19 November, 2011

"Don't Blame the Dice" AAR 53

The WWPD guys always say, "Don't blame the dice" but in this case, I had to seriously consider buying a new tin of dice, this being 2 days before the BattleCry Flames of War tournament. However I opted to stick it out and see if I could salvage a point or 2 by killing platoons.

I ran my LW "Road to Rome" British list from Fortress Europe. There is a reason you never see anyone run this list. Its probably a bad sign when you search on Google, and your request on DakkaDakka on this very subject is number 5! You get none of the cool toys a Normandy list gets, but everything is Veteran costed. Nonetheless, its what I'm running, to be 'historical'

Tristan ran a Bake list with Tigers, Panthers that could Recon, Nebs and a small unit of Gebirgsjagers. No Retreat, with me defending. Enjoy the video. Turn 4 file was corrupt, scroll way down past video for spoiler / turn 4.

Spoiler, Thoughts, and Turn 4 below

As you can see, I seemingly shafted myself with my objective plascement, but I knew that as defender, I get to Ambush, and I have M10s. When he decided to recce move the Panthers and not the Tigers, I was super happy, since I knew flanking shots would murder Panthers and bounce off/bail Tigers. I had placed my objective in the open, but close enough to the tank factory that a dug in squad of Motor Platoon could defend until more reserves arrived. I double timed Shermans up the opposite flank turn 3 when they came in from reserves, knowing they couldnt touch the tigers, but my goal was the Gebirgsjagers and the Nebs. Turn 4 which isnt on the vid, I got unlucky, failed to kill the Faus guy, and figured I'd defensive fire if he assaulted me, which is exactly what he did. I killed them that assault phase.3 Shermans plus 2 OP Shermans with their hull MGs I thought would decimate them, which they did it just took longer than I thought, while I was hoping to keep feeding units to contest that objective, even with recce if I had to. So that was the game plan.


  1. I may have lost, but man was that a fun game! I was laughing and having a great time, I didn't care about the outcome. I will have to play Bake again - not sure if it's really a "tourney" list - but it was a blast for sure. Thanks D.

  2. I know a dice that is not square and that makes me curious.


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