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Prip's OMG AAR - Finally

So its been two weeks since the 1500pt OMG LW tournament but not only are we having a hard time stopping talking about it but we are also way behind on the relevant posts!
Incoming!  BOOM!  Boom!  Where did the supporting sappers go?

I took a mixed Tankovy Battalion from Hammer and Sickle,

HQ T-34 85 w/ Cupola
5 T-34 85s with Cupola
9 T-34 76s
3 IS-2 w/ Tanko
6 Sappers

Game 1:

My first match was against Kris.  He is a great guy and its nice to see him back in town after a stint with PP in Seattle.  Scenario was Dust Up.

He was running a German Tank List
HQ was 2 Panzer 4 Hs
3 Panzer 4 hs
3 Panthers
Min sized Panzer Grens
Mobile AA guns
and 3 Nebs
Objectives (the Tigers are objectives) and Deployment.  Germans bottom left, Soviets top right.

Panzers and Panthers oh my!
 Turn 1:
First round of shooting bails an IS-2.

View down the road.
 Turn 2:
2nd Turn the Germans are getting close to my first Objective.

View from the turret!

My reserves come on the left flank and double time it up to his rear objective.  Oh boy did I just pull a fast one?

So Dennis rolled his eyes when I suggested this table was the darkest in the room...really?
 Turn 3:
Ah, that's better.  Kris' PanzerGrens come on from reserves and encroach on my rear objective.  MG fire and a two tank assault knock them below half.  They fail morale and quit the board.

Not so bad.  With double the shots the Germans only manage to kill one and bail one.  Hmmm...this might be a short game if I can weather one more turn of that....well next round all but annhilates the unit.  The one remaining tank fails his morale and that plan goes out the window.
 Turn 6:
Panthers make a push for the Tiger objective.  I send in the boys as two burn on the bridge.

Turn 7:
After killing off the reserve T-34s the Panzer IVs make short work of the newly arrived Sappers.  Dedov bogged crossing the stream in turn 2 and was unable to hook up with the reserve T-34s but this proved pivotal in the grand scheme of things.  He crosses the stream and happens upon the German Commander.  I lucky side shot drops him from the match.
Sneaky Mobilewagons make a play for the rear objective.  But crossing the dangerous open ground proves too lethal. T-34s light them up with 2 hits each.

Germans - PanzerGrens, Mobilewagons, 2 Panthers, 1iC
Soviets - Sappers, T-34s

Flank him!  With the 1iC down, I need to just drop the lone Panther to claim a 4-3.  I throw everything I have at him for a couple of turns and IS-2 finally does the job.  With the 1iC down the Germans fail Co. Morale at the start of the next turn.

Game 2:

Played Bob in a I95 Domination scenario.  He came all the way from Petawawa.  He had a British Tank list with two batteries of Arty.

2 units of Cromwells

Tanks on both sides roll forward.  Sappers are reduced to lone survivor.  He passes his checks and heads to the rear.

Turn 2:
Soviet tanks move up with infantry.  British Arty and MG fire cut the sappers down.  T-34s move into the woods with their wide tracks and engage the Stuarts.  They are countered by the Cromwells on the flanks.

British Arty hiding behind the hill in the background.

After being hit with barrages in the previous 2 turns the Is-2s get within 4 inchs of the central token.

T-34 85s duke it out with Cromwells over the left most token.

Top of turn 3 the Soviets have 11pts after the British armour failed to contest.  Game called there with a 6-1 to the Soviets.

Game 3:
Played Dion?  And it was a massacre against me.  I didn't do anything right.  JagdPanthers mixed with moving at the double T-34s was ugly.  Sorry no photos...move along...


  1. nice pics, looked like a fun tournament!

    I wrote a quick and dirty java application (Batrepper) that's very much in testing mode- but if you want to give it a show, you can download it on the WWPD Forum. It makes writing batreps easy and formats them for you. (granted- it formats them the way *I* write batreps, but the ability to set your own styles is gonna be developed soon!)

  2. That sounds great. Will head over there and try it out.


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