is fast, easy to learn and actually fun to play. Yes, I said fun. I am a huge skeptic when it comes to playing anything 'fantasy' related. I never got into the Warhammer or the 40K of many years ago. I think I wanted to, but likely couldn't afford the models. I played Battletech, a ton of other RPG type games and of course military strategy games like 'Escape From Colditz', 'Axis and Allies', 'Shogun' and of course 'RISK'.

This particular video was from last week, when Dennis and I had a night to practice our Flames of War Mid-War lists for Canadian Nationals, coming up in September. Normally we have been playing elsewhere, but with not a lot going on due to sc…

I think this may become a thing....

The games of Kings of War are fast and furious. This past Friday I played a game against a new comer to 28mm - our own Phantom Rescue. He was given (yes - free!) a whole fantasy dwarf army on one condition - he paint it! So with this newly acquired horde, we faced off with 750pts a side.

This time out I brought Kingdoms of Men - using old Warhammer Fantasy Empire models. Where did those come from you ask? I picked up just over 2000points, about half painted, for $40!

Enjoy the mayhem that ensues:

Part 1

Part 2!

This game was a blast, and it has spurred a few others in the group to start ordering models and pulling out old gear from the "good 'ol days" of GW gaming.

Expect more to come!


The Kings keep coming

Here is the last video from the past Friday Night Fights.

750pts of proxied Abyssal Dwarves against Goblins :


MOAR! King of War?

Back at it Friday with test games of Kings of War. Apologies for the proxies, but a few of us are working out what faction we are going to commit to before buying the Mantic figures, so we are testing using what we have.

Abyssal Dwarves VS Dwarves @ 750pts.

Enjoy, I have 2 more battle reports coming tomorrow!

As promised - here is a second test battle between Twinlinked and Joyous_Oblivion:

Summer is OVER!

Flames of War games in the summer months generally indicate an upcoming event. In this case, Canadian Nationals are right around the corner. 05-06 Sep 2015, players from all over the country and the US will be in attendance.

Messing around with lists in Mid-War has always been difficult for me to get my head wrapped around. I don't have a ton of Mid-War period armor, so I often find myself going with German Pioneers or Infantry. I chose to go a different direction in playing Dennis' Brits on Wednesday night. My list was a Panzerkompanie out of 'Eastern Front'. Four simple platoons, a little on the expensive side for some of the units as far as the 1710 pts level is concerned.

And now for something totally different - Kings of War!

What? Seriously? RANKED fantasy mass battle? Is it 2001 or something?

No, but what a fun game! Most of here at DD have old Warhammer Fantasy armies, and with all the news of the game being killed off, conversations were had.

Now, most of us haven't played fantasy in years - and I mean YEARS! I pulled out my dwarf army, and it hadn't been on the table since ~2002...

So why Kings of War? Well, I did try 3 small Age of Sigmar games, and I hesitate to call it a game really. As an ex-GW staffer (circa 1990's) I can tell you that whatever Age of Sigmar is, it is NOT a well made "game". The models are stunning, especially the Chaos ones, but as a game, it functionally no better than the old "Mega Battles" on Sundays at the GW stores. All the kiddies bring in whatever they have, and a large game ensues, minus the "rules". But enough about Age of Sigmar, this is about Kings of War

We mushed together 750pt armies, using the f…